3 Months Later

Unknown Facility Somewhere within Core Region

Harry stepped up to the glass panel that looked down at sizeable training room where a man was seated in the middle of the room in a crossed legged position. The man was older and even had white hair on both the top of his head and face. His face looked somewhat troubled.

"How's the progress been?" Harry asked out loud to the only other occupant of the room, a medical officer in charge of Revan's recovery. The woman walked over and joined him by the glass window looking down into Revan's training chamber.

"Good. His physical health has improved enough for him to leave at this point with him having regained almost all of his mobility. The combination of the bacta tank sessions as well as the… Force Healing, was it?"


"Well, it has sped up his recovery quite a bit."

"Has he spoken with anyone about anything?"

"No, not about his experience, at least. He isn't closed off but he has said that he would only speak with you about anything relating to his ordeal. No idea why."

"I'm sure… Would you mind giving him and I some privacy? I would like to speak with him." Harry said quietly.

"I can't technically say no to that, you know." The medical officer snorted. Technically she was right. She was an officer under his command and Revan was still considered a political prisoner at the moment, which meant his rights were… limited.

After his recovery, Harry had insisted that Revan would not leave his care. He would go to a site of his choice and be under people that Harry trusted. Naturally, the Jedi had been somewhat upset by this. Well, a little more than a bit actually. There had been yelling involved and even demands that Revan be turned over to them. Harry had pointed out their rocky history with Revan and that turning him over to people who would not have his best interest would be counterproductive.

Luckily, other heads, including the Chancellor, agreed that it would likely be better if someone besides the Jedi held someone like Revan. Satele had been forced to stay out of the argument given her relation to the man. She had managed to calm the Council down after the decision had been made though which had only half worked. They were still sending him constant messages that Revan should be turned over to their care as they were more capable to help him. He didn't even respond to them anymore.

"You're his doctor. If you say no… I shall respect it."

"Hmph. It's fine, he's as healthy as I expect he will get at this point."

"Good… Do me a favor, can you get a bacta tank ready?"

"…May I ask why?"

"I have a feeling we're going to need one, that's all." Harry said as he turned his way towards the door of the room. As he approached it, the door slid open revealing a set of stairs.

"I have a feeling that I am going to regret letting you in there."

"You may, but it's too late now. Trust my judgment, this needs to happen." Harry called back as he began walking down the stairs leading to the training room. It took him a moment to reach the second door which also opened for him. With that, he stepped inside.

His first impression was that the room was quiet. The only thing that could be heard was the calming breathing of the man who sat in the middle of the room. Revan had no visible reaction to him entering, not that he had expected the man too.

He waited patiently as he felt the medical officers leave the overwatch room and disappear to a different part of the site. With her a sizeable distance away and no other personnel close by, Harry removed his mask and dropped it to the floor. There were no cameras in the room or most of the site upon his request, so he was safe.

"You've gotten old." Harry said, finally breaking the silence between them. As he said it, he moved forward slowly until he was only a couple of meters away from the seated man.

"You haven't. You look exactly the same as I remember." Revan responded calmly still not moving to look at him. Harry felt somewhat irked at that.

"A moisturizer I use. It does wonders. Are you going to face me anytime soon or am I going to talk to your back the whole time?" Harry asked rhetorically. His words had the intended effect as Revan got up from his position, as silent as the wind. He then turned to Harry and opened his eyes for the first time. They were different then what he remembered, duller.

"Hello Hadrian." He gave a soft smile.

"Revan." Harry greeted back as he took in the face of his former master and friend. He had clearly aged, as Harry said, but he had at least aged well. He had wrinkles and white hair but he wore it well. He looked rather distinguished and put together. He wondered how the man's life had been extended. Was it something the Emperor could just do or was some sort of Sith Alchemy involved?

"You've been busy… I didn't peg you for working with the Jedi anytime soon when we last saw each other."

"I'm working with the Republic for the good of all Force Users. We recently toppled the current iteration of the Sith Empire and are working on getting their aid to deal with the Emperor. It's an uphill battle as you might imagine."

"And how did you pull that off?"

"With some help and liberal use of force. You know, the usual way you have to deal with the Sith."

"Of course. Marr, I assume, I remember Him being upset with the man recently." Revan commented looking somewhat troubled but not too concerned about it either.

