2 Years Later

If he were honest with himself, Harry would admit that even he didn't think the Sith had it in them to take the kind of beating the Republic was now giving them and keep going. This was also coming from someone who had been part of said organization for years and still had hidden connections to it for spy purposes.

It had only taken a year for the Republic to recover all the ground they had lost to that point. Under normal circumstances, this would not only be surprising, but downright impossible. Monumental naval forces don't just show up out of nowhere after all. Especially of the size that Harry had. The Republic Navy was now bigger than it was at the height of its power pre-war era. Not that Harry thought it was that impressive, even back then.

Every time the Republic ended major conflicts, they immediately downsized. They claimed it was too expensive to keep a military force of such size. Harry thought this was foolish. While not against, smaller military forces in general, leaving themselves practically defenseless seemed to be a specialty of the Republic. It caused them to almost always get caught with their pants down in any major conflict. It was lucky that they had not fully demilitarized from the Stunt with the previous Sith Conflict and only because the Jedi had pushed heavily that they believed another conflict was coming. It had turned out they had been right too.

Back to the Sith, though. It had been a year since the Republic had regained their lost planets and a year to mark the beginning of the Sith losing the war. Harry had been pulling the strings and employing blitzkrieg tactics and often attacking Sith planets and outposts within a week of a previous major battle. Because of this, the Sith had simply had no time to react. Naturally, this burned out his troops faster though. To combat this, he and Satele would constantly switch out fleets within a month or two to allow the crew time to rest. He and Satele did not partake in such things themselves. Despite the obvious benefit to morale by constantly having them at the forefront of the conflict, it was also much easier to meet with each other when on the ship. Much fewer force sensitives around to hide from and most did not have access to the level that housed their quarters.

"Chancellor, we have the advantage and have taken over half of the territory the Sith had previously been dug into. We have the locations of many of their outposts and know where their base of operations is. We should strike now while they are weakened." A gray-haired Jedi Master who looked like his face was stuck in a permanent frown said on the conference call. Harry sighed in his helmet though no one could hear it. He felt a simple nudge through his force bond from Satele conveying to him to keep calm.

"Assuming that Commander Peverell's information is reliable, though I am sure it is, the chance of taking Dromund Kaas out of Sith hands, even with superior numbers, it is unlikely we would be able to take it from them without incurring heavy losses from our side. I am not sure I am willing to throw away so many lives on an endeavor that we could accomplish with a lot less with a little patience." The Chancellor pointed out.

"A very wise point Chancellor," Satele commented. Though it sounded like a second thought, the other various commanders and advisors on the call would likely take her opinion into what they should do.

"It doesn't matter either way." Harry pointed out evenly and watched the many holographic faces turn to him.

"Oh? Care to elaborate oh wise leader?" The Jedi Master who had been pushing for one final strike asked condescendingly.

"Watch your tone Master Korith. Remember whose fault it is that the Republic is even in such a position to be talking about this in the first place." Harry said back with a clear bite in his tone. Immediately, several eyes on the call turned and glared at the Jedi Master including the Chancellors and Satele's. Harry was well-liked in the military for his strategic mind, resources, and of course giving them several fleets. Harry didn't ask much, but he did not tolerate being talked down to, by anyone. Seeing the looks he was receiving, Master Korith immediately backed down and his face changed from annoyance to impassiveness.

"I apologize, Commander Peverell. I, of course, did not mean to call into question how much you have done with the Republic, I believe the stress of this war is getting to me is all." Master Korith replied emotionlessly which was as close as Harry was going to get to a pleasant tone.

"Perhaps you should be given some time away from such stresses and allowed a chance to regain control of yourself Master Korith." Satele said with a sharp glare before Harry could respond. Harry had almost forgotten that the Jedi were supposed to be in control of such things and that Satele, as the current leader of said order, had a vested interest in seeing that through. The man seemed to pale at that.

"That is not necessary Grand Master, I will make sure to not have a slip of control again," Korith said. Though he didn't sound it, Harry could tell that the man was nervous from the threat Satele had given. If Harry remembered correctly, Korith had barely gotten a position on the council because they had been so divided on if he would be a good fit. He was a little to warlike for the council who prided themselves on always remaining level headed. Satele had voted to give him the position which had caused the rest of the council to agree as well. But just as she had practically given him the position, she could just as easily get the position taken away.

