Chapter 3

The village of Konoha was a quiet and peaceful place.

How such quiet is possible, despite having been created in a militarized aspect, is due to the type of soldiers they house. Since before its creation, ninja have been used as a mercenary force. This hasn't changed. But Shinobi and Kunoichi are typically taught that silence is one of their greatest assets. As such, their force attempt to move and work with the least bit of sound possible. The civilians are louder than their counterparts.

Peace is due to having a force capable of constant protection shielding the people from inherent dangers. Despite having been in several wars, the village has never once been invaded by another militarized force.

However, it has been 'invaded'.

This would be impossible in normal circumstances. However, due to the type of 'foe', it was more than possible. An attack of unimaginable proportions had occurred exactly six years before. The 'force' to do so was not so much a force of 'man', but more of a force of 'nature'.

The Kyuubi attack, a being of incredible proportions, easily more than a hundred meters tall, had suddenly sprung up within the very walls of this quiet and peaceful village. It had killed hundreds, and damaged much of the main village area. Ridiculously, if anyone had paid attention to the 'how' of this incredible being's kills, they would notice that most were simply crushed under its summoning, rather than any direct attack.

A child born that disastrous night, placed with an unknown burden, a small child with straight short, straight red hair, deep blue eyes, and an adorable whiskered face, was being chased through the village by a group of people. No matter how fast this child ran, what small places she crawled through, dirtying shorts and shirt in attempts to evade pursuit even as angry people were at every turn.

Luckily for the child, such a strange unannounced commotion was brought to the attention of their village leader, who stepped in quickly, protecting this exhausted child from any further harm. Somehow, the usual 'protection', whom the small child dubbed 'shadow' wasn't around. It was unknown that more than one 'shadow' existed, though, never having caught more than that of the strange followers, but knew entity('s) was usually around. The village leader, however, knew why as soon as he found her, and would ensure such would not happen again. Ever.

Thankfully, the terrified child was too tired to do much more than sleep within safe arms.

However, a far more important event was taking place elsewhere, at this very instant.

On another side of the village, far away from where any large stone faces could be seen, two little foxes were chasing each other around a strange forest. The area had changed drastically within the past several months. It had gone unnoticed by most, having been uninhabited clan ground, and illegal to trespass upon by law. As such, the ninja force left a gap around the area, knowing it was protected from outsiders normally. The forest surrounding it was also mostly ignored due to this.

However, civilians were a curious bunch, and had often come to 'look' at the sacred grounds of the near extinct clan of their beloved Shodaime. As such, it wasn't strange that rumors of any change would soon come along in a conversation. Especially when there was a link to what the clan was famous for.

From the start, many rumors had spread about the empty residence. A loss of the clan meant dying plants around the area. Of course this was false. Ghosts creeping around of long past families was another rumor, but this type was easily spread about any group of people. Many other forms had found its way throughout the populace. Including the most recent that some Senju had recently been born, and the clan forest grounds were growing to signify such. A rumor of Tsunade-Hime possibly birthing a child, despite her age, had recently been popular.

Being a suspicious bunch, the area was quickly scanned soon after the rumors started appearing by ninja. Despite their best effort into finding a cause, not a single clue had appeared. Only a few areas of flattened grass had been found where it was obvious children were playing, but this could be anyone, and held little significance. Children were often finding their way into areas they shouldn't, and the forest they scanned was no exception.

Another rumor had popped up by a few children playing within the area, about strange dual-coloured foxes. It wasn't so much about foxes themselves rather than having two that held unique pelts. This wasn't as ignored by the adults, however, as not a single indication of such creatures were found by anyone with an age in the double digits. Naturally, shinobi cared little about this rumor. Only civilians responded to the fact that 'demons' were living within their village walls, especially the sacred senju grounds.

The last rumor, however, was of a bit more significance. Within the last couple months, a shy Hyuuga child, had been walking through in search of the area, looking for the little foxes of rumor, caretaker hidden away.

Something the shy little child will always deeply regret, is having spoken about spotting two children playing with plants not too far from her, but beyond her ability to reach with such overgrown plants in the way. Her caretaker is not one to leave out details, nor hide them if not deemed dangerous to speak of.

Such a find wouldn't have been of significance normally, but there were two pieces that quickly caught the attention of others, The two children both had little fox ears upon their head, and a fluffy fox tail used to steady their odd movements as they maneuvered about the area. This would normally be thought of as a bad joke, but when added to the fact that one had grown the branch of a tree longer to help jump to another, a little more thought was added. Especially when word of who the rumor started from had surfaced.

The strangest part was that the two disappeared a few seconds after being spotted, turning towards the Byakugan wielder, who had been preoccupied with the sudden appearance of her bodyguard reacting to her gasp of surprise, she had missed how the two had been able to hide.

This last rumor was thoroughly searched by not one, but multiple factions. Even more than just the main or hidden shinobi forces, but a secret force, and a few tracking clans had been tasked to search. The only people who hadn't was the clan of the Heiress herself, who thought it to be a joke. Quite hard to believe when the bodyguard had searched mere seconds afterwards, only to see nothing.

Unfortunately, not a single lead was to be found. The trees themselves were formed from Mokuton chakra of the Shodai, and the forest itself, grown from this energy for decades, easily hid any chakra that was decently connected to nature.

Having no leads, or any indication that there was such an existence, the unofficial search was called off not long after. Declaration that the rumor was false by even the clans of Konoha, however, did not deter civilians from their strange belief that the demon fox was somehow invading sacred grounds.

