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October 31st, 1981

Voldemort had just entered the Potter premises as he followed his follower Wormtail to the resting place of both the Potter children. With the Potter parents gone for the night at an order meeting, now was the perfect opportunity to make sure the prophecy was never fulfilled. With the Lestranges and Crouch handling the Longbottom child, he would become all but invincible and no longer have to fear being toppled from his dark throne. He walked up the stairs in the safehouse before Wormtail gestured to a certain door.

"They are in here my lord." Wormtail squeaked at the dark lord.

"Good, you have done well Wormtail and you will be rewarded for your loyalty to me. Go wait outside until I finish this." Voldemort commanded to the pitiful excuse of a man. Of course, he had no intention of rewarding the man with anything besides an Avada Kedavra to the chest. After tonight he will have outlived his usefulness. Wormtail bowed before quickly departing with glee while imagining what the dark lord would reward him with. Voldemort turned to the two toddlers in their cribs.

"So these are the supposed children who fate has dictated will be the only ones able to bring about my downfall. How pathetic." Voldemort said with a cruel smile. He walked over to the cribs and looked at the two babies. The first had brown hair and clearly took its looks from his father. He was sleeping soundly unaware of the danger he was in. He then looked at the other baby. This baby was awake and staring at him with glowing emerald eyes. Voldemort was slightly taken aback by the babies eye color. He clearly got them from his mother but his were more unique then just being green.

His eyes radiated a peaceful yet deadly aura about them. It was almost like seeing an Avada Kedavra trying to swallow him whole and consume his very being while having him sink into the peaceful abyss known as death. It was in that moment that Voldemort knew that it was this baby that would be the one to be able to bring about his downfall.

"So it is you. It's a shame. I can see now that you would have been powerful. Sadly you are a risk to my power and therefore you must die." Voldemort said as he raised his wand. He pointed it at the toddler who just continued to stare at him with a befuddled expression.

"Avada Kedavra." Voldemort whispered.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. He saw the curse sail to the child but as it touched him the curse seemed to bounce right of the child's skin. Voldemort barely had time to widen his eyes in shock as the spell came speeding back at him. He could not dodge at such a close range and the curse hit him square in the chest. He could only shriek as he exploded and his magic burst out from his body and triggered every alarm around the home.

All that was left of what was once known as lord Voldemort was a dark cloak and a yew wand. Within a few seconds Wormtail came running in. He looked down at that was left of what was once his lord and panicked. He quickly grabbed the wand and ran out as he heard the sounds of apparition onto the property. Just a few seconds later, James, Lily and Dumbledore burst into the room with their wands drawn. They searched the room before checking the children. Lily immediately comforted her children who had started to cry with the sudden and loud arrival of people in their room.

"My God. Are you okay my babies?!" Lily chanted at her children while crying in relief. James was their and checking over the children before looking back at Dumbledore.

"What happened here professor?" James asked with worry. Dumbledore had just finished examining the cloak and had come to examine the children. He looked over both with his eyes, lingering more over Harry then his brother Charles.

"Voldemort was here tonight. It would appear that Wormtail was the traitor as he was the only one who could bring Voldemort past the wards. Voldemort tried to kill them but it seems his curse was blocked and sent back at him with powerful magic." Dumbledore explained as a plan formed within his mind.

"How is that possible? Did he not use the killing curse?" Lily asked hysterically with Charles in her arms while James held onto Harry who had calmed down and was resting on his fathers shoulder.

"I believe that young Charles is the one who blocked the curse by forming a barrier of pure magic in a form of accidental magic which caused the curse to shoot back at Voldemort. This caused him o be cast out of his body and disperse." Dumbledore said with an all knowing voice. Despite stating that Charles was responsible for the reflection of the curse, his eyes flickered to the other twin. He knew that Charles did not actually reflect the curse. Voldemort's dark magic was practically surrounding Harry but he would need the boy to be molded and couldn't do that with all attention that would be on him.

