New Characters: (In order of mention/appearance)

Rolf Scamander (Wizard, Magizoologist)

Victor Henriksen (FBI Agent)

Remus Lupin (Previous DADA teacher, Werewolf, Marauder)

Eve (Mother of All Monsters)

Dumbledore showed the Ministry Members to the abandoned corridor that had been converted to living quarters for their stay. All their luggage had arrived earlier that morning and were sitting in front of each of their rooms.

Amelia waited until Dumbledore left before she turned confronted the man next to her. "Macnair." She said and her tone caught everyone's attention. "What reason could you possibly have to ask how to kill angels?"

Macnair gave her a look that said it should have been obvious, and she was stupid for having to ask. "I'm the Executioner for the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures" He said. "If these angels prove dangerous, I need to know how they are disposed."

"I agree." A soft voice said, and Amelia turned to look at Dolores Umbridge sitting on one of the armchairs. "We know nothing about these creatures. They could pose a threat."

"They're angels!" Rolf Scamander exclaimed. He had been hired as a Consulting Magizoologist for the Daily Prophet earlier this year, and brought as their representative for the Inquiry.

"That doesn't mean anything." Umbridge said with a giggle that made Amelia cringe. "Is that not the reason we were sent here in the first place? To find out more?"

They all looked at each other for a long moment before Amelia finally spoke. "We will overlook this, this time. But anymore comments like that and you will be removed from this Inquiry, is that understood?"

Macnair nodded curtly, before he turned and went into his room.

The next morning the Winchesters found that the Inquiry had split into three groups. One following Sam, one Dean and the last Castiel. They would have split into four groups, but when the fourth party arrived on the seventh floor corridor, they found the door to Kevin's room was suspiciously missing. They'd spent an hour trying to find out how to get in before giving up and joining the groups surrounding the two Winchesters.

They had agreed to meet up in the morning at breakfast but a few of the more zealot members were waiting outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts suite when they left.

Scamander attached himself to Castiel his quill and binder clutched nervously in his hands. He peppered the angel with questions all the way to the Great Hall, although Cas wasn't able to answer because Scamander kept cutting himself off in the middle of his own sentences to glare at Macnair, who was walking a few steps behind them, then he would forget his question and start asking a new one.

Sam was trying not to laugh as he watched whole fiasco. Castiel just looked at the man with a bewildered expression, his mouth half open as if he would have answered a question if he ever finished one.

When they finally arrived in the Great Hall, Sam noticed that a table had been set up for the Ministry officials. Cas took one look at the group before he turned to the brothers. "I will be in the infirmary if you need me.

"Don't angels eat?" Rolf asked, finally finishing a question.

"It's not a requirement."

"Don't let him lie to you." Dean said with a twinkle in his eye. "I saw him down over a hundred burgers in one sitting."

Cas looked at Dean with a tilt of his head. "That hardly seems to be a valid example."

"So you're saying you didn't eat all those burgers."

"No. I did." Castiel's eyebrows furrowed. "I just don't see the relevance…"

"Don't worry about it Cas." Sam said, shooting Dean an annoyed look. Dean smiled a fleeting smile that vanished when he saw that Sam wasn't going to laugh back. "We'll call you if we need you."

Dean nodded and when the angel wasn't looking he shot Macnair a warning look before he and Sam went to go sit down at the Staff Table.

When Cas's little trio turned around to go, a small flock of officials stood up from their table and followed. Sam noticed that the group consisted mostly of members of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

Breakfast was amazing as usual, toast and jam, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, yogurt and granola and various cut up fruits. Dean had grabbed the coffee and was pouring himself some before he stole Sam's cup and poured him some too. After drinking half his cup in one swallow he started piling his plate with food, and every once in awhile adding something to Sam's.

After the fourth time this happened Sam had had enough. "Dude, I can get my own food."

"Mhmm hmm." Dean said around a mouthful of toast, before he dumped bacon on Sam's plate.

Sam just rolled his eyes and gave up. Trying to act natural he asked. "Are you going to change the lesson plan for the fifth years today?"

Dean looked over at Sam, shoving the rest of the toast into his mouth before answering. "Nope. Why, do you think I should?"

Sam looked over at the left over Ministry Officials who were currently eating their own breakfast.

"I don't know. Normally I'd say no, but these guys…" He trailed off.

"They're no worse than Henriksen." Dean said, "Plus I already made all the arrangements with Merlin over there. Even Cas agreed to help out."

"If you say so."

"I say so." Dean bit into a sausage. "Now shut up and eat your bacon."

Ron had a headache.

It hadn't been too bad when he woke up, just a little pressure behind his eyes. It didn't really hurt enough for him to want to go to the infirmary, plus it would probably go away after he ate something; it usually did.

