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Now, things here will take place in Krypton and Earth 2 (at first) So, Kara Zor-L, is the Supergirl (Power Girl in Earth-1, the very original Earth) It may sound confusing to some, but bear with me. Kara or Karen as we will soon call her is six years older than Naruto- and you guessed it right; it will all soon change that Karen Starr will only be three years older than Naruto. Don't worry, all will be revealed soon! Just a little heads up since this is quite confusing to some.

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Summary: She always played on that very ground ever since she could remember. But one fateful day, a huge box mysteriously appeared before her. Seeing this as something beyond logic, she called her parents. He, the baby, came from a planet called Sekai. Her parents cared for the baby as much as she did, but they kept him in secret in fear that their own people would only see him as an opportunity as a test subject, so they hid him. Then came the fateful day for Krypton.

Chapter 1: The day they first met

She could still remember how it all started with him. First, there was his baby cousin Kal. He was the cutest little thing, but she often had to study every day, as her mother would have truly wanted. Being a Kryptonian in this life is really boring. She's not even joking when she thought about it. What happened anyway? They were the greatest race that ever lived in the eyes of everyone, even though she only knew of the existing race thanks their advance technology. There are even pills that gives you the knowledge inserted in that certain pill. She loves to study, she really does, and learning about other life forms existing outside this world of hers is fascinating. But with their so advance technologies, they kept to themselves, even their robots does almost every work they could have.

Then he came.

Naruto. She didn't knew how or why he was sent here, but he is here right now, a little bundle of joy she could play with every time she's free. Of course, he was a secret amongst her race, and only her parents knew about his existence. "I'm sure you're missing your world right now, huh." She said to him, but a three year old boy isn't likely to respond to her words. He was sent here a year ago, but there is a letter her parents tried to so hard to keep from her and she didn't knew why, but she never questioned them as well. "What kind of a world is named Sekai?" she chuckled, the Kryptonians have traveled into the vast space that they've discovered millions if not thousands of worlds out there. While mostly ended up being under their peaceful rule, others are kept to themselves. Everyone in Krypton believes in the power of evolution, because sometimes that is how life forms achieved their highest form, without the guidance of someone stronger than them maybe that is why his world was left along by her people. She quickly studied their language, but failed to see how weaving hand-signs can control or conjure elements around them. She wasn't allowed to read scrolls told by her parents, but it fascinated her. There were millions of life forms, but his is one of a kind.

"Kara, dinner is ready!" her mother yelled.

"Coming, mom!" she yelled back, laughing as Naruto sucked her index finger as she carried him with one hand and the other playing with his face. She quickly got to their table and setting Naruto to his own chair, mostly it is the robots' job to carry him so that they can ensure safety of the child, but her mother didn't want any robot to scan Naruto. Since this is the first time it ever happened on Krypton, there are no information about what alien life forms could have when they are exposed to their atmosphere. Whether it is sickness or greater health they'll never know. But Naruto has been here for a year and he hasn't fallen ill yet, maybe the effect is strengthening his health, she thought.

"Kara, feed him please?" Her mother said, she didn't have to tell her twice. She loved feeding this little sugar, he's just too cute whenever he's eating his own food. This time she'll feed him with a new kind of food, something she created on her own, just for him. "Kara, you're really sure you'll feed him that?" They've studied his body well enough that certain food have twice the effect on his health while the others are simply normal. At least she didn't have to worry about food poison. Naruto quickly ate the food that Kara fed him with, but his stomach quickly retaliated by spewing out the contents on that spoon on her face. Her mother laughed and she gave her a glare. "See? He only likes that food that I make!" her mother stated, but she's not about to give up. "Hey, go wash your face first before you feed him with that… thing" her mother could only chuckle at her response.

So what? She will make a kind of food he'll love so much he will remember her for the rest of his life. "Okay!" she cheerfully said, as she heads back to her room. Once she changed her clothes she quickly went back to their table. She could see her father standing guard outside. It was their usual deal, every morning, her mother would be the one outside just in case somebody would think of visiting their home. Her father really chose to go outside during nightfall since that's the usual time Naruto releases everything in the toilet, which leaves her and her mother to clean up this little monster. "Mom, can Naruto stay with me tonight?" she asked, giving her best puppy eyes. She's usually not allowed to be with him when she's sleeping. Crying when everyone is sleeping is the last thing they need for the baby, plus there's the robots calling the authorities for hearing someone weeping. Her people are not really fans of violence.

Her mother sighed "Fine, but please keep him quiet, okay?" she cheerfully ran towards her mother, hugging her. "Okay, okay, you little manipulative devil." They both laughed.