"What does this mean professor?" James asked still confused. Dumbledore gently took Charles from Lily's hand.

"James, Lily, I present to you the Boy-Who-Lived."

July 31st,1991

Harry stared dully out the window from his uncles house. He wasn't thinking about anything, he was just shutting down his mind for awhile before his aunt or uncle found him and forced him to do more work. He did this to ignore the pain throbbing all over his body almost every minute of everyday. His aunt and uncle would beat him almost everyday no matter what he did. He use to wonder why his parents left him here so many years ago to be tortured by these people but he long since stopped wondering. He no longer could find himself caring about why he was subjected to his hell. Complaining or thinking about some sort of escape would do him no good. He was sure that he would never leave this place. He would continue being a slave until one day he died.

In the middle of his staring, he finally noticed a creature outside the window that was trying to get his attention. It was an owl. He couldn't say what type since he didn't know any of them but it was clearly intelligent with the way it hopped on the sill when he opened the window. It held out its leg for Harry to take a parchment from. Harry took the parchment and saw that it was labeled to him. On it was also a badge split into four different pieces that were just each represented by four different animals. On the top of it, one word was displayed


So many things filled his head at the word. He remembered hearing it in memories but couldn't remember what the context of the memory was. All he could remember was a boy that had looked like him and a family who gave him away. Suddenly Harry was filled with a burning sensation. A sensation he had never felt before as he looked at the letter. It was so hot that he thought it might cause him to explode. All he wanted to do was break something. He wanted to completely destroy everything around him. He was holding the letter so tight that it was crumpling in his hands. He wanted them to hurt. All of them. He wanted them all to feel the pain he had to suffer. He wanted them to be subjected to the horror he was subjected to. The letter in his hands burst into flames but he didn't care. The flames did not hurt. He just watched it burn away until his hands was filled with nothing but ash. He dropped the ashes in the trash and went back to looking out the window.

'I will make them all pay.'

September 1, 1991

Harry watched them. The group he knew to be the people who had given him away. Who had given him away to those people. They looked so happy. They where smiling down at their son who was smiling back. It disgusted Harry. He did not want them happy. He wanted them to suffer. He wanted them to feel what he felt. No. They WOULD feel what he felt. He glared at them some more from his compartment before closing the blinds and going back to his own private thoughts.

'I need to get stronger. I will get so strong that no one will ever be able to hurt me again.'

January 20th, 1994

Harry had sweat pouring down his face as he cast spell after spell at the dummies in the room. He cast everything he knew until there was nothing left but wooden stumps. He had found this room last year when he was looking for a place to train by himself. One of the house elves had told him about it. The Comes and Goes room they called it. He had no doubt that Dumbledore was trying to keep an eye on him. It had been a huge surprise to the world that there was another Potter in the world but they had gotten over the fact soon enough. They hadn't even wondered why he was hidden. The Potter's simply said it was for his own protection and that was it. Harry had never publicly disputed that but had secretly been put into even more of a rage that they would dare claim that it was for him. He had still never found out why they did it but he had suspected Dumbledore. If there was one thing that he learned by coming to this school was that Dumbledore was the one pulling all the strings.

Speaking of Dumbledore, the man bothered Harry. He invited Harry to his office on more than one occasion and tried to get his mind. Luckily, Harry had read a book on occlumency and knew the basics enough to detect the intrusion which caused Dumbledore to back out immediately. Harry wasn't sure but he had a feeling that Dumbledore had something to do with his placement at his 'relatives' house. This caused Harry to put Dumbledore on his hit list along with Lily and James. His eyes hardened just thinking about them.

They still ignored his presence. They hadn't even had the decency to invite him back to the Potter family once he entered the wizarding world. This fit with his plans though. If they took him back, then he would no longer have access to the Dursleys and he still needed to repay them for all the 'kindness' they had given him. Harry stood back up and wiped the sweat from his forehead and cause more dummies to appear.

'One more set.'