Of course, the true problem with Korith was Harry himself. There were many in the order who still did not trust Harry and thought it was foolish for both the Republic and the Order itself to work so closely with such an unknown. Korith was in said group.

"It is fine. I simply wanted to make sure he understood the situation is all. As to what I was saying. If you will remember, our goal is not to destroy the Sith Empire, at least, not yet. Our goal is to work with them to destroy our true enemy, The Emperor." Harry said. As soon as he did, a noticeable chill seemed to hang in the air and judging by the shivers he saw the other commanders and advisors do, he wasn't the only one who had felt it.

"Again, you say that this Emperor is our true enemy. I mean no offense, but you have shown no proof of this. How are we to know this threat truly exists beyond what we already know about it?" Korith asked in a much more polite tone. That being said, he was still challenging Harry and that was clear. Harry did not need to speak up on this. He had already prepared for this as he knew this question would be asked.

"I have also confirmed the threat as well," Satele said out loud.

"You Grand Master? How did you confirm it, did you meet the Emperor?" Korith asked no longer with any challenge, but surprise and a burning curiosity. Satele shivered for effect before answering.

"It is hard to describe. His presence can only truly be felt through the force and even then, to feel it you have to push through a seemingly invisible mist of the force itself to notice it. It was… not a pleasant experience." Satele recounted.

"Well… we now have two of our main commanders warning us of the same major threat. Do we plan to continue to ignore it?" The Chancellor asked as he looked around the room. This time, no one said anything, including Korith who would never say anything against his direct superior.

"Very well. Commander Peverell, since you are the one with the most information, what exactly you propose we do against such a threat. It is, after all, one thing to say we wish to join forces with the Sith and another thing to actually do it.

"It will be both extremely difficult as well as much easier than you would expect. The key to this lies with Darth Marr." Harry said. He watched the entire room tense at this. Darth Marr was one of the most powerful Sith currently alive as well as the leader of the military forces of the Sith. It was a testament to his impressive ability in warfare that the Sith Empire was not reduced even further than it currently was despite now being outgunned and outsmarted. Even with a smaller fleet, Darth Marr could go toe to toe with any of the Republic fleets save for the ones he himself led and that was only because he knew his former master so well. And Marr was smart enough to know when it was best to utilize a strategic retreat which made catching him… difficult.

"Darth Marr?" One of the advisors to the Chancellor asked with a clear question in his tone. Harry nodded.

"Yes. Darth Marr is not only the leader of the Sith's military might but also the unofficial leader of the Dark Council. The political power he wields at this point is second only to the Emperor and he is secure in said position. That being said, he is also one of the most level headed and intelligent Sith you will likely ever meet. Out of all of them, he will be easier to convince of what we wish to do and in doing so, he will then convince the rest of the Sith to do what we wish." Harry explained.

"That seems like an oversimplification." Another one of the commanders pointed out.

"It is and it isn't. I have been subtly laying a trap for Darth Marr and have all the pieces in place ready to spring it. That being said, I will need to use three fleets to ensure the man cannot escape from us. Do I have your permission?" Harry asked.

"Three fleets? You think he will be that much of a risk?"

"It would not be wise to underestimate him, but the other fleets will not be used in actual combat, they are more to ensure he cannot escape and that is it," Harry reassured.

"How can you be sure he will come and not another Sith?"

"Simple, the level of threat will require him to come personally to deal with it," Harry said.

"Threat. You are tricking him into thinking we are going to attack somewhere?" The Chancellor asked.

"Not quite. For safety, I do not wish to divulge the details save to those who will directly be participating in the attack." Harry said back.

"Do you not trust us?" One of the advisors asked. Harry rose an eyebrow at the politician, though, again, the man could not see it.

"It would not be the first-time information has leaked from one of our meetings." Harry pointed out. There were several grimaces.

"Very well, I will trust you know what you are doing and transfer two more fleets to aid both you and Grand Master Satele in your mission. I pray you, do not fail us." The Chancellor said gravely. Harry nodded.

"If that is all, I say we end it here and reconvene after this little mission is completed. Until then ladies and gentleman, I bid you a good day." The Chancellor said. With that, the entire call ended.

"Well, that went better than we thought it would," Harry said to Satele now that they were alone.

"It did, I expected Korith to be worse if I am honest." Satele pointed out. Harry shrugged.