He pulled his uniform on and ran a quick hand through his hair before following Harry out to the common room. He could see Hermione waiting near the entrance for them holding her textbook. When they were close enough he could see it was for History of Magic. Brilliant! Food and a nap would definitely make the headache go away. He'd just make sure that Harry sat between him and Hermione today. It's not like Binns would notice, or even care.

Harry and Hermione were making guesses on what the Inquiry would be doing today, and while normally Ron would have joined them, the headache was scattering his thoughts and making it hard to concentrate. He would worry about it after History of Magic….

Except walking into the Great Hall just make it worse. Everyone came down to breakfast at the same time, and the noise level caused Ron to flinch slightly when he walked into the room. His headache escalated to a dull throbbing while he ate. He didn't think he had ever been so grateful to go to class.

When they got there he immediately took out his textbook and propped it up on his desk, got as comfortable as he could, and ignoring the glare from Hermione, fell asleep. Harry shook him away at the end of class and Ron groggily got up, rubbing his neck where he had slept on it wrong. His headache had thankfully gone back to a slight pressure.

The Potions classroom was cold when they arrived and Snape pointed to the board where the directions for the Strengthening Solution were written. By the end of class Hermione's was a nice clear turquoise while his was a murky blue. Unfortunately his headache was back and getting worse. Ron blamed it on a mix of the fumes from the cauldrons and reading Snape's tiny incense in Trelawney's room just added to it so that by the time he walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Ron was about ready to kill someone if it would make his headache go away.

He wasn't really surprised to see that the members of the Inquiry were all leaning against the walls with their quills and binders out. Umbridge was wearing pink again, but unlike her pastel pink from yesterday, today's would have probably given him a headache if he didn't already have one. He was definitely not going to look in that direction if he could help it. Luckily Harry picked the desk furthest away from her to sit. Now if he could just make it through this class in one piece he was definitely going to go see Madam Pomfrey about his headache...

One of the Professors moved to start the class and everyone got quiet.

"So...We've reviewed Ghosts, and gotten the basics on a few Defensive spells so far this year, but we need to make sure you're ready for your owl's" Dean said. Sam snickered in the background. "We're going to jump chapters a little here and move from spirits and spells to monsters and how to identify them."

Ron straightened up in his seat. A few professors had tried to introduce monsters to the classes in the past with mixed success. Quirrel was all about book study. Lockhart had set a bunch of pixies on the class before deciding that books were also the best option. Lupin had been fantastic with multiple in class examples including a boggart and grindylows, which had definitely been his favorite. And Moody had focused more on spells then monsters.

"Cas." The class looked around not really sure where he would apparate this time.

"Yes Dean?" He replied from the door.

"Is he here?"

Cas just stepped aside and a tall man in a black newsboy hat and coat appeared in the doorway. "Thanks kindly Cas. Glad to see you made it out of Purgatory." He said, patting the angel on the shoulder as he passed. "We'll finish catch'n up later."

"Benny." said Dean as he made his way across the room. They greeted each other a with a warm hug.

"It's good to see you Brother. Gotta say I wasn't expecting your call." Benny said

Dean laughed.

The two walked back to the front of the class and Ron felt a slight twinge of jealousy at how comfortable they were around each other. He considered himself and Harry good friends but he doubted either of them would have been able to hug each other in a room full of strangers. He looked towards Sam expecting something similar but Benny only nodded at him. Sam didn't respond he just watched the two and when they were facing the class again Ron noticed him grind his teeth, and a strangely hurt look flicker across his face before he could to hide it.

"Class I'd like to introduce you to Benny Lafitte." Dean said. "Ten points to the person who can tell me why I brought him here today."

Harry and Ron exchanged a confused look before they turned to Hermione. They could almost see her mind trying to figure it out. Ron looked around the room but even the members of the Inquiry didn't look like they knew. Well all but one standing near Cas who was almost jumping up and down in excitement.

At the front of the class Benny smiled. Ron felt a shiver go through him. The answer sat just out of reach, if only his headache wasn't trying to kill him.

After a minute Dean continued. "I was told that last year your teacher was a werewolf." A grin spread across his face. "A human by day, a freak animal killing machine by moonlight..."

Sam coughed.

"Right, well. Today we're going to study vampires."

Everyone in the room stood or sat up straighter their eyes all glued to Benny.

"There are a lot of stories about vampires, but as my dad told me when we first hunted some 'Most vampire lore is crap. A cross won't repel them, sunlight won't kill them, and neither will a stake to the heart. But the bloodlust, that part's true. They need fresh human blood to survive.'"

"If sunlight doesn't kill you does it do anything?" Hermione asked.

"Nah, just feels like a nasty sunburn." Benny replied

Pansy raised her hand. "Can we see your fangs?"

