"Welcome to the best place on earth...by it's standards."

He supposed that he shouldn't be surprised that she brought to a club, she seemed like the type of girl who'd enjoy a good party. He was surprised however, to find that it was in a creepy, rundown, abandoned warehouse.

At the risk of being called a hypocrite, he was extremely curious as to whether or not this place was legal.

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's go," she said before grabbed his hand. The contact caused him to jump but she either didn't notice or just plane didn't care.

The inside was a lot less creepy than the outside. It actually looked like your typical everyday club. Everywhere he looked he saw teenages either dancing or making out. The music was so loud that he could barely he what Blackfire was saying (not that conversation was an option for him anyway). Speaking of Blackfire….

"Ooh I love this song! Come on Kyd, let's dance!" Before he could refuse (not that it would've made a difference) he was suddenly dragged to the dance floor. He wasn't much of a dancer, he was more like that creepy guy standing in the corner while everyone else dance but he could at least keep up with her. He was just starting to get into a rhythm when Blackfire suddenly pressed her back against his chest. His face went completely red as he watched her move. She started to grind against him (in more ways than one). Her movements were so quick and erotic that he sure she was doing this on purpose.

Unfortunately for him, she soon stopped dancing altogether and pulled him toward the bar. They took their seats and Blackfire order them some Bloody Maries her smile never leaving her face. It was weird seeing her so...happy. He guessed he'd grown so used to her crazy that he really didn't know she had any other sides of her. To be completely honest, he almost missed it.

"Now that was fun. I didn't you'd be able to keep up with me for a minute there. Got thing I used that 'incentive' to help you huh?" She asked as their drinks arrived. This date actually wasn't as bad as he thought it'd be. It was actually having fun even if it was just one dance. Wait a minute...incentive?!

The look on his face nearly made caused her to spit out her drink laughing. Did he really think she didn't plan that?

'How cute.'

"You know Kyd, I happen to have a private place close by. Perhaps you and I could go there and 'get to know each other'," she said causing Kyd to spit out his drink at the bartender. She laughed so hard when the bartender started yelling at him. She manage to shut him up but tossing her own drink at him before grabbing Kyd's hand dragging him away.

Kyd found it odd how she kept grabbing his hand. You'd think someone who's strong enough to talk down the entire H.I.V.E single handedly wouldn't be into that kind of thing.

"Welcome to my little paradise," said Blackfire.

After she had dragged Kyd out of the club, she took him to her private place as promised. He nearly facepalmed when she dragged him to another abandoned warehouse. He was starting to think she had some kind of fetish for warehouse. Then she took him inside and he was amazed at what he saw.

After dragging him inside, she took him to a door at the end of the room. What was so odd about the door was that it was purple and looked freshly painted. What really got his attention however, was what was behind the door.

Purple. Once she opened that door, all he saw was purple. Purple walls, purple furniture, hell even a purple bed! How did she even fit that in there?! He turned his attention to her and raised an eyebrows, waiting for an explanation.

"I needed a place to crash while I'm on this dirt ball. I found this place and added my own personal touch. Impressive right?" She explained as she made her way to the bed. She sat down and tapped the spot beside her. Kyd gulped but sat down anyway but now he was lost. What were they supposed to do now? It wasn't like they could have a conversation.

He was so into his thoughts that he didn't notice Blackfire leaning forward until he felt her warm breath brushing against his ear. His face reddened when she started to whisper to him.

"So Kyd, wanna have some fun?" She asked causing a shudder to go down his spine. He wanted to decline but it was too late. By the time he had gotten his bearings straight, she had already begun to nibble on his ear. He gasped in pleasure. He couldn't believe something so simple go be so pleasurable. She then placed her hands on his shoulders and roughly pushed him onto his back, snapping him out of his pleasure induced trance. He blinked in confusion, wondering how he ended up on his back, before looking up and seeing Blackfire sitting on his stomach while her hands were on his chest. His face went crimson as she leaned forward until her nose was touching his.

"Don't worry, this will feel really good. I promise," she whispered before closing the gap between their lips. He was surprised to find that this kiss was a lot gentler than the last one. Her incredibly long tongue made its way past his lips and into his mouth but it didn't thrash about like the last time. Instead, it curled itself around his tongue and started to play with it.

