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This is a Soul Mate AU. And it turned out differently than I planned, but I like this too :)

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Fairy Tail and it's characters belong to Hiro Mashima

They say Soul Mates are rare to find. That isn't so in Fiore

From the moment a child is born, the one they are destines to be with has been chosen. And the only way to find out is by their matching scars.

At a young age Lucy Heartfilia was fascinated by Soul Mates. Her mother told her all about it. Whenever your soul mate was hurt, you would also feel the pain and have the scar left behind. Even if they broke their leg! Yours would break too.

Your soul mates scar would fade within minutes and turn white, separating it from their own.

Only one scar would be visible on both, and it was more like a birthmark than a scar.

Lucy admired hers everyday, it had an odd shape on the top of her hand. It occasionally looked pink in the light. Her mother said her soul mate would have one to match, and he would be the only one that had it.

But by age 11, Lucy knew her own soul mate was not going to be the prince of her dreams.

When she was only 2 years old, she was playing with her new doll when all of a sudden her head hurt. Crying from the pain, her parents quickly took her to a doctor. He laughed and said that her soul mate was already getting into trouble. As young as they were, girls were more in danger of getting 'soul scars' because little boys were more prone to accidents.

A few months later her whole arm seared in pain and she was left with a nasty burn.

On her third birthday her ankle broke.

When she was four her legs were covered in scratches and ant bites.

A week later she had cat scratches all over face.

When she was 5, her first day of school, her leg broke.

Right after Christmas that year, her wrist was sprained.

The following summer she got a nasty sun burn and a sprained wrist.

Throughout the next school year, she had bruises, brakes, sprains, and one black eye. The only thing that made her feel better was she wasn't the only girl who had this problem. Her friend Levy broke her collarbone one night and Juvia's whole body was covered in freezer burn!

Years went by, the same old injuries littered her body. Until the summer she turned 11, and the whole next school year. She wasn't hurt at all. Not even a paper cut.

Worried, she asked her mother if she still had a soul mate.

"Look at your hand Lucy," Layla knelt down to her young daughter, tracing over what Lucy called her 'fairy scar'.

"Yeah,?" the almost 12 year old blonde didn't quite understand.

"As long as the mark is still here, he's still out there. When it turns white like the others, he's gone."

"It'll turn white like grandpas?"

"Yes, when grandma passed on, his mark faded," she poked the little girls nose, "so don't fret my little one."

Another year passed before Lucy got hurt again, it was right after her 13th birthday. She was playing with her new puppy when a searing pain covered the side of her neck. It took weeks for the mark to fade into white. Her father said it was because her soul mates scar wasn't healing.

More brakes, more sprains, cuts, and bruises, and black eye after black eye came.

As Lucy got older, the scars lessened in number but she did have bruises weekly with the occasional burn.

Now at 23, Lucy was on her own living her dream as a writer. Even at such a young age she was on her way to publishing her second book. But her soul mate was still a mystery to her.

"Don't worry darling," her mothers calming voice soothed very little doubt, "you are still young."

In the background she heard her father saying "when she does find him I need to speak to him about hurting my little star".

"Oh, Jude hush," her mother laughed.

"Mom, you and dad met when you were sixteen," Lucy huffed, falling into her couch cushions, "Levy met hers in high school, Juvia found hers on the first day of college, Erza's known hers since elementary school! It's not fair!"

"Lucy," Layla lightly laughed at her, "you have all the time in the world to find him."

"I know but- OW!" she lifted her leg into the air to see a fresh scar forming on her shin, "are you kidding me?"

"A new scar?"

"Yes," Lucy grumbled, "Whoever my soul mate is, he's getting an earful when we meet!"

Her mother just giggled, "You tell him, love."

That afternoon Lucy was in the middle of painting her toes while watching her favorite comedy with Plue when there was a loud knock on her door, almost like someone ran into it.

She ran to her window that let her see who was there, very handy for someone living alone. She saw a man leaning over with his hands on his knees, breathing hard. Did he knock on her door?

Cautiously, she opened the door and got the frontal view of this man. He was covered head to toe in sweat, running shorts and tight tank top that let her see glorious muscles. His arm were carved to perfection, and the delicious tan made them stand out even more. His face was towards the ground so she couldn't see anything except a mop of pink hair.

"Um.. Can I help you?" she asked, eye candy or not she still had to function like a normal person and talk to him.