"He is just cautious. In truth, I would most likely act the same in his position." Harry admitted. And that was the truth too. In fact, if he had met someone like the person, he himself was currently pretending to be, the man would not be allied to him unless he could somehow prove his background as well as his intentions. It was lucky that the Republic was in such a desperate position that they were willing to overlook such things.

"I can appreciate caution, but we are far past that at this point and in war, constantly questioning proven allies is foolhardy." Satele disagreed.

"Fair, I suppose." Harry murmured.

"Do you really think you will be able to convince Marr of what you speak?" Satele asked.

"It will most likely be difficult, but I think I will be able to. Showing him such things through the force where information cannot be faked should do so." Harry pointed out.

"… Are you sure about that? What if he discovers your true identity?"

"While I cannot fake information, I can withhold it. Marr is powerful but I doubt he is going to be strong enough to break through my mental defenses." Harry said. He and Satele were the only practitioners of Occlumency which certainly gave them an edge when it came to mental defenses.

"But what if he does. You didn't think the Emperor would be able to push you as far as he did and that almost caused you to die. Don't underestimate Marr either." Satele chastised. Harry sighed but nodded in fairness. His abilities did sometimes cause him to act cocky against other force users.

"As you say, dearest." He said back with resignation. He felt what was going to happen before it did, but he chose not to move and accept his punishment. Her hand smacked into the back of his skull, causing him to yelp in pain. She had actually hit him quite hard.

"Enough sass. Now, let's go to our rooms." She said as she walked over to the lift. Harry gave her a confused look.

"It's a little early to go to bed, isn't it?" He asked back. She didn't break her stride, but she looked back with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Immediately, a light bulb went off and he jumped up to his follow his lover.

"Coming dear." He said with excitement as he made his way over to join her quickly.

Two Weeks Later

"Are you ready for this?" Harry said, once more in his Commander attire.

"Always," Satele said back as they were on the bridge. With that, they opened the comm-link on the holo terminal and watched as several distinguished figures appeared.

"Commanders, I hope you are ready for what is about to happen. I trust you are both in position and ready?" Satele asked seriously. Both nodded.

"We are Grandmaster Satele. We are aware there shouldn't be much fighting on our part, but we've readied the weapons and shields just in case." Commander Juswell, a gray-haired stern-looking man who, despite his appearance, was actually a rather sensible man who rarely felt the need to take a hard stance when there was no need to.

"Excellent thinking, Commander. But, of course, we will do our best to keep you out of it. That being said, when Marr realizes the trap which he will almost as soon as he arrives, you need to already have moved to block his escape. We will be counting on you for this to work." Harry said back.

"Commander, we have several objects about to come out of hyperspace." One of the officers and a control terminal called out. Harry frowned.

"He's early than expected. Though I shouldn't be surprised. Alright, this is it. Make sure to follow the plan and prepare for combat." Harry called out. Immediately, the call was ended and the whole room seemed to move at a faster pace. Harry looked over at Satele.

"Are you ready for this? You will be leading fighter squadrons." Harry reminded. Leading those troops was usually a job for himself, but it wasn't uncommon that he would get injured in such a role, even if the injuries were never too big of an issue. Unfortunately, that was not something they could risk. Even if both Satele and him, knew that he would recover, others did not and if he somehow took a life-threatening injury, which was something that could realistically happen against his former master, then it could spell trouble with their allies.

"I will be fine. I have led fighter squadrons before." Satele pointed out.

"It's been years at this point though. I know you're capable, but this could be dangerous based on how Marr reacts. Just be careful." Harry said lowly enough so no one else on the bridge would be able to hear it.

"I will. Trust me." Satele said back, eyeing him softly. Harry nodded and said nothing. With that, Satele turned away from him and walked towards the lift to go down to the hanger.

"Ships coming out of hyperspace in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Exiting hyperspace." The same technician called out. Harry looked out the main windows and saw the biggest remaining fleet of the Sith exit hyperspace right in front of his own fleet, which was already surrounding the smaller fleet. The two reserve fleets were doing the same in an outer ring to block all methods of escape from the Sith fleet. It was a testament to his former master power that he could feel the man's cold fury from on his own ship.

"Their shields are up to full power, though they have not released their fighters yet." A different technician said from their console.

"Fire the heavy cannons to bring down their shields and ready the bombers to disable their main ships. While disabling the entire fleet is important, the flagship is the priority." Harry called out calmly.

"Yessir." He heard someone respond. He immediately then watched a few moments later as his ship, as well as the other dreadnoughts in the fleet, started firing down at Marr's personal flagship. Harry watched the Sith fleet start to surround said flagship in an attempt to protect Darth Marr's ship.