July 31st,1996

Harry looked at the Dursleys residence invisibly from across the street. The house was aflame and had been for awhile now. Muggle firefighters had already arrived to put it out with no such luck. Not that they would be able. Harry had used a curse of the darker variety to make sure it stayed burning for awhile.

As he looked on the house though, he didn't feel the way he thought. The Dursleys were lucky that this was the least he had done to them. He had even made sure Dudley wouldn't be here for when he pulled off the act. Yet, he didn't feel good about watching his former torture chamber burn to the ground. He didn't feel satisfied or relieved watching it burn. He felt nothing. Nothing had changed except that number 4 Pivot Drive no longer existed. He just stood there and watched it burn even as magicals finally appeared to help with the fire. Taking one last look at the flaming home, he disappeared with a quick apparition. He had both a light and dark lord to deal with next.

February 17th, 1998

Harry was staring at a golden cup that radiated dark magic in his hand with a passive expression. Dumbledore had passed onto the next realm almost a year ago. It had nothing to do with his actions sadly. The old man doomed himself. He escaped the death that he truly deserved and it had angered Harry that he wouldn't get back at the man for all the pain he and his manipulations had caused. With Dumbledore's death, the war was practically over. Voldemort had basically taken over and installed a new government. Harry couldn't let that stand. Not because he actually cared that Voldemort took over but because the man was obsessed with killing him.

He set the recently stolen Hufflepuff cup down and cast a fiendfyre at it. Soon the cup was ash and he dispersed the flames. With his 'brothers' capture, he now had to deal with these annoying soul anchors. Before his capture though, Charles had given him both his invisibility cloak and and a black stone that he claimed was the resurrection stone.

Harry ad taken both and stashed him on his person when Charles explained their true purpose and how they needed to be kept from Voldemort at all cost. As much as Harry had wanted to ignore the boy, he had relented and taken them both.

He sighed to himself.

'Just the snake left then.'

June 17th, 1998

Harry was in the toughest battle of his life. Battling the greatest dark lord in centuries was no easy task. Voldemort proved why he was a master of the dark art's

"You can not win Potter! Face it, your pathetic family has already been killed by me along with Dumbledore himself. I am unstoppable!" The man yelled at him. Harry ignored him. Voldemort had killed James, Lily, and Charles shortly after their captures. Harry was not saddened nor angered by the fact. To be honest, he didn't feel much these days. It was like his body was just a hollow shell. If he were honest, he wished that Voldemort would just end it already. He was so tired. So tired of this cursed world with its cursed people.

"Why do you struggle so? I can see in your eyes that you know I will win! I promise if you give up now I will make your death quick and painless!" Voldemort yelled at him. All around them there was battles going on. People from all over Britain had come to Hogwarts to give one last battle against this man. Had they rallied like this two years ago, then Voldemort would never have been a problem in the first place. Harry continued to press forward. He didn't stop throwing spells at the man no matter what. It ranged from simple charms to hexes to dark curses. He threw everything he knew at the man.

Despite Voldemort's greater knowledge in the Dark Art's he was not as fast as Harry was and it was starting to show as he was actually being pushed back. Harry saw this and continued to press his advantage. He threw everything he could that would take the man down. Finally he saw the man make a slip up in his defense and he struck. He threw a killing curse followed immediately by a sustained fiendfyre. Voldemort was just able to dodge the killer green curse but had not time to counter the dark flame curse that came after it. The man let out an unholy scream as his flesh and bones were burnt to a crisp. Harry sat back and watched as the man died. He took a deep breath as he heard cheering around him. With the death of their master, the Death Eaters had given up. They no longer had the numbers nor the power to keep up with their attacking. As the people celebrated and hugged one another. Harry went over to the pile that had once been the greatest dark lord of all time. Curiously, there seemed to be something brown sticking out of the ashes. Harry reached down and grabbed it only to find that it was a brown wand. More specifically, it was Dumbledore's old wand. He had seen the man using it a handful of times.