"Yeah, I need to talk to.." he looked up, anger clear on his face but then changed when he saw her, "Oh. You're not Yukino."

No she wasn't but she knew Yukino, "No, she lives in the next building," she pointed to the building across the street.

"Damn it, gonna kill him," he was still panting heavily.

"Are you OK?"

"Fine. Just been running all over this complex looking for the guy who has my keys."

O..K..? "Um, well yeah. She just got home. Is it her boyfriend Sting you're looking for? Cause I saw him with her.."

"That's him. That moron, I'll get him back for this," he turned away from her and waved as he ran across the street, "Thanks lady!"

"No problem?" she raised her hand to wave but then saw the pointlessness of it. Closing her door, she shook her head at how odd he was. Before she sat down, there was another knock on her door, this time much softer.

"Yes?" it was him again. Looking a little embarrassed.

"Um, they're uh.. kinda busy," his cheeks were pink, "mind if I stay here until I can get my keys back?"

This insanely hot man that she didn't know just asked to crash at her plane until his friend got done getting it on with his girlfriend so he could go home. She had to say no.

"Yeah, sure. Come in," she opened the door wider.

"Thanks," he kicked his shoes off at the door. She noticed that he was about to step on her pristine white carpet when he stepped back and did so. That's one point for him.

She stood awkwardly in her living room, not really sure how to be a host to someone under these circumstances. She heard Plue whine from under the couch.

"I appreciate it, I'm Natsu," his grin lit up his face, he held his hand out to shake hers.

"It's really no trouble, my name is Lucy," she placed her slim hand in his, she could feel multiple little nicks in his rough skin.

"Nice to meet ya, Lucy," he shook her hand and then something told him to look at her hand, and he stopped moving and breathing when he did.

"Uh.." Lucy swallowed at the weird way he was staring, still holding her hand, "Everything alright?"

He looked up at her, onyx eyes wide as he stared at her face. Then a grin grew on his face so wide she could see his sharp canines.

"Well, it really is nice to meet you Lucy," he winked at her, "Or should I say Soul Mate?"

"Soul mate?!" her eyes snapped to his, asking without saying anything, he turned ever so slightly so she could see his right shoulder. And just like her hand, a visible scar was there. An odd shape, that when she was a child she called a fairy. Hers was a faded pink, his was red. They matched.

Her face felt 20 degrees hotter. She jerked her eyes back to his, he was in total glee. A smile that lit up her whole life.

"You're my.. Soul.. Mate?"

"Looks like it," his warm hand was still holding hers.

Lucy could feel her brain working a mile a minute. He was finally here in front of her. The man who would complete her! She just had one thing to do first.

She smiled, letting go of his hand to grab a pillow from the couch and smacking him with it.

"What did I do to deserve that?!" he raised his arms to cover his face.

"All those years of broken bones! Black eyes! Sprains! And Bruises!" she sent the pillow over his head, making him land on his butt on the floor.

He leaned back, using his arms to keep him up as Lucy fell in front of him, panting.

"Wha.. what brought that on?" he gaped at her, shocked someone would actually hit him with a pillow.

"You hurt me!" she cried, but she wasn't as upset as she was growing up. She thought she would be. Even today she got a new scar. But she felt joy being around him. Like something was preventing her from being mad about the scars.

"You hurt me too," he was pouting.

"I never broke anything!" she leaned forward to glare at him.

He crossed his legs and placed his hands on his feet, "Like once or twice a week I get these little scars all over my knees and ankles. What the heck do you do to yourself?"

"Little scars? But I don't.. AH!" she covered her face with her hands, those scars are from when she shaved her legs! She didn't realize he got those too!

"And right here," he pointed right below his hip bone, above his... "sometimes I get scars here. What the heck are you doing there?"

Her bikini area?! She didn't realize she even cut herself with the razor there!

He looked up at her, but he didn't see anything before the pillow smacked him again, "What the hell woman?!"

"That's private! Don't ask girls that kind of stuff!" she hit him again and this time he fell to his back.

"Geez, you're my soul mate. Ain't like I wasn't gonna find out anyway," he just laid there on her floor, his arms outstretched to the sides, "I guess anyway."

"What do you mean you guess? We were destined to meet so of course you would," she put the pillow in her lap, smoothing down the wrinkles she put in it.

"Not really, I mean, my brother's soul mate died before they met."

"I'm sorry to hear that. How.. is he?"

"Fine, I guess. He's in prison."

"Prison?! What kind of family does he have?! My soul mate is related to a criminal?!"