"Sir, they are forming a defensive wall around the flagship."

"I can see that." Harry said back drily, "Continue with the bombardment. Are our cruisers in position behind the Sith fleet yet? As soon as he is able, Marr will be making to escape." Harry asked.

"Almost, in thirty seconds we will have them fully contained." Harry frowned at hearing that. Every second counted when battling his former Master.

"Get the rest of our guns online and punch a hole through that defensive wall. Aim to disable when possible, but I want that flagship disabled and I want it now. Tell the fighters to launch now and hover near our dreadnoughts until I order them to go in." Harry commanded.

"Yessir." He heard from several technicians this time. Harry eyed the battle critically and watched as the rest of the fleet's cannons came online and started pelting the much smaller Sith fleet. Until that point, it had looked like the fleet was managing to hold its own, but the superior amount of ships and firepower quickly overwhelmed them and Harry watched as several of the ships forming the Sith's defensive ring had their shield fail and were then pelted with a storm of firepower directly on their hull causing massive explosions.

"Ease up on the ships once their shield is down. Remember, our goal is to capture as many as possible. Not kill." Harry reminded that.

"Roger that." He heard called back.

He watched as the ships stopped getting the heavier shot and only received smaller artillery shops aimed at destroying their surface cannons. The rest of the ships with their shield still up started falling even faster as the fire that had been more spread out was slowly becoming more focused on those who still had the strongest defenses.

"Sir, are artillery forces have reported that over eighty percent of the surface cannons on the left side of the ring relative to us have gone down."

"Excellent. Order the fighter squadrons to escort the bombers to that side and fully disable those ships."

Harry watched as the orders were carried out and one of the squadrons from another dreadnought moved on to fully start disabling the crippled fleet.

"Sir, all shields of the ships forming the protective ring are down."

"Move in the other squads to disable them and order the cruisers and dreadnoughts to aim between the holes in the defenses to the flagship underneath."


Harry watched the fire move from the outer layer to the flagship beneath. Immediately, he noticed the two dreadnoughts and several cruisers part of the Sith fleet open their hangar doors and releasing their own fighters, on top of this, they started to lazily spin around the flagship to make it that much harder to get their fire past them.

"Clever, Marr. Clever." Harry mumbled to himself.

"Sir, the fighters are approaching our fleet."

"Reassign all artillery except for the heavy cannons to taking down those approaching fighters. Our ship's shields are barely touched and should be able to handle any onslaught of fighters without having our own squadrons engage. Have the squadrons not already engaging with the Sith fleet get behind the main ships for protection." Harry said as he watched the approaching fighters. Their own fleet could definitely handle squadrons of fighters with ease, but it meant they had to take some of their firepower away from their target. A good plan which might have gained Marr enough of an advantage to escape during the distraction had they not had two more reserve fleets in waiting to block all exits for the Sith. With their cruisers guarding the rear now, there was no escape for the Sith and they could afford to lengthen their assault.

For the next ten minutes, the battle seemed to almost slow to a lull as one by one, the Sith fleet became too disabled and could no longer move to protect their flagship. The squadrons of the Sith were slowly shot down more and more until finally Harry noticed them returning to their own ships.

"The enemy squadrons are returning to their ships, sir." Before he could respond, another one of the technicians interrupted.

"Sir, we have an incoming transmission. Sir, it looks like it's from the enemy ship." Harry rose an eyebrow at that. Marr wasn't one to surrender, he wondered what could make his former master reach out.

"Patch it through," Harry said calmly. Immediately a holo image of his former master appeared in front of him.

"Darth Marr. I have to admit I was surprised, given your reputation that you would reach out like this." Harry said to him calmly. He idly noticed that his own armor and appearance looked vaguely similar to his former masters. He had gone with a lighter color scheme and had much softer edges to give him a less threatening appearance but the resemblance was there. He wondered if he had done that subconsciously.

"The surprise lies with me, Commander Peverell. You're not exactly known for your mercy, yet when I look out from the bridge of my ship, it almost appears as if you are going out of your way to not destroy my fleet. After all the work you put into this trap, I am curious as to why that is. Under normal circumstances, I would assume you wanted something from me." Darth Marr said back. The man gave a serious yet intimidating presence from his appearance alone. Something he always respected about his master.