While staring at it, he felt something in him change. He couldn't describe the change but it felt like a solidification almost. The feeling went away almost as fast as it had come causing Harry to frown. He then put the wand in his back pocket and turned around to go witness the celebrations.

December 15, 2000

Master of Death

When the story had spoken of such a title, he did not know that it was so literal. The damn Hallows. He had shortly discovered after the battle that he could not die. This was problematic considering he had decided that he no longer wanted to live. He found no appeal in life and no longer had a reason to want to stay alive. All that had kept him going before was gone. His anger and hate had burnt out a long time ago. With the death of the dark lord, so did his drive to continue living in this world. He now looked for ways he could die. Slitting his wrist hadn't worked. He woke up with them totally healed. Getting hit by a muggle car hadn't worked either. Now was time for a new idea which was why he had come to America.

"And this works well?" Harry asked as he looked at what the muggles called a 'gun'

"Yes sir. That right there is a USP .45. Don't go telling any one you got it from here though." The man warned.

"Hopefully I won't be telling anyone anything anymore." Harry said as he loaded the gun and put it to his temple without the safety on. The store owner panicked and was about to reach out and stop him but was too late. Harry pulled the trigger and his world was consumed in blackness.

After a few moments of blackness he regained feeling in his body but had the sensation of floating. This was not the first time this had happened when he tried dying and he knew what was coming next.

"You really need to stop doing this Harry." a voice said, penetrating the silence.

"Well, if you would get rid of this curse and let me pass on then I would." Harry replied as he opened his eyes and stood up. He was surrounded by darkness as if he were in a room made of it. The only thing visible was a man standing 15 feet away from him.

The man was tall and handsome. He was wearing a jacket and jeans that covered his pale skin and contrasted with his looks. He looked young but at the same time, his eyes showed ancient knowledge. This man was the entity known as Death and Harry had met him before.

"I'm sorry Harry but this is a power I created myself. I can not take it away. I know of no ways to get rid of it." Death said. He sounded truly apologetic but Harry was getting tired of hearing this.

"So you expect me to just wander aimlessly like a ghost for all eternity?" Harry asked incredulously.

"You could try and enjoy life." Death suggested

"Life is fickle and terrible." Harry stated as if fact. "I don't understand why you would create this power in the first place."

"It was suppose to be a trap. I had thought that greedy humans who desired eternal life would try and collect all the hallows in an effort to live forever. Then they would soon find out that eternal life isn't what they thought it would be. I had never predicted such a situation to occur and I can sadly do nothing to fix this for you." Death replied as he started walking in a circle around Harry.

"So that's it then. An eternity in hell for me on this wretched planet." Harry said defeated. Death looked at him.

"Perhaps not. What if I told you I can send you somewhere else? To a different world perhaps?" Death asked. Harry glared at the entity with suspicion

"I would say that sounds too good to be true." Harry said.

"You would be surprised. The universe is a big place Harry and I am in charge of death throughout all of it. I'm one of the most powerful entities out there." Death stated with some pride at the end.

"So what? You just drop me off on some deserted world and let me live there all my life?" Harry asked. Death shook his head with a slight smile.

"Not exactly. I don't wish to give you too many details on it. I am asking if you are interested in leaving your planet and going somewhere else in the universe where you will never see Earth again. Would that make you happier to live your life away from Earth?" Death asked. Harry put his head down and thought about it. He really had nothing to lose. Earth was just terrible and he hated the place but maybe he could have an easier time with a fresh new start on some other planet. He looked back up at Death.

"Alright, I accept your deal. Take me away from here so I can start a new life somewhere else." Harry said quietly, almost to himself. Death heard it though and smiled.

"Your wish is my command."

Well thats the first chapter. Hope you guys liked it. What takes place next chapter will be a huge time skip so now that Harry has now been in the Star Wars universe for a long time. Not sure how fast I'll update this. Could be every week or every other week. Depends how much time I have.