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Somewhere in a galaxy far far away

Harry woke up with a jolt. He immediately sat up and looked around. He was in a bed. A strange bed that he definitely did not recognize.

'How the hell did I get here?' he asked himself. He stood up and looked around the room. There wasn't much to be honest. Besides a weird looking plant and a desk, the room was pretty bare.

"So what do you think?" a voice asked from his right. He spun around and saw Death looking at him with a smile. Harry stared at him before looking back at the room and then returning his gaze to death.

"I don't understand. What's different? This just looks like a weird room?" Harry said blandly. Death just kept smiling at him.

"Go over to the window and look outside of it." Death said to Harry. Harry looked at him suspiciously before complying. He walked over to the window. He was about to look for the string to pull up the blinds but didn't need to. The blinds automatically came up when he approached it. His eyes immediately widened at the sight before him. Instead of seeing a city landscape like he expected, he saw...well he couldn't even tell. There where, what appeared, to be vehicles zooming all over the place. Except these vehicles where flying at high speeds. That wasn't the only thing either. It was also the huge like structures that vaguely reminded him of the buildings he was use to seeing.

"Where am I?" Harry asked the entity simply.

"Be specific. In the universe? Or just the planet?" Death asked teasingly. Harry glared at the man in annoyance.

"Alright, alright. Currently, you are on the planet Nar Shadaa. It's an...interesting world to say the least. Full of crime and villainy. Perfect place for you." Death said as he joined Harry by the window.

"How is it the perfect place for me then?" Harry asked.

"It's the perfect place for an unknown to randomly pop out of nowhere and no one will look into it too deeply." Death told him. Harry thought about that for a moment before nodding in understatement.

"So that's it then, just start over from here?" Harry asked while looking out into this new, weird, world.

"Well no. I think I ought to give you some basic knowledge first, don't you think?" Death said to him as he moved away from the window and motioned for Harry to follow, which he did.

"Have you noticed yet?" Death asked as he looked at Harry over his shoulder. Harry just looked back at him questioningly.

"Pay attention to your surroundings. Focus on them and you will see what I mean." Death told him. Harry nodded and did what he was told. He looked around before turning to his other senses. As soon as his magic touched the air, his senses felt like they where being overloaded at all the condensed magic around him. He had to quickly cut off the connection. He looked at Death.

"What was that?" Harry asked confused.

"That is what the locals call the Force." Death said with a smile.

"The Force? Is it magic?" Harry asked trying to make sense of it. Death tilted his head on trying to find a way to accurately explain it.

"It's very very similar. The one major difference is that the Force is largely external while magic is internal." Death explained. Harry pondered what that could mean for his magic.

"What effects will it have on my abilities?" Harry asked concerned. Would he still be able to use magic the same way?

"Well, you won't need your wand anymore. You should also watch out what spells you cast. All spells will probably be overpowered until you relearn how much magic you need to put into them to have the desired effected. For example, one of your full powered stupefy's might actually kill someone in this galaxy because of the much stronger neural impulses that it well send rather than the much duller ones that just force the brain to go to sleep on your planet." Death explained. Harry had to take a second to process that. He then nodded slowly as he made sure to file that knowledge away for later.

"Another thing you should know is that travel between different worlds in this galaxy is not only possible but common. You could even buy your own ship if you have enough credits, this worlds currency." Death explained. That stopped Harry's mind for a second. Traveling between worlds? Not just in the solar system but across the entire galaxy? This place sure was different than Earth.

"Anything else?" Harry asked, not sure how many more surprises he could take.

"There are two warring factions of force users that are always battling each other. You don't need to get involved with that if you don't want to but you can if you choose. I'll let you choose to seek out more information on that by yourself." Death said. This news wasn't as surprising to Harry. People fighting each other for probably stupid reasons was something he was use to.

"So, is not everyone able to use this Force?" Harry asked. Death shook his head.