"Not really fangs. More like - an extra set of teeth." He smiled, and everyone watched as a second set of very pointy teeth descended. They reminded Ron of shark teeth. Benny retracted them after a minute.

"Vampires nest in groups of eight to ten." Dean continued. "And small packs are sent to hunt for food."

"Do you have a nest?" Goyle interrupted.

"Not anymore." Benny replied.

Seamus raised his hand. "What happened to them?"

"Dean and I killed them a few months back."

"Why?" Umbridge asked, Ron turned to look before he could stop himself and was assaulted by her bright pink outfit. He quickly turned his head back to look at Benny. He was safer to look at.

"Revenge." Benny said, "They killed me. Seemed only fair that I kill them."

Dean stepped back in. "I'm going to take back over before we get off topic. Thanks Benny."

"Of course brother." Benny stepped back and sat on the edge of the desk.

"We're going to start from the beginning." Dean grabbed a piece of chalk and started writing on the board. 'How vampires were created.'

"Way back forever ago Eve was born in Purgatory, she escaped and came to Earth where she started creating most of the monsters we know today, including Shapeshifters, Djinn, Werewolves, Skinwalkers, and a few years ago Khan Worms…"

"What's a Khan worm?" Draco asked.

"Worms that crawl in your ear and take over, killed with electricity...But anyway, she created the first of these races which are the Alpha's.

The Alpha's than created more of their races and for vampires the process is relatively simple. Step one: Get a human. Step two: Make the human drink your blood. Step three: Get the baby vampire to drink human blood and voila Full Fledged Vampire.

If you can catch the vampire between steps two and three, there is a way to turn the baby vampire back into a human."

"No there isn't." Umbridge said indignantly. Ron's head started to turn before he stopped himself. He would not look at her again, his headache was already bad enough, he didn't need to make it worse. "If there was a cure, the Ministry would know about it. How do you even know this cure of yours works?"

"You don't have the cure? Well we didn't know about it either until a few years ago. It's an old Campbell recipe, it's not hard to make but you need the blood of the vamp that turned you." Dean said, "And I know it works because if it didn't I would still be a vampire. Two days was long enough thank you. No offense Benny."

"None taken. Although this is the firs' time I heard about your being a fang. I thought you didn't like us much."

"I don't."

"Well I won't hold it against ya. We're not the most cuddly sort."

Dean went back to the board and wrote: 'How to kill vampires' on the board.

"Vampires are fast and strong, so the best thing to do when going up against them is to drop by the morgue and grab some fresh deadman's blood." There was a chorus of "Ew…" from the students.

"It's basically poison for them."

"Now you're just tellin' 'em all my secrets." Benny said from the desk.

Dean continued as if he hadn't heard them. "Who here knows how to kill a Vampire?"

Harry raised his hand. "A stake to the heart?" Ron looked at him for a second before he remembered that Harry had grown up a muggle. He still didn't know a lot about the Wizarding world.


"Beheading." Hermione said.

"Correct. Best way to kill Vampires is to decapitate them."

Hermione raised her hand. "Professor Winchester, if your job is to kill monsters then how are you friends with a vampire?"

"Benny is the reason I'm topside and not roasting on a spit in Purgatory."

"And you let me hop along for the ride." Benny said, as he pulled out what Ron recognized as a blood-flavored lollipop from Honeydukes, and stuck it in his mouth.

They spent the rest of the class going over different ways to identify vampires, during which Ron kept glancing at Sam who stayed quiet on the side lines.

When class was finally over Ron gathered up his stuff and with a quick wave at Harry and Hermione went to the infirmary.

Or at least that was his plan. He didn't make it far though, before a voice stopped him. "I can help with that headache."

Ron turned around to see Castiel right behind him, still in his trenchcoat and his little group of Ministry officials not far away.


"Here." Castiel reached out and lightly touched Ron's forehead.

"Wha….Oh." Ron said as the pounding headache that he had been fighting all day disappeared. "Er… Thanks"

Castiel nodded.

Ron and Cas stood there blankly staring at each other for a while before Ron finally managed to excuse himself when the rest of the class started filtering out.

Well, Ron thought, since he didn't have a headache anymore, now was a great time get a few extra hours of practice in before dinner. He dumped his school work on his bed and grabbed his new Cleansweep Eleven. He could always do his homework later.



Dobby, who was gathering the dishes in Kevin's room, jumped.

Kevin had gone back to staring at the stone after letting Dobby in, so Dobby hadn't expected him to say anything. Dobby looked at his friend, but Kevin just grabbed his notes and rushed out the door.

Pausing in his mad rush Kevin poke his head back into his room. "Thanks for cleaning everything Dobby! You're the best." And then he was gone.