"I bet… Well, his days are numbered, even with his power, he won't last against the full might of our alliance. Then, it'll be over and I'll leave the galaxy so it can go back to fighting like children." Harry murmured as he looked Revan in the eye and tried to see what he could discern from them. He only saw a calmness though, nothing that showed his actual thoughts. It was exactly as he remembered the man who used to mentor him to be.

"It won't be that easy, Hadrian."

"It never is, yet I will do it anyway."

"Hmm… You know when you first pulled me out, I was scared. The influence I had… it took years to cultivate. The Emperor is powerful, Hadrian. Do not underestimate him just because you believe yourself unkillable. Now that I do not have access to his inner thoughts and mind… There's no telling what he may do in response to your actions…" Revan tried. Harry couldn't help a burning feeling that spread through his chest and head at hearing the man's words.

"Is that it?" He asked hoarsely, trying to keep his voice from breaking. Even to his own ears, he didn't succeed. Revan looked at him and his brow furrowed seemingly in confusion from Harry's words.

"What do you mean?" The man asked sounding genuinely confused. Harry saw red and immediately cut off all connection to the Force before losing all rational brain function to the influence of the dark side. The next thing he saw was Revan on the floor holding his jaw and spitting out some blood. Harry looked at his own extended fist registering what he had just done but couldn't find himself upset by it. He brought his arm down but was still too angry to unclench the hand.

"After all this time… After everything that I went through… What THEY went through, that's all you have to say?" Harry growled out, so much so that it physically hurt his throat. Revan looked up at him from the floor holding his possibly broken jaw looking up at him with surprise and still some confusion. It only made him angrier seeing Revan stare back at him like that.

"You didn't even ask… You didn't ask about her, about Bastila. You remember her, don't you? Your wife who you left. Your wife who waited for you for more than A CENTURY! The wife who never gave up hope that she would see her husband again? The wife that I had to watch slowly die because her husband wasn't around and somebody needed to be? How about your fucking son?! Do you remember him Revan? Do you remember the son you left as a child? The son who I had to help step up and raise because you decided to stick your head into something you should have stayed out of? I cried the first time he called me dad. Do you have any idea how much it hurt… How much it hurt to hear him say that to me, knowing that it should have been you that he said that too? Do you know how much it hurt to watch him grow old without even knowing you? Me and Bastila had to bury him you know. He wasn't Force sensitive so we outlived him. It crushed us! It crushed her and it crushed me! I cried for days…"

Harry had to stop, physically. He hadn't realized that he was crying, it had been so long since he had done that. So long since he had let such an emotion overwhelm him. His voice had given out as well. He had just realized that he had been yelling quite loudly at the end of that.

"You didn't ask, you didn't even ask about them… Why didn't you ask me? Why didn't you fucking ask me about them?" Harry cried harder as he collapsed to his knees in front of the downed man.

He didn't know what came over him, he just knew that it felt as if a weight that he had been carrying for so long without knowing it had finally been lifted. Something he had held so tightly inside of him that he hadn't even realized it was there. All he knew was that he was suddenly being overwhelmed and he was sobbing, likely for one of the first times since he was a small child.

He didn't know how much time had passed but when he recovered enough to recognize what was happening around him, Revan was no longer laying in front of him, but sitting next to him. The man's arm was patting him gently on the back, likely in an attempt to comfort him. When he looked at him, he could finally see it, the pain he had wanted to see there the whole time. The knowledge that the man had suffered too.


"No." Harry answered getting off his knees and sitting on his butt next to the man instead. The anger he had felt was gone, all that was left was an empty feeling inside and a sadness that hung over him.

"I suppose that makes sense… I'm sorry Hadrian, I should have known after everything… I should have explained. I already knew the fate of both my wife and son. The Emperor… he would show me and torture me with scenes of them and the effect of my absence on them… He showed me when they died. He forced me to watch." Revan revealed. Harry went silent at that. He was still somewhat upset but at least he understood now on why he hadn't said anything or asked Harry about them.

"I see." Was all he could manage to respond with. He wasn't sure if that made him feel better or worse. He wasn't sure if it made him feel anything at all.

"I know how hard it must have been for you, having to be there when I wasn't. Thank you, Hadrian. Thank you for being there for them when I couldn't. It was the only reason I was able to go forward. Knowing that you were there even if I couldn't be… It helped me to not break." Revan comforted. He frowned and looked away before sighing.

