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Chapter 2: interruptions and introductions

He looked across the table at Katie Patterson, his crush for the past year-and-a-half, who he was finally dating.

"Say 'ah' Connor" she said lifting up a spoonful of ice cream and giving him a dreamy little smile and flirtatious wink.


As soon as the ice cream entered his mouth, it felt as if he was choking on a tennis ball sized fluffy pompom, and a few seconds later, he sat bolt upright in bed, coughing and causing a small, black and white, furry creature to fall rather forcefully onto his lap.

"What the hell Blackjack!" Connor shouted when he realized that the creature that almost suffocated him was his pet flying squirrel.

"Sometimes I wonder why on earth Uncle Albert ever thought it was a good idea to keep you, ya' little nut-job." Connor muttered groggily, rolling over to check the clock.

'3 A.M.? That fuzzy little menace is going to be the end of me!' he thought as he dozed off again.


Arthur sat at the dining table eating his breakfast, which consisted of a mere three fried eggs and a cup of coffee. It was a small breakfast, though he didn't mind, he'd developed a taste for American cuisine during the five years he spent in San Francisco with Ai after the fall of the Organization, though he still regretted trying the grasshopper burger he'd ordered at some restaurant popular for its 'Quirky' menu items.

Just as he stood up on his tip-toes and put his plate in the sink, Aoko entered from the hall.

"Arthur-kun, hurry up! you don't want to be late for your first day at a new school, do you?"

"ok Okaa-san!"

Arthur would be starting his seventh year of first grade today. he would have already gone completely insane if he hadn't been going to a different school each year, and this time he'd be a bit closer to his old stomping grounds. This time he was going to Ekoda Elementary.

When Arthur and his 'mother' arrived outside the door to the main office of Ekoda elementary, Aoko crouched down to talk to him so only he could hear
"Are you sure you have everything, what about your super-kick sneakers?"


"your special watch?"


"your cell phone?"


"your lunch?"

"for the last time yes. don't worry, I'll be fine, and anyway you're not really my mom. If you wanted a real kid of your own you could have had one by now, you and Kaito are married after all." this left Aoko a bit flustered, but she shook it off easily, being a bit less childish than she was six years ago.

as Aoko stood back up to walk into the office with Arthur, a middle-aged woman with dark brown, shoulder-length curly hair and hazel eyes opened the door and stuck her head out.

"Oh, Aoko-chan it's so nice to see you again, and this must be Arthur-kun, he looks so much like his father." the woman said, bending down momentarily to greet him with a quick little wave and a smile, unaware of the small smile that flashed across Arthur's face as his thoughts momentarily turned toward memories of his life as Shinichi Kudo, and all the times he and Kaito had been mistaken for each other.

"It's great to see you too Hasegawa Sensei! You'll be Arthur's new teacher, right?"

"You're correct, Aoko-chan." she said before turning to Arthur once again.

"Follow me Arthur-kun, you'll be in class 2-C."

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