"Well, Hofferson, I do hope the next round will go better for you, or else I'm afraid I'll have to take your whole ship. The haired man said with a low chuckle. His black eyes glimmered dangerously. Leif Hofferson took a huge gulp of his ale and began mixing the cards again. "Don't act like you'd be oh-so-sorry, Drago. I have a feeling I'm going to win this round."
"You have to. It's either winning or your ship, and thus your trading business, will be in my posession." Drago smirked, already knowing that his round wouldn't differ from the previous ten. The Hofferson patriarch was too intoxicated to play properly and it also seemed that he didn't fully grasp the rules of the game. It was easy gambling for Drago.
Leif gave him the cards and he passed each of them a stack of ten random cards. They played for a few minutes; Drago pretenting half of the time to have an unfortunate hand and played cards in Leif's favor. It was all just a farce, of course. So when Leif deemed it safe to throw the one card Drago had hoped for, he was quick to end the game. "You, my friend, just made me rather wealthy." He grinned and let his cards fall open on the table. All kings, three maidens, one pair of soldiers, and the dragon. Leif Hofferson gaped and let his cards slip. "You-You BASTARD!" He sent the table flying to the side, creating a mess of splinters, cards and spilled beverages in the middle of the tavern. "You are a bloody cheater! Not one penny you'll get from me!"
Drago stood from his chair and smoothed down his gold embroidered tunic with his right hand; careful to hide his missing limb. "I, by no means, have ever cheated on you, my friend. It just seems I have the gods on my side." His voice was calm, soothing even. "As for my well won price, I'm sure we'll find a fitting agreement."
Leif's head was bright red from anger and he was panting. He reminded Drago of a juvenile Monsterous Nightmare, filled with rage, nostrils smoking, and too impulsive to think instead of let its rage work its body.
"Not one penny." Hofferson gritted through his teeth and raised a balled fist. "I have no way of even going home without my ship, let alone fend for my daughter."
Drago paced around the mess between them and laid his hand on Leif's shoulder. "Ah, your daughter. Astrid, you said, wasn't it? Divine beauty."
"And divine she certainly is." It slipped the Hofferson's mouth.
A chuckle of victory escaped from Drago's own. "Unmarried, you said, she is. You probably won't give her hand just to anyone, as the good father you are, my friend."
"She'll tell me if a lad seems worthy for her. None did so far."
Drago paced another round. "You know, Hofferson, my son is very picky with his gals, as well. I wonder wheather your Astrid would suit him right."
Leif's eyes narrowed and his brows furrowed in his scowl. "What are you suggesting, friend?" He practically spat the last word.
"I am suggesting," Drago said, "that you can keep your ship, and all the goods on board. And in return, I'll get your daughters hand in marriage for my boy." He extended his hand, making the offer clear. A deal. A deal that would save the man quite a few troubles. "Everything you lost gambling with me tonight will be yours again in exchange for your Astrid."
The Hofferson seemed torn between his wealth and his daughter for a moment, but then his face set and a decicion was made. He took Drago's offered hand. "Deal.

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