The Vanara tribe was still reeling from the grievous blow of the consequences that the unprecedented mischief of their prince had brought forth. It was solely due to the meticulous efforts of Lord Dhanvantari, the physician of the Devas that a silver lining was gradually making its presence felt amongst the dark clouds of gloom.

"Whether a Mahadev or a Vishnu, Swami I do not care!", glared Maharani Anjana. The magnificent quarters of the resplendent beauty starkly contrasted her tumultuous mind.

The puissant Vanara king Kesari who in his adolescence had subdued the gargantuan mammoth by the name of Shambsadhan with his bare hands was paralyzed for a moment. His darling's love for their only child was fogging her pragmatism.

He tried to persue the rational part of her mind"My dear you in spite of being a woman and a Queen are a member of my Council of Ministers. You hold the portfolio of my Chief Advisor. Please try to understand that our son needs a Guru to control his powers". The result was a mere intensification of the glare.

Kesari decided to take the other route- "Well I have no issues with his new name but you saw for yourself how our Maruti turned into Hanuman."

"But he is just six years and two days old. How can I let him wander around a person who has dangerous animals….." the exasperated Anjana could not complete her sentence when she got the famous you-dare-to-repeat -it-once-more look of Vanarraj Kesari.

"My apologies Your Majesty but Lord Shankar has wild animals for his company. His tranquil countenance does not suffice for my child's security. Moreover, his men Fridays Lord Bhringi and Lord Mahakal are not particularly known for their pacific nature."

"Your apology should be directed to Lord Shankar Anjana ", Kesari's deep and clear voice made itself heard "He has been given the title of Mahadev by Lord Brahma and Lord Narayan". Kesari paused for his breath.

"Lord Bhringi and Mahakal do not have a penchant for violence and neither are their ears soothed by bloodcurdling screams as you awfully misunderstand Maharani Anjana. There is no other person deemed eligible by the revered Brahmaji. Besides, Lord Vayu himself has ordered me to do so and I will NOT disobey a Deva". Kesari's royal temper now began peeking through the veil of his courtesy as he stormed out of his wife's quarters.

Anjana knew very well what would be following that gesture. Kesari would exercise his authority as the King and she would be compelled to follow his orders as the Queen. She let out a heavy sigh and reluctantly proceeded towards her son's bed. He would be facing a long journey ahead...