And so began the battle of dominance. Part of his brain was screaming at him to stop, that this was the same girl who had nearly killed him not too long ago. He would've listened if she hadn't been giving him so much pleasure.

It took him a while but he eventually manage to free his tongue from her grasp. She tried to capture him again but he wouldn't let her. He would always dodge out of the way and deliver a counter attack, trying to best her at her game. She would've laughed if her mouth was busy doing something more enjoyable.

While her tongue was busy dancing with his, her hands moved to explore his body. From what she could feel, he was definitely in good shape. He wasn't incredibly buff like teammate neanderthalic of his but he still had enough muscle for his body to be seen as attractive.

The kiss got rougher as time went on. Blackfire breath heavily and started to moan into the kiss. She moved her left hand to caress his hair while her right hand moved to his cheek, her thumb drawing small circles in his skin. Kyd started to get adventuress, moving his hands around her back and caress to small of her back, causing her to let out another moan and nibble on his bottom lip.

Eventually they were forced to part (even beelzebubs need to breath), a saliva connecting them that Blackfire broke by swipe her tongue (which Kyd noticed is also purple) across her bottom lip. They gasped for breath as purple met crimson. Their cheeks and lips were were red and their bodies were starting to heat up. Suddenly, without warning, she grabbed the sides of his head and kissed him hard. His eyes widened as her tongue went wild in his mouth and her hands pulled him deeper into the kiss. There was so much passion in the kiss that he almost couldn't keep up with her. His hands remained on her back until she suddenly took his left hand and placed it on her thigh.

"Please Kyd, " she moaned into the kiss. "Please, I want you to touch me, feel me, make me moan for your touch."

Well, he never was one to refuse a lady.

He began exploring her body, his left hand felt its way up her thigh until it went under her skirt. Once there, he cupped her lower cheek in his hand, not believing how soft it was. This elicited another moan from Blackfire, who had begun to play with his hair. His right hand moved to her finely toned stomach and where it started to feel its way upwards. It didn't take long for him to reach her chest, where he started to knee her right breast causing her to pull away from his mouth and gasp in pleasure. She began to grind against pelvic in attempt to relieve some of her frustration. She could feel his hardening rod right through his jeans. She angled herself so that it was right under her flower before continuing her grinding. The sudden rush of pleasure caught Kyd off guard. Out of instinct, he squeezed down on her butt, eliciting a rather loud moan from the alien.

"AH, that's it, be rough with me! OH!"

He was more than happy to oblige. His hand started to get rougher with her breast while the other fondled her butt. Her moans got louder as she started to kiss his neck. His body shuddered in pleasure as her talented tongue ran over the flesh of his neck. She moved until she reach the area where his collar and neck connected and started to nibble on that one spot. His breath came out in short huffs from how good she was making him feel. He squeezed her butt harder and began to grind against her as she did to him. The sudden movement caused her to moan into his neck and bite down on the spot she was nibbling.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and started to grind faster. She could feel her flower moistening from the feeling of his hard member against it. It felt so amazing and she hadn't even gotten it inside her yet. And she wasn't the only one enjoying this. Judging by the way he was breath and the expression on his face, she could that tell he was pretty close. She growled into his neck and grind harder. She could feel herself getting closer as well.

Kyd was going crazy with euphoria. He was so close, he just needed a few more thrusts and ...nothing.

As soon as he was about to climax, the feeling of her body grinding against his suddenly vanished. He looked down and saw that she wasn't against him anymore. She was hovering above him, just out of his reach. He heard Blackfire giggle before pulling away from his neck. He looked at him with a smirk on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Nah ah ah, we can't have you finishing before we even begin now can?" She said before scooting down to his thighs. She eyed the tent in his pants with an expression of lust. She reach out and gently touched it, causing Kyd to gasp in shock and euphoria. She giggled before unzipping his jeans and yanking it down, along with his boxers. Blackfire's eyes widened at what she saw.

His rod sprung up, quite happy to say hello to its new freedom. It stood at nine inches tall and throbbed like a human heart. The skin around it was as pale as its owner and the veins were clearly visible for her to see. The site caused her to lick her lips in hunger.

