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The famous detective L, had the feeling that Light Yamagi, his top suspect of being the mass murderer Kira, was currently feeling very uncomfortable.

Ever since that red haired French Kid showed up, Light had done his best to hide his discomfort well but for him, who made a living out of watching people reactions, could see Light muscles tense as if being startled by something.

Little did he know, that the reason for Light tenseness was because of Ryuk, who just had to burst out laughing the moment he saw the French boy and the Shinigami hadn't stopped laughing since.

Sometimes, Light really wished he couldn't hear or see Ryuk when it came to him bursting into spontaneous laughter when so many eyes were on him.

"Yagami-kun" Hideki said, from behind Light seat, it was quiet enough for only Light to hear. "I know You're Police Chief Yagami Soichiro son. Your sense of Justice must be great like your fathers."

Light ignored him while keeping an ear out.

"I heard that you've made numerous, critical contributions to help solve crimes in the past" Hideki said, knowing Light was listening. "And, you're now interested in the Kira case. I trust in your sense of justice and investigation skills, so if you can promise me not to tell anybody. I will share critically information with you, regarding the case" now that really got Light attention.

Why, this is all of a sudden? Light thought. Why is he saying this here of all places? Maybe I should just ignore him. And then he thought. But he did say that he was willing to share some critical information on the Kira case. It took a split second to debate in his head over what he should do before saying.

"I promise, you can tell me." Light said, sure that it wouldn't be something earth-shatter but nothing could have prepared Light for what came out of Hideki mouth next.

"I'm L"

Neither Light nor Hideki know that their conversation wasn't so private.

Ch 2: The French Kid is weird.

"Hoho…that was an interesting ceremony, light" Ryuk said, knowing Light would no doubt ask him later what he found so funny about that French guy.

"Yagami-kun" A voice said from a far and Light tried his best to ignore him.

"Hey, Light. That guy is calling you" Ryuk said, finding it amusing.

"Yagami-kun" Hideki said, again and this time Light couldn't just pretend he did not hear him and had to turn to his cause of his previous problems.

"Thanks for today" Hideki said.

"No, thank you" Light said, just to be polite as Hideki walked into a very expensive looking car, the driver opened the door for him, the very action made those around him to look on with envy.

"Bye, I'll see you around on Campus" Hideki said.

"See, you too" Light said, before the car drove off.

"AWW! I JUST MISSED HIM!" A voice wined with a French accent and everyone turned to see Christian Rodin, the other full marks person, out of breath having just missed Hideki.

Christian pouted.

Than he noticed Light and had a one hundred watt smile on his face.

Light felt a headache coming on.

"Hi, you're Light Yagami, right?" Christian said, his voice a little too happy for light liking as the teenager walked towards him and of course Ryuk found him amusing.

"Yes, that me" Light said, for the sake of being polite.

"I didn't get to introduce myself to you, earlier" Christian said, "My name is Christian Rode and I hope you don't mind. But can you be my first Japanese friend?"

Light wanted to sweat drop.

Is this guy serious? He thought, convinced this was some sort of Joke.

Ryuk started to chuckle loudly.

"Well, I just thought" The teenager said, scratched the back of his head, sheepishly. "Smart people like us, have to band together and look out for each other" before holding out his hand for Light to shake.

Light was beginning to suspect that this guy was an idiot, who must have cheated on the entrance exam and shook his hand anyway for the sake of being polite.

"I'll be happy to be your first friend. Like you said, we smart people have to band together" Light said, with his usual people smile wondering if this guy could be useful to him one day.

Christian let out a happy whoop and said. "Alright my first Japanese friend! See you around Light-san!" before going off to no doubt make some more friends leaving Light just standing there.

"What an interesting, human" Ryuk said, chuckling, his eyes still couldn't see the red head life's span.

#Yagami home#

"Welcome back, Touou Boy!" Sayu Yagami, Light younger sister yelled, only to be ignored by her big brother who walked straight passed her.

Light went straight to his room and made sure to lock the door before letting his calm facade crumbled.

"DAMN HIM!" Light growled, "HE PLAYED ME LIKE A FOOL!"

"He played you?" Ryuk asked, wondering what Light was so upset about.

"L, you basted….I've never been so humiliated in my life." Light said, cursing his very existence.

Ryuk seeing how upset Light was, thought this was another opportunity to offer Light the eyes and said. "Then just do the eyeball exchange and kill him"

"I CAN'T DO THAT! IF HE'S NOT THE REAL L AND I KILL HIM. THEN L WILL KNOW THAT I'M KIRA!" Light shot back, startling Ryuk at his outburst.

"….Sorry..." Ryuk said, looking scared.

"You guys got it easy" Light tsked. "Unlike you gods of death, only we have to worry about what happens after we kill someone!"

Even though, I really want to kill him. I can't risk revealing myself… Light thought, with distain.

"The Death Note, only kills the person whose name it's written on it" Light said, "I can't control the person to kill someone else and for once. The notebook is completely useless!"

Light, has completely lost his calm and has gone berserk…he must really be angry... Ryuk thought, with a sweat drop.

"At first I thought, I could make him die by suicide or some accident after I found out his name but…" Light said, trailing off "I can't risk it. Not before I'm completely sure that he is the real L and not a stand in" feeling a very strong headache coming on. "No. Even if he's really L, he took the initiative of telling me that he is L. No matter what he does, if he dies, I'll become the prime suspect. I've underestimated him. L found out that Kira needs the name and the face of his victim before he lost the trust of the police. Now he's suspicious of me. I've been too busy thinking about how I made L look ridiculous to the entire world"

Ryuk will always be amazed by Light deductions.