"And if I did? Would you be willing to meet with me without the need for violence?" Harry gauged.

"That would depend entirely on the circumstances, such as why you wish to meet in the first place as well as the conditions of said meeting. I would ask that you halt your attack while we are having such discussions."

"I'd be willing to do so if you powered down your ships engines first. I am more than aware of how slippery you can be Darth Marr." Harry said back.

"… Agreed." Darth Marr said, Harry looked to the side at one of his technicians waiting for confirmation. It took a moment, but the man finally turned and nodded at him that the enemy ship's engines had powered down. Harry turned his head at one of his officers.

"Halt all fire and draw our squadrons back. Keep the guns hot though, if they power up again, continue the assault." Harry said.

"Hmm, there's the ruthless reputation I heard so much about. How very Sith of you." Darth Marr said out to him. Harry internally paused at that and narrowed his eyes.

"I don't believe not blindly trusting an enemy is a uniquely Sith thought process. Either way, I and one other in a Corvette. You must come and if you wish, one other. I will keep the shields down to allow your ships to perform scans to confirm my word. I expect that you will do the same." Harry said, leaving no room for discussion on that matter.

"Very well. I will meet you in half an hour."

"Till then," Harry said before the call cut out.

"Bring in Grandmaster Satele's squadron and have her wait by the corvette," Harry ordered.

"Yessir." Harry then turned and headed towards the lift. He stepped inside and turned. He clicked a button to take him to the hanger and waited as the doors closed and the lift started moving. He took a deep breath and felt his hand drift to his lightsaber at his side. There was a good chance that this would turn into a fight or some sort of trap. That being said, he and Satele were two of some of the best swordmasters in the galaxy. He could take on Darth Marr himself and unless the man was keeping Darth Malgus on that ship with him, the chances of him bringing someone strong enough to take on Satele was very low. Meaning they could most likely overpower him.

The problem was, Darth Marr would know this too. So, what was the man's angle then? The obvious answer was that Darth Marr was being sincere, but as someone who worked for the man for years, Harry knew how good he was at turning situations into his own benefit. He was usually able to figure out how considering he had been an instrument in doing such in the past, but he was drawing a blank right now. That was all the more concerning for him though.

The lift finally stopped and opened showing him the massive hangar. Harry walked out and saw it was a flurry of activity considering all the squadrons are reentering the hanger. He approached one of the three corvettes that were in said hanger. They were each parked next to each other and were mainly used for situations like this. Needless to say, they did not get much use.

"What is going on?" Satele asked seriously as she approached him.

"The assault has been put on hold as Darth Marr has called for a meeting once he noticed we weren't destroying his ships.

"That seems, suspicious."

"Agreed, though it is an opportunity I thought we shouldn't pass up. Two representatives from each side are permitted. Me and Marr as well as one guest for each side." Harry said. She nodded, though she didn't look sure about what was about to happen. Despite that, they both boarded the ship. They quickly made their way to the cockpit and Harry immediately started booting the ship up.

"I wasn't aware you knew how to drive Corvettes," Satele commented as she strapped herself in.

"I know how to fly all the main branches of ship classifications. I HAVE been around a long time." Harry pointed out. Satele chuckled at that. When the entire ship was ready for takeoff, Harry opened the intercom.

"Hanger Control, this is Commander Peverell aboard the PX-1599 Corvette. We are ready for takeoff to begin negotiations with enemy combatants." Harry said.

"Commander Peverell this is HC, we read you loud and clear. You are cleared for takeoff. Good luck, sir." The hanger bay control room replied. Harry nodded before cutting off the line.

"We'll need it." Satele murmured to herself.

"Have faith in our abilities. We will be fine. At worst, this will devolve into combat and the chances of him having anyone to match us both will be unlikely. "Harry pointed out.

"In overall combat we are superior, but Darth Marr is a highly skilled opponent whose mastery over the dark side is at a level seldom unheard of for the most part. While he might not win, he could do irreparable damage to either of us." Satele pointed out. Harry's expression darkened at her words. What she really meant was she could be irreparably hurt.

"It will not come to that. I promise." Harry said to her. She looked at him for a moment and Harry could feel her searching through their bond for his own feelings and he presented them to her. He let her bathe in the warm glow that was his presence. Before his eyes, she seemed to calm down. She nodded and looked forward and out the window into the darkness of space. Harry turned as well and started to pilot the ship between the two fleets before cutting off the engine power and let the ship simply float in space as they waited.