Once dinner was finish she quickly grabbed her little friend to the bathroom. Playing with him has always been a moment of delight for Kara, she just made herself inseparable with him, and that's fine. If somebody from outside their house finds out who he truly is, she'll not make it easy for them to get him. Heck, she could even run away from home just to keep him alive and well. Knowing her own race, they would probably run experiments on him. Besides, there's still some secrets her parents aren't telling her, something about Naruto.

"Hey, if you grow up, would you leave me and find your parents?" she whispered as she snuggled beside him with care. "I guess that's okay, but I don't really want that to happen." Her life here was sad enough, but she can finally get by when he arrived. Don't get her wrong, she loved her parents and home, but she also craved to use her knowledge, to travel the stars like the old Kryptonians, to meet all kinds of people out there. "I think I could come with you, but I don't want to leave my parents too…" there's no point in thinking about things that have yet happened.

"Ka-Ka-Ka-ra" she screamed with joy as he finally managed to say her name.

One year later…

She didn't want to do it, but she doesn't have any choice. Krypton is dying and only she and Naruto could leave the planet. She is tasked in taking care of her cousin, Kal, but also taking care of the baby she is carrying right now. "Kara, remember to protect the two of them, okay?" she nodded, but her mind isn't even responding to what her mother is saying. Here she is, on a ship as her parents continued to speak their final words with her. How can someone prevail over this kind of event? They said she, Kal, and Naruto are being sent to Earth. This was a planet so close to theirs that they could simply blend in. What comes after is a mystery. What would she do? She can't even cook a good Kryptonian food much less Earth's.

What if.

Her mind is filled with 'ifs' of both encouraging and destructive thoughts. What if there's a ship still somewhere out there and they're wasting their time saying goodbye when they could simply come with her. What if Krypton has still enough time for them to repair their ship? What if she couldn't take care of Naruto or Kal? A lot more thoughts continued to flood her mind, but her mother snapped her out of it by shaking her body. "I… I can't do it, Mom!" tears surged from her eyes. She can't take it.

Her mother hugged her with every bit of force she could muster, she returned it. "Kara, you are our daughter. You are the strongest Kryptonian I've ever known, okay? That is why you will have to take care of them, for us, for you, for everyone here in Krypton, okay?" She nodded, she didn't want to, but her body seems to respond the opposite way. "Many trials will come to you, but you will overcome it. Remember, the yellow sun gives us tremendous amount of strength. They might call you a goddess there, but you will always be our daughter." She nodded.

Though her parents reassured her that she'll be something no Kryptonian or human will ever be, it still scared her. Even if they promised her powers given by the yellow sun to protect Kal and Naruto, nothing will change this moment of her life. She must be strong for her two love ones, but for now… for now, she can cry.

"Kara." Her father stood behind her mother. "Every secret we kept from you are all stored here. Even the letter sent by Naruto's parents. Give it to him in time, but give him this once he has grown enough." That's what they kept from her, his parent's letter and every secret why he was sent here. No, this is something more than just a goodbye letter from his parents. She looked at the other cube, it was just like hers, and holograms of information would pop out. "Naruto's kind have been living under the yellow sun, but they don't have the similar effect it could give us. This is how they fight, how they protect, and their very way of life. Teach him Kara." She nodded, tears still flowing.

Her father smiled at her "Don't worry, dad, I'll protect them!" she said with resolve that surprised even his father.

She returned his smile. Now, she's going to be Kara Zor-L, protector of the last hope of Krypton and Sekai. When her father said something about Naruto's parents writing him a letter, it was perfectly clear why. His world was destroyed just like what's happening now. Even if his home planet isn't going to explode or something, the very life he'll have there is already destroyed. Kal is the future of Krypton and Naruto for Sekai, and it's her job to ensure that everyone's sacrifice in both of their worlds will not be in vain.

Yes, she must be strong.

She can.

She will.

"Kara" she smiled as she heard Naruto calling her name, wrapped in her arms as the ship she is on automatically flew them off the planet. She didn't have to look back to know her parents are waving their hands goodbye, looking back will only make it harder for her and her parents. No, she promised to be the strong guardian they'll have, and she won't back down on her word. She felt her home exploding, the remains scattering into the black measureless space. The shockwave sent her ship into a series of convulsion as lights went on and off. "Kara."

She looked at Naruto who is now for some reason this is the only time she realized he has the same color of her eyes and hair.

She hugged him tight, but soft enough not to hurt his still fragile body.

"Everything will be okay."

Then everything went dark.

Chapter End!

Now, things here will take place in Krypton and Earth 2 (at first) So, Kara Zor-L, is the Supergirl (Power Girl in Earth-1, the very original Earth) It may sound confusing to some, but bear with me. Kara or Karen as we will soon call her is six years older than Naruto- and you guessed it right; it will all soon change that Karen Starr will only be three years older than Naruto. Don't worry, all will be revealed soon! Just a little heads up since this is quite confusing to some.

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