I was bored. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No regrets.

Warning: My brother found this story disturbing, I think it's just random, there is one dirty joke and that's all.

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Behind the Scenes in Ninjago

It was a cool autumn morning in Ninjago, there was a gentle breeze blowing and birds were chirping in the trees, but this story isn't about the birds, it is about a teenaged boy by the name of Jay Walker and his disturbing experience as he mucked out his dragon's stall, as per Sensei Wu's strict instructions. He had confronted the ninja team about it early in their training, Jay didn't remember the entire speech, something about how the dragons were both friends, allies and tools and about how they should be taken care of.

Anyway, back to the young Ninja of Lighting, Jay walked down the stairs to the dragon's keep at a leisurely pace, whistling a merry tune, but when he opened the door to his dragon's residence his breath caught in his throat, as he saw his dragon doing the unthinkable, shock gave way to anger as the Blue Ninja stared at the disgusting scene before him.

"Excuse me!" Jay exclaimed. "But we do not lick our balls in this Dojo!"

Cole poked his head out of a nearby stall, which Jay recognised as being one of the unused ones. "Sorry." The Ninja of Earth said, face red from embarrassment, before pulling his head back inside, leaving Jay with an even more mortified expression on his face.