"I never would have thought that L would come out and tell me, 'I'm L' straight to my face." Light said, really thinking "He could have just had some random guy go up to a suspect and tell me that. It's the perfect offense as well as the perfect defence…..he played me like a fool….and he did it so perfectly"

That sloppy-looking Hideki will probably keep appearing around Campus to test me later. Light thought, not liking this one bit, before he thought about the red head that was too cheery for his own good and turned to Ryuk and asked. "And I get the feeling that you won't tell me why you were laughing so hard when that guy showed up. Isn't that right Ryuk?"

The Shinigami just grinned and said. "You're right, I won't tell you. I won't be fun if I tell you"

"…is that so?" Light said, with narrow eyes.

"Besides, I'm a little confused myself and so far I only have theories" Ryuk said, showing his signature toothy grin.

"I don't care about that French guy as long as he doesn't get in my way" Light said, smirking. "The only thing going on here is a duel of wits between me and L. On the surface, we will be two good friends. But underneath, we'll be asking ourselves, 'is he L?. 'Is he Kira?'" Before, smirking. "Interesting, Hideki. If you want to be my friend, go ahead." A dark look came over Light face.

"I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Then I'll find out all your secrets, and then send you to hell"

#meanwhile in an apartment complex near school#

Christian locked the door to his apartment, it was a small just what you would expect from a person who came from overseas and he let his mask drop instantly.

His face went from a red haired idiot who could do no harm to a smile that just simply couldn't be human.

"Accel, I know your there" He called out and out came his Shinigami, who didn't both to go through the door and exactly went through the wall.

"I do not understand why you wish to walk amongst the humans, prince" The Shinigami said, in distain, he was truly baffled.

"It's because they're interesting" The Shinigami in a human body said, "Especially the two humans that I tried befriending today. It's just so fascinating how two humans could make such a complex game between themselves and to lose means to end up dead. I'm sure the other's will agree. I've noticed more of our kind, looking into the human world, recently. I know those two humans will provide so much entertainment to our dull lives and by the way. You did make sure to stick to the shadows and nobody saw you come in, right?" knowing Accel was quite famous amongst the Shinigami for being the guard and teacher to the only the being who was born from another Shinigami.

"I made sure to be invisible at all times even to the Shinigami" Accel said, "I'm quite surprised that the Shinigami Ryuk had taken to a human so well"

"I know, my presence here confuses him. Even amongst the Shinigami, not many people know that I can transform into a human." Christian said, before frowning. "But I do not appreciate having him stick his claws through me for amusement and then start wiggling them about while singing about how much he loved apples"

"Ryuk… isn't the most sanest out of all of us" Accel said, wanting to sweat drop.

"Are Shinigami's, ever sane?" Christian asked.

"Good point" Accel said, with a sweat drop.

Christian sat down at the computer he purchased, the type that looked just like a rundown computer but nobody would have guessed just what kind of files were on this computer.

That of course, if you got pass the firewall without having their own computer, crash and burn.

"What, are you doing?" Accel asked, floating behind him.

"Checking to see if anyone has been in my 'personal' file, yet" He said before smiling.

"Well L, you do work fast." He said, seeing that someone had indeed been in his file to check on his background before turning to Accel and saying. "See" pointing to the screen. "You can never be too careful when dealing with these kind of humans. It pays to be paranoid. If there is even one hole in your story. Without a doubt they will open that one hole up and expose the complete lie underneath. Detectives, such as this one, make a living by poking their noses in anything that sounds even a little bit off to them and before you know it, they are knocking at your door for a 'chat'. What troublesome insects" talking from experience when his 'girlfriend' just so 'happened' to be murdered.

Detectives, always suspect the boyfriend first when a woman dies and were practically breathing down his neck so fast that he didn't have time to 'process' his 'girlfriends' death.

Accel said, nothing.

"I'm just here for the ride" Christian said relaxing back in his chair and letting out a cold laugh. "Light, L."

"Do your best to entertain me"

#Shinigami Realm#

"Seems like the human world is busy" One Shinigami said, looking like he was blind and had just come out of a west Indian movie. "What's the fuss?" he asked, approaching one Shinigami who was playing cards.

"I heard Ryuk, got taken in by a human" The other announced.

"I don't know what's going through his head…" The almost blind Shinigami sighed.

"That's, what I think too. He's a disgrace to us gods of death" The other said.

"No, I was referring to the human" The almost blind one said.

"Oh?" Catching the other three attention.

"I mean, why bother taking Ryuk as a pet?" The almost blind one said. "He's not even cute" not like he could talk.

"Haha! Got that right" The Shinigami that looked like a rock monster said.

"What's his master like? Male or Female?" The almost blind one asked.

"Dunno" The Shinigami that looked dried skeleton said, nor did he care.

"I'm going to take a look" The almost blind one said, turning around and shuffling to one of the opening that viewed the human world.

"Hey, do you think the rumours about the Prince is true?" The rock monster looking Shinigami said, once the almost blind one was gone.

"What about him taking on a human form and living, life out as human?" The other said.

"I think those are lies" Another said. "I mean, what self-respecting Shinigami would want to become Human? And how do you even become human anyway?"

"If the rumours are true. Than it would explain why the Princes Royal guard is always disappearing into the Human world" The rock Monster said. "And the King doesn't even care about what his own son is up to. I heard a couple of explosions some years back from the palace"

"I heard some too" The one in the middle said. "It almost scared the living day lights out of me. Whatever the Prince is up to these days. I hope it ends in a very interesting way"

"Yeah, we need some entertainment. I'm sick and tired of playing cards for all eternity" The rock monster said.

"Well, if you're going to whine about it" The other Shinigami said, getting up. "I'm going to the hole to see what Ryuk is up too. Something tells me, he caught himself in a very interesting situation. Anyone else coming?" he asked

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