"You shouldn't have done it… I told you not to do it. I told you to let me look into it Revan. You had a family, they should have been your first priority, and now… And now you'll never get that back. Why wouldn't you just listen to me…"

"You know why already; it was the Will of the Force. It compelled me to do so and I did so." His friend replied. Harry grits his teeth at that. Because of his status as a Champion, he was not subject to the Will of the Force, that would be a trespass, so while he could use the Force and Magic, it could not directly influence like it did other users, thus, he had a low opinion of others following it blindly.

"Don't do that next time then… Stupid, you were stupid Revan and it cost all of us. You should have let me do it…" Harry whispered closing his eyes and trying to shut out all other sensations. He had regained his facilities and allowed himself to rejoin with the Force. He has calmed enough to not accidently kill Revan with it.

"Perhaps I should have, though, if the Emperor had caught you instead of me…" Revan didn't finish his thought and he didn't need to. Revan was powerful but the knowledge Harry had as well as the ability to not die… Who knows what the Emperor could do with someone like him? Harry wasn't invincible, if his mind was broken and he was turned, his threat level was incalculable.

"Not an excuse." Harry muttered causing Revan to chuckle at his stubbornness. The air between them seemed to get lighter and Harry no longer felt a burning anger towards the man. They sat in silence together for a while after that, saying nothing.

"So… I hear you've been going around disguising yourself as some mystical Force user out to take care of the Emperor, Commander Peverell." The man teased. Harry couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"Did you like it? I took inspiration from you and Marr."

"It's a little much but I suppose it gets the job done… What's your relation to Marr?"

"He was my former Master when I was undercover within the Sith Empire."

"Undercover… Are you Darth Syrus?

"I was, yes."

"So that's what happened to you. I remembered the Emperor being upset about your disappearance. He believed it would set him back by years in his mission." Revan said to him.

"Good. I assume what I have been doing has even further damaged his plan."

"Indeed, it has. His annoyance has been palpable. It has allowed me some more influence in his thoughts, though, I did still have to be careful."

"What did it allow you to even do."

"Several things. I could perhaps divert his attention or make him focus on specific things to hopefully keep his eyes off other things. I could perhaps introduce thoughts that were not his own and hoped they snowballed into other things. When you're spread so much in power, it becomes easier for things to slip through the cracks."

"Hmm… Well, I don't suppose it would matter now. At this point he must know we're coming for him. You can't distract him from that."

"How soon do you think you'll be able to launch an attack on him then?"

"Months, maybe. We need to integrate the Sith into an actual force that can be used. We also have to find him which I was hoping was something you could help us with. We know he isn't on Dromund Kaas, though, I wasn't expecting him to be."

"Hmm… He is on the planet of Zakuul, a planet in wild space. It took years to discover such a location since he kept it hidden for so long. It is where he primarily keeps his main fragment of his soul. Getting to him will not be easy. I trust you know you can't simply hit him from orbit."

"What kind of defenses are around the planet?"

"He has a fleet of loyal zealots to protect him, though, I assume you will make quick work of it. Its size is nothing compared to your own… You know, the Emperor is not someone you can just beat in a duel."

"He's immortal, right?"

"Correct. Therefore, special methods must be used."

"What did you have in mind."

"To defeat the Emperor, you will have to sever his connection to the force." Revan revealed to him. Harry looked back at the man with a tired expression.

"Given how powerful he is…"

"I'm aware… You will likely need help, from other powerful Force Users. I'm sure you already have a few in mind."

"You, me, Marr… And Satele." Harry said the last name cautiously and looked over at the man. It was the first time he had brought up his descendent. Revan didn't visibly react but nodded with a pensive look. Harry waited to see if he would say something further but the man didn't.

"About Satele…"

"Yes… It's strange to me, that I have descendants. I'm not even sure what I should feel about that."

"I see… Look, I'm not going to push this off, I want to be honest with you. Me and Satele… we're in a relationship." Harry finally said. At this, Revan's expression did change, to one of shock. He stayed like that for a moment before seeming to calm down and put back on a neutral expression.

"Ah… I didn't see that coming."

"That I would be in a relationship with you're so many greats' granddaughter?"

