TwiKitSyn - Chapter 1 - Prologue |Warnings!Warnings!Warnings!|

What if the Forbidden Scroll held an incomplete Space-Time Seal that had been devised by the Nidaime and Expanded upon by the Yondaime? What if the scroll was glanced over before Mizuki reveals more than an S-Rank Secret? What happens when running is the best option? When there's only one escape from such painful betrayals? What happens when a Lie becomes Truth? Fem!Fox!Naruto

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If one was out among the trees on this moonlit night, they would see a young blonde child running atop branches, jumping from one to another. While this isn't an unusual occurrence within this village, it is strange that the child was obviously crying, having light reflecting off the sparkling tears falling down her face.

The entire day had been one painful event after another for this child.

Later on, when thinking back, it was obviously been a ploy. Every word that despicable man had uttered resounded throughout, over and over, causing the reverberating pain to echo deeper far deeper than it should have. Not even Iruka showing up helped. Even worse, it made everything worse!

"You are the Nine-Tailed fox! You are the demon incarnate!"

While this had shocked the child, ever so deeply. It hadn't been all too hard to believe, considering everything else said. Everything had finally made so much more sense.

Though, it didn't really matter whether it was true or not. No, an existence is just what it is. It can be good or bad, no matter what creature it be. But the fact that the emotional child was believed to be the beast that had nearly flattened Konoha, had struck a deeply painful chord. Still, it was the traitors' words just before breaking an S-Rank law that had truly caused so much emotional turmoil, causing the child to run.

"Hahaha! So what if Iruka is here to help. As you can tell, I can easily overpower him! Even if you try, there's NOTHING you could do! You may be fast from running after your dumb pranks, but you know nothing! Your fighting style? All the academy teachers made sure your forms were terrible! Your knowledge? Your books are altered! Most teachers found one way or another to force you out often enough from their classes!

It was SO easy to get everyone helping make sure you'd die as soon as you started fieldwork! I hadn't even needed to coerce anyone! Even Iruka didn't correct your obvious mistakes after moving on in class material! He didn't even explain what you didn't understand when he knew you didn't know! Everything you know or can do is a lie! You are weak! Helpless! You can't do anything!"

It's almost funny that the two had let the traitor monologue so long, though it had allowed Iruka to recover slightly. Honestly, it's hilarious that nobody else showed up to help during the monologuing, despite it going on for so long. It's insane that Iruka didn't deny his lack of help in the academy!

He had actually tried to help, but had given up! The other teachers had fixed each stance after Iruka did every single time! He'd never even asked why! How could he not notice?! Iruka had seen them. He would have had to have noticed... Right? The mixups had done far more problems than anything, so he probably had! RIGHT?!

It practically felt of betrayal.. No, it was betrayal!

Sadly, the worst part was that Konoha had betrayed itself with such cruel treatment. Not even the child knew, but should the village learn their demon container's heritage, one could only imagine the devastation that would occur! Not that those who did know spent more than a few seconds within a couple meters before disappearing, let alone helping or comforting the lonely abused child.

A child of the Fourth Hokage and an Uzumaki Heiress. However, this was only the beginning. The Uzumaki Heiress was of the purest blood, from the strongest mixtures of Uzumaki and Senju.

Then there was the child's father. Unknown even to himself, he was not just a common orphan. His father and mother were not even civilian, but of noble birth. They were undercover in the Land of Fire outskirts. Both had gone so far as to deceive even their own son, in hopes of avoiding disaster, appearing normal, as well as hoping for him a normal childhood, though with some light training included. Anything but normal - an unknown descendent of Senju Tobirama, Minato Namikaze was one of the greatest lineage within the Senju clan.

It's impossible to imagine that the pariah of Konohagakure held some of the most powerful blood lineage seen within history. A chakra so dense and potent that the most basic of jutsu are impossible to achieve without incredible chakra control, added to this, the strongest of Bijuu was sealed within, enough to rival even a weakened Bijuu.

Not only strong of lineage, blood, chakra, but an innate intelligence. It doesn't show through with such debilitated education. A deliberate endeavor of konoha to stifle the child in any and every way they could. Sabotaged in every sense of the word from birth on.

Growing up had been hard. From birth to six years old, the blonde had been alone. Of course there was a caretaker up until then, but it was basically abuse - not that it was even noticed as such. Even now, thinking back, little of it would be considered as such by the child.

Small meals of terrible quality, sparse bathing, terrible hygienic treatment, little cleaning of a dirty apartment, unwashed clothing, slaps for ill behaviour, rumors, forced separation from even the most basic interactions, and so much more, and yet it was so normal, that the abused child could register it as such. Barely even knowing how to speak properly until the Hokage started visiting at five years old, let alone writing, and barely having any human interaction, the child could barely understand most situations.