The night of the Kyuubi Festival was the best choice of time to remove any demonic influences for their walls. A demon fox, no matter the nature, needed to be removed. So the sight of a dozen or so civilians congregated to one side of the forest, a fair ways away from any priority area of patrols, wasn't so surprising. Civilians in a group, by nature, are not the smartest bunch.

However, on the other side of the area, closer to the other clan districts, a single little girl in a beautiful little festival yukata, had somehow evaded both her father and caretaker to come find the little fox children. It was easy coming to the conclusion that the night of the fox would bring her the best luck to find one. Or two.

"Grrr~, I'll get you this time!" A little girl jumped from a slim branch to another one that would be too far if it wasn't a few meters lower.

"Nyahaha~" The other child stuck her tongue out when looking back. As she did so, the limb under her extended a little, changing what branch would be the safest and easiest to hope towards next. Obviously, this threw off her pursuer as she did so.

"Agh! You're so unfair!" The blond-red kitsune child scrambled backwards, hopping up higher, not having another tree ahead that would put her in a direction to chase now.

Ehehe, sorry, but I can't help it! Now hurry, or you'll never catch me! Narua growled again, but didn't comment. Once more, she took off at speeds she could barely keep up with, using claws in attempt to quicken her pace further, as well as barely keeping her from falling off.

Ahead, Narue just kept up a small smile. Despite the little taunt, her pace had slowed a bit. Both girls had grown some in the past year or so. They didn't actually know how much time had passed, but it was at least a year, and maybe even two.

Several interesting fact had been brought to attention. Many were incredible, others subtle, and a few inane. Their instantaneous shrinkage had torn their muscle memory to pieces. Every little thing had been thrown off, either slightly or significantly. The first few times trying to grab her tail, the little appendage that tends to grab her entire attention when swaying gently, quickly ended up with failure of varied, sometimes humiliating, results. Climbing trees, digging holes, and other such basic motions were so much harder than should have been.

Of course, that was one of the more silly bits. Something that had sparked their interest nearly instantaneously, was the fact they couldn't be harmed. Well, let's rephrase that; their injuries heal exceptionally fast, and any blood lost literally disappears into thin air as mist the color of their chakra a few seconds after leaving their bodies. This was found out after accidentally learning how sharp their claws really were.

Another fact, one of more direct interest, was their lacking need of nourishment. Food and water, they found, were unimportant within their lives. While they were capable of ingesting such, and would later need to.. relieve themselves as a result, was completely unnecessary. Despite this, their bodies grew just fine. Better than remembered, actually.

Best of all, the two had discovered their chakra were both unimaginably large, and quite unique in and of themselves. Narue wasn't just capable of growing plants, but directing them as well. Something she put to use, pressing more than a small amount into another limb, which allowed it to grow twice it's normal size and length as she landed upon it, then hopped away in a direction distinctly opposite of her previous destination.

Despite having family now, even if she was an accidental creation of a sister, had been far more incredible than Narue would ever have believed. The girl wasn't just a simple person she knew. She wasn't just friendly, nice, or a bit caring. She didn't give off any of those strange auras other people did. She didn't smile with those strange faces which ended up somehow hurting her.

The only person relatable would have been Ayane, but the serving girl wasn't truly comparable. Sure she had those traits, but Narua also had outbursts in various other ways. While Ayane also griped and tried to make sure Narue was properly taking care of herself, it wasn't quite like family. Narue would get angry, fight, cry, hug, and even prank! Like when Narue would wake up purring, not realizing that she was literally put back to sleep, over and over, losing half the day to simple ministrations upon her head and tail, just so Narua could secretly practice hair-styling. Of course Narue had done similar...

This almost sounded like she was describing herself, though considering Narua was her twin, in practically every sense of the word, it wasn't that hard to believe that she was. There were quite a few differences as time passed. These were practically non-existent compared to the physical differences though.

Once more, Narua pressed energy into the branch she landed upon, however it didn't act as expected. "Kyaaa~!"

Instead, when she landed, expecting the normal easy-to-grip surface under her bare feet, all that happened was her feet sliding forward. All of a sudden, she was headed for the ground instead of another branch. Landing in the tall grass below, having been lengthened with most of the forest to the average half-meter height, Narue felt no pain within the cushioned landing against her back.

A moment later had another presence landing over her, legs spread to either side to ensure no escape. Looking up, Narue saw the pink outline surrounding the limb she slipped on. The crystal was thin, nearly invisible in the darkening skies, but obviously signified Narua had been close enough to touch it just as she did. It was a good plan, considering their chase game didn't end until the prey was 'caught', rather than 'touched'.

"Hehe, caught you, nee-chan." The blonde-red sister said, proudly, as her fingers descended.

"Kyahaha~, I give, I give!" Naturally, she couldn't hold back laughing, but the fingers didn't stop for a few seconds, despite her words. "H-Hey! Ha-haha Kyaaha! S-Ha-STAHP-hah-ha!"

Just like Narue had power over plants, it seemed Narua had a similar ability over earth. Narue could 'grow' plants from nothing, though she knew there was little bits of life everywhere that grew to her wishes, despite looking as if nothing was there. Her energy generated the life in plants, growing from the basic form of whatever she applied chakra to, and directed the formation of.

Narua, however, needed only water. She could practically create the crystal from nothing, but it was more like she drew the structure from the surrounding air, and it replicated with her energy, just as Narue did with earth. They both needed a basis to start with, and their energy would replicate the rest. Practically everything in nature seemed to be formed of similar basis of either earth, water, and air. This meant the two could bring out their element practically anywhere.

It was to this scene a third presence found herself squeaking at.

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