"Wha.. What happened? If you don't mind me asking.."

Natsu sat up and grinned sadly at her, "It's not something I was planning on telling you first off."

"Well, I'm asking," she smiled, maybe he was more of her dream guy than she thought.

"He was a junior in high school. He was driving home from his job when he was in a wreck. Woke up in the hospital the next day, but he was in a lot of pain. His whole body was covered in white scars," he closed his eyes, sighing, "the girl who he crashed into was in ICU, she was dying."

Lucy gasped, she was his..

"Zeref went to see her. She was actually awake. They talked for maybe an hour when she started to fall asleep. Before she did he kissed her.. and she went flat line."

Raising her hand to cover her mouth, Lucy trembled. His brother killed his own soul mate..

"So.. he went crazy.. He told me that I should give up on finding my soul mate," Natsu took a quick look at her, his eyes widened and he took her hands in his, "yelled at every couple he saw, even ones that had been together for years."

"I'm so sorry.."

"Then it was our parents 20th wedding anniversary. They went away to celebrate so it wouldn't bother him. But.. when they came home," he gripped her hands tighter, keeping his eyes on one spot, "Zeref.. he was so mad that they were happy and he wasn't.. so when dad was at work he.. killed.. my mom."

Lucy's jaw dropped. Never had she heard of someone losing a soul mate do something like that. When they were in school her friend Erik lost his soul mate. He was upset for weeks, but he was happy for others, as much as he could be.

"I was at school.. and dad picked me up and we found her.." he clenched his eyes tight, as if he was reliving it, "took us a whole year to put him away."

Tears streamed down her face, he lost his mother because of his own brother..

Natsu blinked a few times before looking up at her, bewildered, "I've never told anyone that. I don't like talking about my own life to people. What.."

"Huh?" Lucy was shocked he changed tunes so fast. But then she remembered something her mother said "When you meet him, you will feel so comfortable together. You will tell him something you've never told anyone. He'll be your best friend in a matter of seconds."

"It's because we're soul mates," she smiled.

"That's it?"

She nodded, "We're comfortable with one another, we're best friends in a matter of seconds."

His grin quickly spread, "Yosh! You bet we are!"

Lucy giggled at his childlike happiness.

"So uh," he scratched the back of his neck, "You wanna go to dinner with me?"

"Gonna be blunt about it, huh?" she smirked, causing him to laugh.

"Duh. No point in beating around the bush," he then asked again, "How about tonight? I can pick you up around 6 and we can go to that new Italian place or something?"

Lucy blushed, this was so new! "I'd love that."


*knock knock*

"Oh? Who could that be?" Lucy got off the floor and ran to greet her next unexpected guest.

"Yes? Oh, hi Sting."

"Lucy, nice to see ya. Have you seen a pink haired idiot running around?" the blonde leaned against the door frame, showing his annoyance on his face so clearly.

"I have actually," she told him, laughing she called, "Hey Natsu, come here."

"What's up? Sting! You jerk!" Natsu ran to the younger male and almost punched him, almost.

"I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE SCARS BEFORE OUR FIRST DATE!" Lucy grabbed his shirt and pulled him back into her apartment.

"Huh?" Sting glanced between the two, "WAIT! Are you soul mates?!"

"Yepp!" Natsu threw his arm around Lucy's shoulder, "Found out just now!"

"Well congrats," he smirked, throwing the keys to their owner, "now maybe someone will take care of you."

Natsu stared at the keys, "Thanks, but I don't need these."

"How are you going to get home?" Lucy asked, Sting thinking the same thing.

He turned to her, "I thought I'd just live here now."

"WHAT?!" she jerked back from him, "What do you mean live here?!"

"Well we are soul mates, so why not?"

"We- we don't even know each other yet!"

"And living together will help that."

"It's too soon!"

"You already said we're like best friends, so let's live together Lucy!" Natsu hugged her tightly.

"I did say that but-!" he was hugging her so tight, "AT LEAST GIVE ME A FEW DAYS TO LET THIS SINK IN!"

"Got it! In a week then!" Natsu fist bumped the air, grinning at Lucy, his Lucy.

"A week?! But-but-awhhhhhh," Lucy bowed her head, refusing to listen to the conversation Sting and her new roomie were having.

"He's my soul mate? Sheesh, I won't ever get any peace and quiet!"

Natsu glanced back at her, adoring the way she was pouting. She was exactly what he always wanted.

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