"How long?"

"He said thirty minutes, so within the next ten minutes. He is never late after all. Harry said as they kept their eye on the horizon. They stated rather silent the entire time both verbally and through their bond. Harry could feel her anxiety through it and he imagined she was feeling something similar.

"They're here," Satele said as she continued looking out the window at an approaching shuttle. Harry could feel his former master's presence on board and made sure to strengthen the magic around him to disguise his own force presence as to not be caught by the man.

"So they are. Let's go meet them, shall we." Harry said as he stood up and waited for Satele to do the same. Once she did, they both made their way down to the airlock that the Sith would be coming out of. They waited patiently before they heard air being released as the airlock smoothly opened. As soon as it did, the man of the hour came through in all of his glory. He came to stand right in front of Harry and he could feel the man sizing him up. Harry eyed him right back.

"Commander Peverell." Darth Marr greeted neutrally.

"Darth Marr, thank you for meeting with us," Harry said back in a monotone as he held up his hand for the man to shake. Darth Marr looked down at the hand before smoothly taking it and shaking. It was a power move Harry knew to take with his former master. He knew Darth Marr respected those who could maintain posture in his presence, whether they be friend or foe.

"Yes, well given the circumstances…" Darth Marr said back coldly. Harry ignored the jab and looked at the woman behind his former master at the human woman standing behind him that was currently glaring at him.

"And who is this you have brought?" Harry asked with some genuine curiosity. He did not recognize her from his time in the Empire.

"My newest apprentice, Lachris." Darth Marr said back.

"Hmm… A Sith Marauder? I did not think you the type." Harry said back easily.

"There are more ways to aid our Empire than just pure combative power." Darth Marr replied back. Harry remembered he had said that to him years ago when he was the man's apprentice.

"I can understand that. It is impressive though that you, who was trained as a Sith Warrior is able to so easily train other types as well. Well, enough about that. I am sure you are aware of my guest so there is no need for introductions there. Shall we get to the discussions?" Harry asked. He didn't want to spend too much time just talking about nothing. Just enough to show he was aware of more than most.


"Would you prefer private discussions or with our guest?" Harry asked politely.


"As you wish. Right through this door." Harry gestured into a meeting room. Darth Marr entered silently while Satele and Marr's apprentice, Lachris waited outside. The Sith woman appeared concerned though she did a good job of masking her feelings for one of her station. Once they were both inside the room, the door shut and sealed itself. Harry sat across the table from Darth Marr.

"First, I would like to thank you for reaching out for this meeting. I had assumed it would take a lot more to force one."

"I was curious as to why you had bothered to want one in the first place. I assume you know I will never betray the Sith or the Empire." Marr pointed out with steel in his voice. Harry scoffed at that.

"The Sith betrays their own all the time. It would not be a sudden precedent you would be starting. That being said, it is not the Sith or even the Empire that I wish to talk about. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I will speak honestly; I need your help, Darth Marr."

"That… Is not what I expected. Though I must admit to being curious as to what the Republic could possibly want my help with that doesn't involve the Sith or the Empire. Or perhaps this is a more personal request." Marr suggested.

"You could say it is both. In truth, what I am about to talk to you about is the reason I enjoyed the war effort in the first place, especially against the Sith. The Republic wishes for help but truthfully, they do so at my insistence."

"My curiosity has increased even more. Perhaps you should stop dodging what you wish to talk about and just come out with it already. My time is valuable." Marr said with a tinge of annoyance leaking through.

"Very well. I wish for the Republic and the Sith to join forces to face the greatest threat to both organizations, The Sith Emperor." Harry finally said. There was silence following his sentence as Marr simply looked at him.

"Is this a jest?"

"It is the furthest thing from it," Harry said back.

"You honestly expect me to believe that the Sith Emperor is an enemy of the Empire and further to aid you in toppling him?" Darth Marr asked.

"Yes, though I know it won't be easy. This is why I will explain what I know to you and then would like to forge a temporary force bond with you to show you the truth of my words. It will not be anything strong, so I shall not be able to harm you in any way and vice versa."

"You assume too much Commander Peverell."

"I only ask you to hear me out. Unless you hadn't figured it out, I am risking much by trying to do this you know. That being said, there is much at risk and I truly believe the only way to accomplish the goal of toppling the mad man is together. Again, I only ask that you listen to what I have to say and decide for yourself." Harry urged calmly. Darth Marr went silently for several moments,

"Speak and I shall listen, but I shall agree to nothing else." Darth Marr said to him. Harry rose an eyebrow at the man's easy agreement for what he asked. He had expected it to take much longer.