"No, it's pretty rare actually, but the people who can use it usually band together in one of the factions I told you about so they seem a lot more common place than they actually are." Death told him.

"Anything else I should know?" Harry asked dully.

"Nothing that you can't find out for yourself. One more thing though Harry. I know that just putting you in a new environment and hoping you feel better is foolish. Still, I want you to at least try and make this work. There isn't really any other options I can give you so please, try and make the best of this." Death said as he put his hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry looked at him for a moment and then nodded. Death shook his head at this.

"I want to hear you promise me out loud." Death said. Harry was about to protest but saw that the entity was completely serious so the protest died in his throat.

"I promise." Harry relented. Death gave him a kind smile.

"Thank you. Now go and enjoy yourself Harry. There's plenty of adventure and mischief to cause out there. This I promise you." Death said with one final smile before disappearing into a shadow and melting away. Harry just looked at the spot where Death had been for a moment. He then went back over to the window and stared outside of it for a few minutes. As he watched the people whiz on by, he sighed to himself.

'Probably best to wait till morning before I try to conquer this place.' Harry said to himself. With that he crawled back into the bed and went to sleep.

10 hours later

Harry was no longer sure if this planet had an actual morning anymore. He had been asleep for quite the while but it was still looking like the middle of the night outside. He had left his room and looked around. He had prepared himself to probably see somethings he had never seen before but he found himself still caught off guard. Apparently there was quite a lot of sentient life besides humans out in this galaxy and they all seemed to mingle. Not only that but all the writing he encountered was written in an unknown language. That wasn't too big of a problem though. He knew a spell that could transfer knowledge's of languages to the caster from a target. Gave the caster a huge headache after but it was still better than spending months learning the language. He walked up to what looked like the front desk of the hotel. It was manned by a strange creature with a flat curved head. He walked up to it and tried to speak in English.

"Um. Hello. Do you mind telling me where I am." He tried politely. The creature spoke back to him in a different language. It sounded very confused. Harry sighed at the clear confusion.

'Well, guess I'll have to try plan B then.' He said as he waved his hand at the creature

"Verbum Translatio." he whispered at the creature. Immediately he got a head rush from not one but two different languages, both which seemed very complex. He actually dropped to his knees at all the sudden information. The desk creature bent over and appeared to be asking if he was okay. Harry needed to take a minute before the soaring mental pain turned into just a sharp pain that he could deal with.

"Can you understand me." Harry asked in one of the languages he just received.

"I can. Are you okay. You seemed to be in a lot of pain. Shall I request for a healer?" the creature asked. Harry shook his head.

"No it's fine thank you. I have already been treated as much as possible. Sadly, I seem to have a form of amnesia. Can you please tell me what species you are and where I am?" Harry asked politely.

"Ah, how unfortunate for you. I am an Ithorian. You are currently at the Four Rain Hotel. It is located on the west side of the planet Nar Shadaa. I hope that helped." The Ithorian said kindly. Harry nodded his thanks.

"Thank you. I have decided to check out. My room is right over there." Harry said as he pointed to his room through the crowd. The Ithorian nodded as he typed into some pad that was glowing. Harry didn't comment on that. He figured it was probably something normal.

"Ok. Your expenses have already been paid for. We thank you for your stay at the Four Rain Hotel and hope to have your business again." the Ithorian said. Harry nodded once again at the creature.

"One last thing before I go. Anywhere I can find a quick job to earn some credits?" Harry asked. He had no money and needed some fast. The Ithorian looked at him for a second before speaking.

"I know of no jobs but if you are desperate, there is a cantina that always has bounty's posted. You could try to complete one to get some credits." The Ithorian said. Harry thanked He then walked over to what he was told was the elevator and headed down to this 'Cantina'.

