(A/N: Hey there, this is the reboot of my TDGD universe! the original version started at a point in this AU's timeline that was too hard for me to work with due to a serious lack of ideas for chapters 3-20 for the first version of this story.

Anyway... this story starts 6 years after the point that the series is at in canon, the main pairings so far are ConanxAi and KaitoxAoko, and a word of warning, this story will have at least 5 prominent OCs.)

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Chapter 1: Ups and Downs

Kaito Kuroba and his 'Seven-year-old son' Arthur Kuroba, who was, up until a lab incident five years ago, formerly known as Conan Edogawa or Shinichi Kudo, sat in The Kaitou KID workshop hidden behind the painting of Kaito's father, finishing the last bits of planning and preparations for their upcoming joint Heist.

"Arthur, you sure the temporary antidotes your Girlfriend whipped up for you aren't hurting you? It's been six years and we still don't know everything about your powers."

Arthur blushed a bit at this, but it quickly faded, replaced by an expression somewhere between the classic confident smirk of Conan Edogawa and the equally classic smirk of Kaitou kid, though some sadness shone in his eyes.

"Oh come on Kaito, first, don't call them powers, I've seen them as more of a curse ever since I came to fully understand them, and second, you do realize that we don't need to keep up the father and son act 24/7 right?"

He'd meant the last bit as some teasing to lessen the effects of what he said initially, but he could still tell that Kaito was mentally punching himself for talking about the healing abilities and lack of aging in either form as if they were a positive thing.

"Anyway, Ai wouldn't give me the temporary antidotes if she thought they were a hazard to my safety, she may not be the type of person who'd say this sort of thing outright, but if there was the tiniest possibility of the antidotes hurting me, she'd stop giving them to me, each of us cares too much to lose the other."

*FLASHBACK 2 ½ years ago*, a quiet new years' eve at Conan and Ai's shared apartment in San Francisco, California

Ai, now physically 10, and Conan, Still stuck physically 7 sit next to each other on the couch in front of the TV to watch the ball drop In Times' square.

As the ball drops Conan rests his head on Ai's shoulder, and begins to voice the thought he'd been mulling over in his head for the past two months.

"Ai…" he whispers

"W-wait why did he just call me that?"

Noticing her surprised expression, slight blush, and lack of speaking, thoughts like "Oh great, did I mess this up already?!" flitted through his mind before he shook away the momentary doubt and continued.

"You've been my Watson for so long, and words can't express how grateful I am to you for staying by my side all this time. I guess what I'm trying to say is… I'd be honored if you'd be my Irene Adler too. I love you Ai Haibara." Conan finished off his speech by cupping his hand around her cheek and kissing her full on the lips, blushing heavily the entire time.

She was shocked by the entire speech, too shocked to do anything for the first five seconds of the kiss, though it took much, much longer than that for the kiss, which turned quite passionate, to end.

"Conan, you have no idea how much I've wanted to hear those words from you for the past three years. You kept me waiting, Tantei-san." Were her words as tears of joy began streaming down her cheeks.


"I've done all the last checks on my gadgets, so you can be sure that Doyle the Specter and Kaitou KID will both
be in top form tomorrow night!" Arthur said.

"We'll definitely need it, with Snake and the other stragglers from his branch of the Organization still MIA and the veritable fortress of a museum displaying Yggdrasil's Bloom, it'd be impossible for anyone but us." Kaito replied

Two months ago, a Viking shipwreck had been discovered off the coast of Scotland, and the Opal Named Yggdrasil's Bloom was found on board. The opal was named for the almost otherworldly magenta iridescence it had under bright light, which starkly contrasted its unusually greenish coloration. The strangest thing about the gem was, no one could identify where the Vikings had looted it from.

Since its discovery, it had been bought by a business rival of the Suzuki family, Chiharu Kanegawa, a Billionaire and widow of a businessman who'd been infamous for his ruthless business dealings. She had decided to display Yggdrasil's Bloom at a company event that was happening in a high-security convention center she'd personally designed and paid for the construction of.

As Kaito and Arthur were looking over digital 3D floorplans of the convention Center and a number of buildings adjacent to it, (they'd made it a habit to map out any possible hiding spots for snipers after one too many close calls during the fall of the organization.) Kaito's Phone began vibrating in his pocket.

When Kaito looked at the caller ID his face paled a bit, though he did manage to keep his poker-face up. When he answered, Aoko's voice blared through the speaker as if through a boom-box set at max volume.

"Kaito, Arthur, get down here right now! You're both almost an hour late for dinner!"

Arthur, having been severely startled by this sudden outburst, set his super-kick sneakers to max power on instinct and then promptly stumbled sideways, causing him to launch himself halfway through the ceiling as he tried to catch his balance.

After the shock wore off, Kaito began laughing so hard he nearly fell off his chair.

"A-Arthur I'd ask if you're ok, but in your case the answer seems to always be yes… I'll just go get the step ladder." Kaito said when he finally managed to stop laughing.

Aoko just sighed from the other end of the call, but Kaito could practically see her rolling her eyes right about then.

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