"Thank you, Darth Marr. As you may remember, several years ago the Voice of the Emperor went missing and it was generally believed that it was the Republic that took him. This is incorrect. In truth, it was I who took him. I had been suspicious of the Emperor since I have heard of him. I found an opportune moment to take the Voice and did so. As you may know, the Voice has a direct connection to the Emperor himself. I hijacked this connection by force and took as much information as I could from it before the Emperor finally managed to overwhelm me and shove me out of the vessel. The overload of the force battle between us killed the Voice which released the Emperor."

"I had wondered why the Republic had not mounted an assault against Dromund Kaas with their newfound military might. You did not tell them?"

"Not at the time, no. Not until recently, though I have convinced them, we are unable to attack the planet at present.'


"As I said, I do not wish for the destruction of the Sith, instead I wish for their cooperation. It is only through this that I believe we will have a chance to take on the Emperor."

"Back to the Emperor, what makes you believe he is such a danger that both sides should put aside their differences to deal with him? What did you see in your assault of the connection between him as his Voice?"

"Death, on a monumental scale. The truth is that the Emperor is not just a powerful Sith, he is so much more than that. He has ascended past such things and become a Force Entity."

"A Force Entity? That sounds vaguely familiar."

"It is extremely rare and could be thousands of years before one arises. You may recognize the name Darth Nihulus."

"Vaguely. He was one of the pretender Sith active after the time of Revan."

"Correct though your records probably don't have too much on him, considering he was also a Force Entity and your Emperor would suppress information on such beings. A Force Entity is a being that transcends the physical realm and becomes one with the Force in a sense. Because of this, to maintain themselves, they need to essentially feed on conduits of the force."

"… You mean force wielders don't you."

"Yes and no. All life has the force flowing through it to some degree, but obviously, it is much higher in force wielders. They are preferred, though normal people can be used as well. It is not unheard of for an entire planet to be used to feed on." Harry explained.

"You are suggesting the Emperor is one of these Force Entities and is feeding on Force wielders?"

"Yes, every death on each side of the war helps to sustain the man on being as he should be referred to as."

"That's… insane."

"Agreed, I could scarcely believe it myself until I lined it up with all events up to this point. The Sith Emperor pushed for a large-scale war between the Republic and Sith when it would have been better to infiltrate the Republic overtime to subvert it and weaken it. Instead, he launches a full-scale war where tens of thousands die in the first few months. One could argue that this could simply be a coincidence, but then you can take into the fact that every time the war seems to lull into a stalemate, the Emperor unnecessarily pushes for a massive military campaign to be launched against the Republic. Again, this is not needed, had patience been exhibited in these times, the war would have ended already. I know you know this as you were often the one who advised him of this." Harry said to him. Darth Marr was quiet at this.

"It is not uncommon for a military strategist to go unheeded by their superiors." Darth Marr pointed out.

"True, but the Emperor has proven to be smart and shrewd enough to know what I have pointed out and you are as well. I will not insult your intelligence or my own by pretending that you have not often wondered at the man's hidden motives when he makes said decisions. Even further, for one as intelligent as he has proven himself to be, he does nothing discourage Sith infighting in any way, even among the higher-ups of his military might. Why? Because Sith killing each other is just as beneficial to him.

"… What you say has merit. I will allow you to craft a force bond between the two of us but will only allow it to be of enough strength to confirm what you say." Darth Marr says. Harry nods slowly. This whole exchange has been going in ordinarily well. He held out his hand to his former master and the man took it hesitantly. Harry closed his eyes and reached out into the force expertly as he moved his own force and prodded Darth Marr's own force presence.

It did nothing to respond to him, which Harry figured wasn't a bad sign. He calmly intertwined enough of each of their presences and concentrated on merging them together until they seemed to meld into one. With that, Harry transferred all knowledge he had of the Emperor over to Darth Marr. Harry was surprised when he felt no pull from the man to look at anything else than what he sent. Most would not be able to control themselves.

It took several minutes to show him all the things he knew and why he knew them. He left out the part after he had assaulted the Emperor through the Force connection where he speculated and then believed it was actually Revan who gave him the information.

"Hmm. That was… interesting." Darth Marr said as Harry finally severed the connection.