1 Hour Later

Harry had gone down to the cantina and was surprised to find that it was actually a bar of some kind. He had thought that it would be some sort of official office where one could pick up bounties on criminals. How wrong was he. There where more creatures here than he could keep track of and the bounties were controlled by some sort of mob. After asking around, he had found out that Nar Shadaa was basically a giant criminal run city. It had little to no government except whatever the mobs decided to be the law. It was a cesspool of the unwanted if Harry had ever seen one. Either way, he needed money so he took one of the easier looking contracts and headed out to find this "Rast". The creature was apparently apart of the species called Doros. This one in particular seemed to have a gambling problem that had gotten him into some trouble. The bounty on him was recently posted and apparently not that high but it was a start. He walked into a nearby gambling den that Rast was said to be occupying. Harry had looked around before spotting his target. True to his bio, Rast appeared to be losing whatever game he was playing and appeared to be looking for a way out. Harry waded through the crowd until he was right behind the man. He cast a quick compulsion to make the man want to exit the bar immediately. Just as he planned, Rast straightened himself up and excused himself from the table.

As soon as they left the bar, Harry knocked the man out with a low level stupefy and was glad to see the man was not dead. From the way the man had lost almost all control with his compulsion, Harry was afraid he would overpower another one of his spells. Luckily, he just had to carry the man over his shoulder. He got some strange looks as he followed his footsteps all the way back to the Cantina but he ignored them. He walked into the Cantina where he got significantly less looks. It seemed to be a much more common occurrence to see someone drag back an unconscious body. He walked right up to the bounty tracker and dropped the man on the floor.

"Here to collect the bounty on Rast." Harry said to the man. The man appeared to be a middle aged human that looked more like a politician than any type of soldier, not that he cared either way. The man raised an eyebrow.

"How did you get him so fast? It's only been an hour. I would have expected him to run at any sign of trouble." The man asked. Harry just shrugged at the man.

"I made sure that he didn't have anytime to sense any trouble. May I have my reward now?" Harry asked with a hint of impatience. The man nodded.

"Yeah, here you go. 300 credits as promised." the man said as he gave Harry the credits. Harry nodded his thanks at the man and prepared to leave.

"You took care of this job pretty quickly, feel free to come back and get another bounty if you ever find yourself lacking credits." The man said with a slick smile. Harry just nodded at the man and left. He hefted his credits before shrinking them and putting them in his pocket but not before putting on some anti-theft charms to ensure they could not be stolen. He decided to wander around for the rest of the night before finding a place to rest his head for the...night? He wasn't sure if it was always night but he had a feeling.

As he walked around the metal jungle known as Nar Shadaa he felt an odd feeling in him. It might just be because he wasn't used to his new surroundings. Or it could be because it was always night and he wasn't really fond of that. It could also be the people that he passed. Most looked lost. Like they had no idea what was in store for them and where totally uncertain of their future. He tried to push the thought from his head. He didn't want to get to deep into such a thought process and risk feeling sorry for these people. He had already done the whole save the world thing and he was not eager to do it again. He continued to walk around and only stopped when he saw some new thing that he wanted to take inventory of.

After a few hours of this, he decided to walk back to the buildings he had originally come from. It was about half way there when he started to notice the tail that had been following him. They weren't particularly good at it either. This meant they where amateurs. They were also both, what he had learned where called, Rodians. They seemed to be armed. He slowed down and they steadily got closer until they where directly behind him. Next thing he knew, Harry felt something solid pressing against his back. It started immediately speaking in a language that seemed to compromise of a type of buzzing and shoved Harry towards an alley. Harry complied and walked to the alley with a leisurely pace. He was in no real rush to deal with this. He wasn't in any real danger either. When they entered the alley, Harry turned and faced them. They had blasters pointed at him and where demanding something of him. He couldn't understand them and even if he could, he wouldn't listen to their demands. He cast a shielding charm around him that was invisible to the naked eye. They kept arguing and Harry just waited for them to get frustrated enough to shoot at him.