Worst of all, nobody had even tried teaching the ignored child until the academy came about. It didn't take long to realize that everyone knew how to read. Everyone. They even spoke almost perfectly. And yet the blue-eyed child couldn't. It was way too embarrassing to ask, and the Hokage never mentioned nor asked about it. Not wanting to be a burden to the Hokage, seeing as he was the only person that would even bother, it just never escaped the child's mouth. Even now, the child was barely capable of even reading half of what others could. Hiragana and Katakana were at least mostly understandable, but there was much in Kanji that just couldn't be deciphered yet.

There was so much, far, far too much that had just now become obvious, and yet so much more was lost upon the blond child. Everyone was against this abused child, their despised demon. Condescending and sneering at the very sight of the small container. Undoubtedly malnourished, abused, and downtrodden, there was little left besides mutilation and death that Konoha had yet to inflict. True she was never outright attacked, but they weren't gentle when kicking her out of stores.

Still, thinking about it, there was jiji - the Hokage - and yet… He.. couldn't be trusted either. All his ninja, all the civilians, everyone about and within Konoha are under his command. Keeping such massive secrets, there was no way he didn't know what was happening in the academy. For every teacher to be doing something, he had to know! He made it out that he was trying to help, even asked if anything was wrong. Had that been a ploy to keep trust in him? No - there really wasn't anyone that could be trusted.

Konoha did not want the demon, and the child realized this.

As fast as possible, the so-called demon ran. As far away as possible. As deep into the strangely empty wooded area as possible. Using skills picked up from pranking, the child hid where the moonlight landed upon the scroll. There was a jutsu in there that could help escape this hell. Despite developing skills to do so, it was impossible to outrun everyone, to just get away. And having stolen an important scroll from the Hokage himself, they were surely going to come.

Unraveling the scroll, the child perused it once more. The first time opening it, blue eyes had traversed every centimeter of paper that had been filled, taking note of every jutsu that could be made sense of, one that might be better to learn than the dreadful.. clones. A few seemed interesting, and some had built upon others. There were several time or space jutsu, the thief didn't know which, maybe both, but a few seemed to build upon others before it. Deep within though, incredible if true, was a solution. Not understanding many of the words, the child settled for the first anyways, since they all looked hard in one way or another.

Having the entirety of Konoha wanting to kill the child, and having finally given them a reason to, it was best to escape. And, really, this was the only way that could be thought of.

It took some time to piece the kanji together, taking note of the two circles on either side of the squiggles that looked like they were made for either hand, as well as many of the known kanji, piecing together how to activate the jutsu took a few minutes.

What it did? Warped Time and Space to send to somewhere else. And 'past' was a key word. How it worked? Many hand-seals laid underneath the squiggles. Something about numbers represented by hand-seals could replace others. They had to be used before placing both hands into place. However, the placement were too far away...

Ignoring any and all other comments within, including the warnings, a twin was created with a single hand-seal. It kneeled on the other side before glancing up at its creator. The two nodded before flowing through the seals shown.

In pain, just wanting to cry and leave as fast as possible, the two went as fast as possible to activate the past escape jutsu. No matter what lay ahead, or behind as it is, would be far better than staying to be killed.

Right on the last hand-seal, they heard someone call out. Scared at being discovered, stopped before they could get away, the two blondes, mirror images of each other, panicked and quickly pressed their hands down into the open circles within the scroll. It was best to leave anyways. Nobody wanted a demon around…

As soon as clone and creator could, they pushed as much chakra as the two could into the scroll, a bloody Iruka hopped down into the small clearing, barely in time to see a bright light engulf his student. His heart froze as the two blue eyed children started screaming in horrifying agony. Another odd light enshrouded the two, a swirling red swirled around each from top to bottom. The new shroud broke the man from shock, allowing him to rush forward calling out the demon-child's name, "NARUE!"

Not an instant later had the violent light and chakra disappeared into the void of darkness without a trace. All that was left was a blank scroll with two motionless children lying on each side. Even as he rushed forward both quickly crumbled into dust.

That night had few mourning. By the next day, the entire village was celebrating. The day after, Konohagakure was left in baffled disbelief, indignant rage, or mourning in despair from the Hokage's declarations. Then fear. A fear that they had accidentally released the beast they all wanted dead. Truly, many felt regret at not being able to save the child, though more from fear of a repeat Bijuu attack.

Not only had Narue disappeared, chakra completely erased, but so had the beast sealed within. Without a link, knowing the location of the final beast needed, a secret group of people delayed their plot. Unable to find their last target, members eventually left or turned upon one another.

By disappearing, Narue, unknowingly, saved the world.

But what happened to her..?

So this idea came to me from reading several other stories. It's quite a bit different than any of them, but a mixture of several. Obviously I left many unknowns that won't be explained any time soon. My second chapter will come in a couple days, probably after I release one for another of my stories. Or maybe not? Fate shall decide! ..Yes, I'm channeling Neji! Hue...

You have been WARNED! With Warnings! ...Yea.

History repeats itself in various ways. - A little hint for later? :3