"Do you believe me now?" Harry asked finally. I believed you before we forged the bond, I just wanted to be sure that you were being honest with me." Darth Marr said back gruffly. Harry tilted his head in confusion before realization struck him.

"You already suspected."

"Yes. After becoming the Supreme Commander of the military might of the Sith Empire, I researched the previous Empires to see where they succeeded and failed. When I got to Darth Nihulus, I noticed that the information was extremely sparse for what he was. I then had several agents go into the Republic records and see what they had. It took months, but once I got the information, I became curious about why the Emperor wouldn't know the same information or why he was covering it up. You were right about me noticing that some of the Emperor's actions did not match up with what I knew of the man. When you told me of the fact the man was a Force Entity it all seemed to click into place."

"I see. Well, I am glad you understand the situation, then Darth Marr. The real question is, will you aid in toppling the man?" Harry asked.

"I will, after all, even in these circumstances, you have never led me astray… Darth Syrus." Harry froze at those words before his eyes narrowed.

"I'm sorry?"

"Please, if your actions before this did not prove it, then your reaction certainly does. Your charade is useless at this point. Take off the mask and talk to me face to face as we once did." Darth Marr commanded. Harry did and said nothing as he continued to stare at the man. After a full minute, he acquiesced to the request and took off the mask before staring at his former master. Darth Marr's head tilted in satisfaction as he did so.


"You were good. I'd be surprised if anyone else was able to figure it out. You changed your blade and fighting style. You even managed to alter your presence in the force but there were some things that simply didn't align. Peverell's appearance so soon after your disappearance was one thing. Such skilled force users don't simply appear from nowhere. The Republic needed you so they didn't question it, but the Sith did. Furthermore, the way you command was practically the same, even the way you trapped me was reminiscent of how you use to take down your enemies. Your knowledge about us was startling as well, clearly you had quite the spy network. Just as you had when you worked for the Sith Empire."

"That could've been a coincidence though." Harry pointed out.

"It could've but I did not believe it so. Lenara's disappearance at the same time was also rather suspicious. I assume she is how you maintained your spy network while being a full-time Commander?" Darth Marr questioned. Harry did not confirm it, but he didn't deny it either.

"All the pieces were there, my former apprentice. When I first noticed, the only thing that caused me to doubt was the motive. I truly believed you thought of the Sith way as the true way. I puzzled as to why you would betray the Empire if you were truly who I thought. I assume it has to do with this knowledge you have shown me."

"It is, the truth is that the Sith would never stop the war in an advantageous position against the Republic even given the situation. They would have foolishly thought they could do it all without the Republic. The Sith would only bow if they believed they had no other choice except extinction."

"Hmm. As much as it annoys me, you are most likely right about this. But why did you not tell me then?"

"I knew you didn't approve of most Sith and their way of not being able to control themselves. That being said, I was not sure I could convince you to join my way of thinking so easily and should it turn out poorly, then you would know my plans and would have been able to more easily counter them.' Harry pointed out.

"I'll admit that knowing what I know now, I am not sure what my actions might have been back then just learning this. I suppose looking in hindsight, you made the best decision you could based on what you knew. I will support you though there is one more thing I wish to ask." Darth Marr said, leaning forward.

"What is it?"

"Say the Empire joins you and we defeat the Emperor, what do you think will happen between both sides after that?"

"What do you mean?"

"You can't expect for peace between the Sith and the Republic to last. After the fight, the war will most likely continue." Darth Marr pointed out. Harry shrugged.

"In truth, I don't really care at that point. It's not like I believe the Republic to truly be the right side, though in truth, while I think the idea of an Empire is better for organization and progress, it has its own weaknesses that I believe make it unsustainable. After this is all over, I suppose I will simply retire. Away from all the conflicts and annoyances." Harry said to his former master.

"I see. Very well, let us go and inform our guests about our decision."

"Your new apprentice. Is she as promising as I was?"

"Arrogance truly never suited you." Darth Marr commented as they stood up.

"Is that you avoiding the question?" Harry questioned. Darth Marr made a grunt.

"She is good and has the traits I seek in my apprentices. Of course, we both know that you were one of a kind. Before you left, I had been grooming you to join the Dark Council and one day take my place. Lacharis will never be that, but she will be useful and that is all that matters.

"You have not changed, Marr," Harry said as he put his mask back on.

"Neither have you, not really anyway. Let us be done with this now. We have much work to do from this point on.