It didn't take long before they opened fire on him in anger. The bolts blasted off his shield and back in the general direction of their shooters. They both tried to duck and not get hit. Only one of them was successful while the other crumpled to the ground with a burnt hole through his neck. Harry cast a paralyzing charm on the other and watched him freeze up. Harry walked up to the Rodian and observed him. It was obvious how scared the creature was by Harry's unknown power. Harry cast the language charm at the creature and started to receive the information he would need to understand the language. He sadly couldn't speak it due to a difference in vocal chords necessary to make the required sounds. He would know what they where saying though. He looked down at the man with his new knowledge and headache.

"What did you want with me?" Harry asked as he lifted the paralyzing charm.

"We already said that we wanted Rast and to know where you took him." The Rodian said. Harry wasn't surprised by the information. There weren't many reasons criminals would be targeting him so early into his arrival.

"So you tried to lead me into an alley and threaten it out of me?" Harry asked the man rhetorically.

"You will regret this! Our boss is..." the Rodian said but could not finish since Harry cut him off.

"Don't bother. I won't know his name even if you tell it to me. If he sends anymore men for me, I'll just kill them too." Harry said dismissively.

"He has an army and they will all come after you for defying him." the Rodian tried. Harry shrugged.

"Wouldn't be the first time I had to deal with an army. I'm going to let you live. You can go ahead and tell your boss that he is welcome to send as many men as he likes at me." Harry said as he started back out of the alley so he could go find a place of temporary residence.

"Wait! What is you name?" the Rodian asked.

"Hm? Just go ahead and call me Thantos." Harry said without stopping as he left the scared Rodian in the alley.

1 month later

Harry was sure that he had been on this planet for close to a month now. He had confirmed that their was actually a daytime on this planet, or moon as he had found out, it just happened for an hour or two before returning to night. The nights where also significantly longer than his world. He eventually got use to it though. He had started taking bounty contracts to keep his nights busy though. Death had told him there were whole worlds out in this galaxy and Harry decided he would see if any appealed to him. He also vowed to try and actually make it work in this galaxy. He wasn't feeling better than he did while he was on Earth but he had hopes that he would find something here that would allure him enough to tear his mind from constantly trying to die. This was especially because every attempt he had made was a horrible failure.

He was sitting in his usual little Cantina decked out in some gear. He had a light combat vest as well as some thick cargo pant like trousers. He also had some bracers to go with it that where light weight as well. To complete the image he had all his gear painted black. He didn't think he actually look that frightening compared to some of the other guys in here, yet he had a wide berth surrounding him. It wasn't just because all the bounty's he had been collecting but also because of all the...commotion he caused. He had apparently angered a giant slug. They called him something "hutt" or another. Harry didn't pay that much attention to him. All he knew about the creature, besides it being some type of slug, was that it had sent a bunch of bounty hunters after him.

That did not end well for the bounty hunters. It wasn't that they weren't all good because they were sadly, Harry couldn't be put down for more than a few seconds before he would get back up and re-initiate his attack. With the fact that he couldn't die as well as the fact that he could use magic led to inevitable of a lot of dead hunters in his temporary living room. He had looted their body's and stashed their equipment in a footlocker after shrinking them. After that he would just leave the remains outside his room for someone to come deal with. He assumed this worked because the next time he would wake, the body's would be gone. Eventually the bounty hunters stopped taking the contract against him and the hutt had decided that he wasn't going to waste his resources on an entity that wasn't even directly causing him problems.

The problem was that almost no one would approach him now. He was quite famous, locally at least, so it's not like he could just hop over to another section and pretend it never happened. Harry sighed as he looked down at his empty cup. He signaled the bartender for a refill and watched as he poured more of the strong, blue, alcoholic drink. As he was drinking it, he was tapped on the shoulder. He turned around and saw three people looking at him. Two where Caucasian men and the other was a woman. The head man who had tapped on him and the woman both had the Force surrounding them. He assumed they were part of one of the force factions Death had told him about. It was obvious that the other man was a soldier. The way he carried himself gave it away immediately.