"More so that you would willingly get into a relationship at all. You hadn't seemed keen on it when we had last spoke on the matter." Revan corrected. Harry blinked at that trying to recall such a conversation.

"That was a long time ago."

"I suppose it was… So, she makes you happy?"

"Yes… She does. We have a Force bond and it's deep. That's what originally drew me to her."

"Ah, as Bastila and I did… Yes, that would do it. How did it form?"

"I'm… unsure. It seems to have been a natural one, unlike yours." I answered. Revan frowned at that.

"That's… rare. Though, given it's you, I can't say I'm surprised that you would experience such a strong natural bond. I wonder what triggered it."

"Probably forces greater than us meddling in things that they shouldn't be…" I grumbled in dissatisfaction. I was placing my bets on it being Magic, or the Force depending on who you asked. Of course, I could just be biased.

"Mmm… I suppose you would know better than I… How long do you plan to have me here? I assume it's not exactly a public known hospital?"

"No. I needed a place free from Jedi influence to keep you. With the war, there are some hardliners that exist that may take the chance to strike down a potential enemy. I couldn't take that type of risk with you in this state." Harry replied gesturing to all of him. He winced slightly before giving me a small smile.

"Sorry. It's seems like I've already caused you more trouble, again."

"I'm used to after the last three hundred years of searching for you." Harry replied smoothly. He had already had his little outburst; he wouldn't have another one.

"Right. Well, I suppose I should start trying to get back in shape…"

One Week Later

Harry shifted in his chair slightly as he listened to the endless bickering. The integration of the Sith was… slow to say the least. Even when they weren't being actively antagonistic, trusting a Sith wasn't something anyone was keen on. Marr, as always, did his best to keep them under control but even he couldn't be a miracle worker. Already there were behind the scene politics and power plays happening. Marr had already had to deal with three separate assassination attempts.

"We've seen what they have which is barely anything, I have yet to see the merger as anything more than a deterrent."

"With our campaign coming to an end, the senate will begin looking to wind down the military budget and reduce the emergency powers. If this threat is credible, it needs to be dealt with now."

"If there's even a threat. The Emperor is certainly a threat but Commander Peverell has not shown any evidence of this ritual of the mans."

"Have care for your words! Lady Satele also vouched for the threat, and your not so veiled remarks also insult her integrity. Do not forget, this war would not have been won without the resources of Commander Peverell."

"And why was he so willing to give such resources? How long are we supposed to believe the act of the benevolent savior?"

"As opposed to what, a secret conqueror?"

"At least that would make more sense!"

"How, the man could have simply conquered the Republic and also the Sith if he wanted, he didn't need to help anyone if he wanted the control, or are you to thick in the head to remember that?"

"Enough." Harry finally said letting some of his annoyance and the bickering of this makeshift council continue. He looked around for a moment and saw the room immediately fall quiet as all eyes fell on him.

"I didn't come here to listen to you bicker, I came to inform you about what comes next. I have found that the Emperor is on a planet in Wild Space known as Zakuul where he inhabits a human host. He rules a second smaller Empire from there. It will defend him. Unfortunately, the exact placement of the planet is still unknown though we have a believed area on where to start looking. Search groups will begin looking for it immediately."

"And where did you find such information?"

"Why, are you going to call into question my ethics and integrity again? You know, if you have such a problem with me and my methods, you can always leave. No one is forcing you to be in the fight and there are certainly others who won't say anything about getting a promotion." Harry questioned almost sounding bored as he questioned the grim-faced Jedi Master who had been attacking him this whole time. The man immediately sneered and tried to respond only for the Chancellor to step in.

"That's quite enough, I think. No one is questioning your motives on this council, Commander. And none would call into question both the effort you have put into ending this war and resources." The Chancellor tried to pacify while giving a pointed look to the Jedi forcing the man to back down.

"I will repeat, I care nothing for this war between your two factions. My goals have always been to deal with the Emperor who is a galactic threat to all life. After he is dealt with…" Harry trailed off. An uncomfortable silence met his words as several people began to shift in their chairs.

"Right, well… It would seem that we need to begin to form some search parties. While that's happening, Lord Marr, do you have a status update for us about your… faction?"

"A new council is currently being formed from the survivors and defectors of the original Empire. It should be formed and ready to join by the next one of these meetings." Marr informed drily. He too sounded like he wanted this meeting to end, likely finding it as tedious as Harry himself did.