"Boy do I know how to pick em," she said. She then pressed the tip of her tongue against his member and slowly dragged it up its base until she reached the head then slowly went back down. Kyd curled his hands into fists and his body stiffened (in more ways than one). His face scrunched up in pleasure when she suddenly grabbed the head of his cock and started playing with it, her tongue never leaving him the whole time.

Blackfire was watching him the whole time. She found the expression of lust on his face quite adorable. She loved that she was able to reduce him to mush with just her tongue. She decide to see what would happen if she took this to the next level.

She licked her way up his member until she reached the head again. But instead of going again like he thought she would, she gave his head a kiss and swirled her tongue around it. His eyes widened and looked down to see what the heck was going on. What he saw was Blackfire licking the slit of his penis, looking right back at him. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Or at least it was until he watched Blackfire take the whole head into her mouth. He nearly climaxed from the site alone.

Backfire was enjoying it just as much as he was. There were many advantages to having a long tongue. This was one of them. She curled her tongue around his head and started to suck him off like a vacuum. While that was happening, her hand gripped his base and started pumping, her eyes never leaving his the whole time. The way he was looking into her eyes made her feel incredibly hot. She slowly moved her free hand under her skirt and rubbed herself until she was nice and wet. Once that was accomplished, she moved her panties aside and slip two fingers inside herself. She moaned over Kyd's rod which sent vibrations down his length, causing him to nearly explode with pleasure. He had begun to take over his mind as he starting thrust into her mouth, causing her to take in more of him than expected. This surprise movement causing her to moan and finger herself faster.

Eventually it became too much for her. She needed more than just her fingers and he was taking too long. So, without removing her mouth, she angled herself so that they were now lying in a sixty-nine position. Kyd stared at her soaked panties, which were now sticking to her, for a minute, unsure of what to do here. He had never really ate someone out before. Surprising, it was Blackfire who helped him out.

"Well what are you waiting for, get licking."

And he did. He slightly lifted his head and hesitantly lick her through her panties. Her moan of delight helped boost his confidence so he did it again. He was surprised at how good she tasted. She was tooth rotteningliy sweet. He wondered if this taste was exclusive only to her species or if all women tasted like this. One thing was certain though, he needed more. He moved her panties aside, exposing her glistening, neatly shaved maidenhood. Her scent immediately hit him like a truck and drove him wild. Not wasting any time, he dove in. She let out a rather large moan when she felt Kyd lick her folds.

"Oh X'Hal yes!" She moaned before getting back to work on Kyd's manhood.

He sucked on her folds for a bit before penetrated her with his tongue. He licked her every which way, hoping to get her to cum for him so he could taste her sweet nectar. Her moans got louder and louder as he went on which, gave him pleasure as well. The final straw was when he rubbed her clit with his thumb. The immense amount of pleasure that flooded her system was too much for Blackfire, causing an immediate climax. She screamed in pleasure, her mouth still covering Kyd's rod. The vibration from the scream caused Kyd to climax as well.

Both of them swallowed each others juices before Blackfire got off of Kyd. She lay next to him, breathing heavily from her experience. "Wow...that was...amazing," she said between breaths. Kyd only smiled and nodded. He thought that was it but when he heard her shifting on the bed, he knew he was wrong.

He lifted his head to see what she was doing before his eyes widened and his face went crimson. In a matter of seconds she had removed all of her (sister's) clothes, leaving herself as naked as the day she was born.

It took every fiber of his being to prevent his nose from bleed.

Blackfire smirked at his reaction before crawling on top of him and literally ripping off his she shirt. She noticed a black key shaped marking on his chest where his heart is but paid it no mind. She sat her her flower over his rod, causing them both to moan in pleasure, and sent him a sexy smirk. "So, my little ghoalack, want to get started on the main event?" She asked as she started to rub herself against him. She moan as she felt him harden against her. Once he was….fully revived, she grasped his member and lined it up with her cavern.

"Are you ready?" She asked as she place the tip of his member at her entrance. His only response was a quick nod and a blush on his cheeks. She winked at him before thrusting herself onto him.

Both of them gasped in pleasure. If Kyd thought he was feeling pleasure before then he was in heaven now. Now, Kyd was no stranger when it came to sex. After all, he once scored with both Angel(don't let the name fool you) and Raven (long story short: demons are horny drunks) but the feeling of Blackfire's wet cavern around him put the them to shame. She felt so warm and soft, it was like being wrapped in a moist silk blanket.