"Can I help you?" Harry asked. The woman immediately frowned at him, the soldier did nothing but continue staring, the head man put on a neutral face before speaking.

"Greetings. My name is Kale Dral. Would I be correct in assuming that you are the one they call Thantos.?" Kale Dral asked. Harry eyeballed him for a second before nodding.

"That I am. How can I help you?" Harry asked politely.

"May we speak in private?" Kale asked. Harry shrugged and walked over to a booth away from the main bar. He gestured for them to follow. He sat in the booth and cast multiple privacy charms. Kale and his companions sat down with him.

"Speak freely. No one will hear us even if they planted this table before we sat at it." Harry said to the man. Kale nodded before continuing.

"I wanted to ask if you had any relation to the Jedi order." Kale told him. Harry raised an eyebrow before shaking his head.

"I'm not affiliated with anyone or thing." Harry said to the man. Both Kale and his female companion's eyes widened at this before they looked at him curiously.

"Are you self taught in the force then?" the female asked. While she asked the question, it sounded too much like she was demanding him to answer it. Harry just stared at her for a second.

"Would you like to ask me that question again with a little less force?" Harry asked. The female glared at him. She was about to shoot back a retort but Kale intervened.

"I apologize if you took offense to what Bastila said. She can come off a little forceful to some. I assure you that was not her intention. Would you mind answering her question though." Kale asked more nicely. Harry appreciated his politeness so he nodded.

"To answer her question then, yes. You could say I was self taught." Harry replied to Kale. Kale nodded. He seemed to think about something for a second. He then spoke.

"I hear you are quite the bounty hunter around here. What would you think about joining my ships crew?" Kale asked Harry kindly. Harry looked surprised by the offer then looked at Kale suspiciously.

"Why would you want that?" Harry asked.

"I would like to know that as well. Have you gone insane Kale?! We cannot trust this man. Not only did we just meet him but he's a bounty hunter!" Bastila said angrily.

"I have to agree with Bastila on this one Kale. We can't just trust any old person off the street. This is a criminal planet full of some of the worse scum out there. What would happen if he was a Sith plant? He could kill us all!" The man next to Kale said. Kale raised his hand and waited for their protesting to stop.

"I know you all have good reasons for not wanting a stranger on board but this is important. The force led me here and even had me put our little quest on hold just so I could meet this man. It want's me to have him join us, I can feel it with every fiber of my body." Kale said very seriously. This quieted both his companions down but they still did not look happy about the decision. Kale looked back at him with a friendly smile.

"So what do you say? Will you join us? I won't lie, it will be very dangerous but I promise it will all be worth it in the end." Kale said trying to convince Harry. Harry gave some serious thought to it. He DID want to get off this planet. As the other man had pointed out, it was full of criminals and wasn't really the nicest place. On the other hand. He was new to the force and was not sure how the man was using it to lead him to Harry. He was not sure he could trust him. In fact he had no reason to trust him. He was about to decline the offer but a sudden memory struck in him. It was his promise he had made to Death about how he would really try to make roots and go out in this new galaxy. The answer died in his throat as he thought over the promise he made. After thinking about it a little more, he sighed and answered.

"Alright. I will join you. I just need to grab a few things before I can leave." Harry said. Kale grinned at him in delight.

"Great. Well I guess I should introduce you to the rest of the crew. Oh, this is Bastila and Carth. They are also part of the crew." Kale said as he gestured to the female and then to the male. Harry made sure he memorized the names. He then nodded at them both. Bastila didn't return it but Carth did. Harry then looked back at Kale.

"Where do you want to meet after I grab my stuff?" Harry asked.

"Our ship is parked on the west side of these buildings, just past the apartments. It's on dock D5." Kale said. Harry nodded and just before he was about to head off he asked one last question.

"What's the ship's name?" He asked. Kale smiled at him.

"It's called the Ebon Hawk"

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