"Ah, very good. And have any problems arose from this new merger?"

"Nothing worth mentioning." Marr replied. Harry almost smirked at that. For a Sith, it was technically true. Assassination attempts and power plays were the bread and butter of Sith. It came to them naturally and were dealt with just as naturally. He doubted that even with the upheaval from the recent changes, Marr was too affected.

"I see… Well, if that's the case, does anyone have anything relevant to add before the end of this meeting?"

"Revan." The grim-faced Jedi Master growled while looking pointedly at Harry. Harry made new sudden move at that; he simply tilted his head to stare at the man's blue holo form.

"No." Was all he said. The man snarled at him. He really needed to go back to Jedi teachings to find inner peace, clearly the war had affected him too much.

"Revan is a Jedi…"

"Was a Jedi, he has not been so for some time and was not one before his disappearance. You have no claim to have him brought to your custody."

"Grandmaster Satele is his last living descendent! Surely you're not saying she has no claim…"

"I shall be visiting the man myself in the next few days to check on him and hopefully have a discussion with him. He is not a captive; he has a right to have a voice in his own fate until he proves otherwise." Satele interrupted sternly to the man with her in-charge voice. The man hearing that frowned, not seeming happy but did in fact back down.

"Very well."

"Good, and I think we shall call it there. I hope to see you all next week and not a moment sooner." The Chancellor told them all with a smile causing the various Masters, Admirals, and Advisors to nod in agreement before the call ended.

With the figures gone, Harry was simply staring across the console at Satele. She sighed in annoyance as she stood up from her seat.

"That was as fun as it usually is." She muttered.

"Who was that Jedi Master, I couldn't remember his name.

"Jedi Master Byos. He's… something of a radical on the counsel but he has pull with a lot of the other frontliners so I cannot simply dismiss him unless he gets too out of turn. The Sith integration move hasn't exactly been popular even with my explanation of why it's necessary."

"I can imagine… Well, whatever, I don't want to think of this anymore." Harry muttered. God, politics were such a headache. Why was it that only half the people in their meetings seemed to understand he literally held all the chips and if he wanted, he could simply leave and have them be powerless once more?

"What do you want to think about then?"

"Honestly, nothing. Every day recently has been… Well, you know. With Revan back it's… complicated."

"Speaking of, I will be meeting him soon, won't I?"

"Of course. If you want, we can go and see him tomorrow if you don't have anything planned." Harry responded easily to his partner. Satele smiled.

"I would like that… I am a little nervous. Loved or hated Revan has always been such a legendary persona that many would consider out of reach… What should I expect?"

"Hmm… Revan is wise and almost always has been. He's certainly a prodigy, being able to master most of anything he puts his mind to. His willpower alone probably matches or even exceeds mine. Even three hundred years later after being so deeply connected with an Entity like the Emperor and he retains his own self-identity. I'm not sure I would have managed such. Still, he has his flaws. He sees things different than most people and sometimes does not consider their own perceptions as seriously as his own causing him to act… irrationally." Harry muttered, once more thinking back to the first real conversation he had with Revan once he had been recovered. Most of the initial anger had passed on already but there was still a lingering feeling of…something.

"It'll be strange to meet such a man after all the time and stories that have been told… the way he has shaped the galaxy is…" Satele faded off in thought. If Harry didn't know any better, he would say the woman was nervous.

"Don't worry about meeting him. I'm sure Revan will take to you quite easily. He'll likely be quite proud of you actually. Maybe even amused."

"Amused, why?"

"You're the Grandmaster of the Jedi order. Given his own relationship with said order before disappearing, I suspect he will find this fact somewhat amusing."


AN: Alright, here's the deal, I'm pretty burnt out on Star Wars and writing this story has become something of a painful chore. I remember when I first started, I planned to make it go all the way into the prequels but I doubt that's going to happen anymore. Star Wars is a universe I still very much love but all the real-world drama associated with it has really tempered my feelings for it. I don't like leaving things unfinished though so I'll still be writing a closing for this but that's probably it. To those who were still waiting and hoping for more, I apologize. I know its difficult to wait so long with very little pay off. I'm not saying I won't ever make a Star Wars story again but I don't think I will be soon.