Blackfire remained still for amount to allow herself time to get used to the feeling of him inside her. Her eyes were closed her head was down. Kyd wanted to check if she was okay but was stopped when she slowly lifted her head and opened her eyes. She had that same crazy look from the first time they'd met except now it was mixed with lust. She had a disturbingly creepy smile on her face and her eyes had dilated, making her expression one of the scariest and hottest thing he'd ever seen.

Once she'd gotten used to him, she slowly lifted herself up until only the head remained inside before slamming back down again, moaning from the sudden impact. She immediately wanted more. She started slowly so they could develop a rhythm. Her breasts jiggled as she moved which was one hell of a site for Kyd. His eyes followed their every movement as if they'd disappear if he took his eyes off of them for even a second. His staring did not go unnoticed by the sexy alien. She smirked at how entranced he was by her little show. Most girl would be a little creeped out by the way he was looking her but not Blackfire. She loved the attention, it was a major turn on.

Deciding to not be the only one giving pleasure, she took one of his hands in her own and placed it on her breast. His immediate reaction was to grasp it, earning another moan her. Getting the message, he cupped her other breast with free hand and began to fondle them, much to her delight.

"Ah, yes! Keep doing that!" She moaned.

Spurred on by her reaction, he got rougher and bold her with his movements. While one hand would grope the soft flesh of her breast, the other would twist and pinch her nipple between his fingers, switching breasts every now and again. Delighted at his bold movements, she rewarded him by increasing her speed. Kyd opened his mouth to moan in pleasure but no sound left his lips. He moved his hands to her hips and held on.

The pace she was bouncing was still too slow for him. In order to solving this problem, he began to thrust back, moving upwards whenever she'd slam herself down. The movement startled her and caused her to gasp in pleasure. It took her nearly a minute to regain her bearings, Kyd never stopping his movements the whole time. Once she got ahold of herself, she resumed her previous actions.

Kyd wouldn't be surprised if someone happened to be walking and heard what they were doing, Blackfire quite the screamer. He didn't mind though, her moans were like music to his ears and only added to his pleasure. He could feel himself getting close again, causing him to speed up his thrusts. He watched as Blackfire made a face of pure ecstasy and began to play with her breast. The site drove him crazy and soon he was unable to take it anymore. He sat himself up and hugged her body close to his moving his head to suck on her nipple. He thrusted harder and her moans got louder. She held him tightly, pushing his closer to her breast. She was sent over the edge when he bit down on her nibble. She screamed and splashed him with her juices, causing him to release himself inside her. She moaned at the feeling of him cumming inside her, it made her feel so full.

It took them a minute to come down from their orgasmic high. Sweet caked their bodies, giving them an almost metallic shine. Blackfire rested on top of Kyd's which was still nestled in her breasts. She breathed in the sent of his silver hair and smiled.

"You okay?" She asked. He nodded in response, not even bothering to remove his head from its resting place. She smirked and got off of him, much to his displeasure.

"Good, cause we're far from done," she as she crawled to the front of the bed. She got on her knees and placed her hands on the headboard, giving Kyd a nice view of her assets. He immediately sprung back to life (cue boing sound effect) and made his way towards her. He grabbed her mounds and prepared to enter her again. That's when the most wonderful thing happened.

He missed.


Kyd couldn't believe what happened. He was about to enter he when he accidentally went slightly off course and entered the wrong hole. He was embarrassed that he made such a fluke and was about to pull out when she screamed in ecstasy. She squeezed herself tightly around him, almost making him cum right then and there. She turned her head and looked at him with an expression of delight.

"Start moving. NOW!"

It was a demand, not a request and he one he was more than happy to oblige to. He slowly pulled out, still get used to this new entrance, before thrusting back in. He started off slowly just as she done for him but she wasn't having any of that.


Not being one to disappoint, he increased the power of his thrusts. Every time he pulled out she would pull him back in and lock him in her tight grip. Her butt jiggled in his hands with every thrust as it slapped against his pelvis. In an attempt to increase her pleasure, she started to thrust back against Kyd's movements, catching him off guard and nearly pushing him off the bed in the process.

"Ah! Yes yes yes! More! Harder!" She moaned, her mind lost in euphoria.

Like a faithful servant, she commanded and he obaide. Slapping sounds filled the room as he slammed his body into her. He leaned over her and grabbed her swaying breasts as he plowed into her. She screamed when he suddenly moved his right to her maidenhood and rubbed her clit with his fingers. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she screamed his name as came, her juices soaking the bedsheets beneath her. Despite her apparent finish, Kyd didn't stop thrusting, not that she was complaining. If he wanted to continue his delightful torture of her body then who was she to stop him.

His thrusts became rougher and faster. Her mouth hung open in a silent moan and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She could tell he was close by the way he was breathing against her neck. She yelped in surprise when he suddenly lifted her, placing her on his lap as he thrusted into her. He got a little rougher with her breast and her clit and increased the speed of his thrusts.

This wasn't supposed to happen. She was supposed to be the dominant one and yet her she was, powerless to stop him and he brought her to her climax again. She would be angry if she wasn't too busy feeling so much pleasure.

"YES! MORE! OH X'HAL I'M SO CLOSE! YESYESYESYESYEEEEEEEESSSSS!" She screamed as she came. She locked Kyd in a vice grip which caused him to cum as well.

He collapsed on his back with her on top of him. That was it. He couldn't go anymore. He lifted his head and looked at the clock she had hung over her bed. They had left the club and ten o'clock. It was two in the morning now. They had to be done now.

Oh how wrong he was.

Blackfire lifted herself off of him and turned her body over so that her nose was inches away from his. She stroked his member as she whispered to him. "Aww, done already? Come on, I've got at least one more good round in me."

This woman was going to be the death of him.

She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him on top of her. Locking her legs behind around his waist, she pushed forward, forcing his member into once more. The feeling of her cavern around him again made him gasp and throb inside of her which caused her to moan as well.

Well, if she was going to make him do this then he may as well enjoy it. He pulled back and. Started thrusting into her again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him into a hard kiss. Her eyes widened and she let out another scream when she felt him hit a specific spot.


Glad to have gotten such a reaction out of her, he continued to pound that specific spot. She chanted his name as he sent her to a land of pleasure. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her tongue hung out of her mouth. She hugged his body closer to her buried her face in his neck. He increased the power of his thrusts until his back started to hurt. It did take them long before they reached their limit. She bit into his neck and screamed while he opened his mouth and let out a silent moan. Nether of them noticed his mark emitting a red glow.

And just like that, it was over. He collapsed on top of her and sighed. He knew his back was going to ache like hell the next day but he didn't care. It was worth it.

Blackfire sighed in satisfaction and moved to lay on her side, taking Kyd with her. She pulled the blanket over them before wrapping her arms around him and nuzzling into him. "So Kyd, was that as good for you as it was for me?"

He was way too tired to nodded. He just laid there and expected her to figure the answer out on her own. She smiled at his lack of response before doing something that surprised the hell out of him.

"Iq's ohniksq, esaeu yor orzlabbi."[1]

His eyes widened and he looked at her with an expression of shock and awe. He took a minute to process what she just said before replying. "S-S'oq?! S-Sael gae esaeu trael gazaer zdaot?!"[2]

She giggled at his shocked response. "Those kisses were for more than just pleasure," was all she said before closing her eyes. Kyd only blinked in confusion before he too closed his eyes. He was about to fall asleep when…

"Don't forget, you'll have to teleport all my things to your place tomorrow."

...wait, what?!

He gave her an expression that read 'What the fuck?!' causing her to sigh and open one of her eyes. "Don't look so surprised, Tamaraneans mate for life, what did you think that bite was for?" she said referring to the mark that was starting to form on his neck. She then brought him closer and whispered into his ear

"You. Are. Mine now. Forever."

That being said,she gave him one last kiss before closing her eyes and falling asleep, leaving Kyd to mull over what she had said.

'Forever huh…?' He thought he stared at her sleeping form. He gently moved one of her misplaced hair behind her ear and smiled.

'Maybe...maybe that won't be so bad.'

[1]: It's okay, you can answer.

[2]: W-What?! H-How do you know demon speak?!