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With a yell Gohan poured all of his power into the Kamehameha wave that he was currently using to kill the terror known as Cell. Cell the creature who had caused so much pain. Cell the creature who had killed so many of the innocent. Cell the creature who had taken his father from him. Cell the creature who he was going to KILL! Gohan used his anger from his father's demise to fuel his power and completely obliterate Cell. When he did this the green menace let out a pained scream as he was slowly torn apart bit by bit, from the powerful blue beam.

Gohan cut off the beam realising that Cell was gone. He looked over to the cameraman, who after his camera had been destroyed, got out his smartphone and had recorded the entire thing. Gohan looked straight into the camera and dropped out of his ssj2 state, falling to the ground from exhaustion. The entire world cheered because Cell was finally gone.

Piccolo raced over to his fallen student and snarled at the paramedics, who were trying to take him away, only to poke and prod him with needles. The reporter rushed over and tried to get Gohan's name from him so they could find him and ruin his life.

"Excuse me sir but what is our savior's name?" The reporter inquired.

"None of your damned business!" Piccolo growled.

"W-well a-at l-l-least give us something to c-c-call him." The reporter stuttered fearfully.

Vegeta strolled over with Mirai Trunks slung over his shoulder. "He is an elite saiyan warrior who just lost his father and saved your weakling ass, and that is all that you pests need to know." The prince of all saiyans said with a scowl on his face.

"Thank you" The reporter almost sighed with relief as he rushed off.

Piccolo picked up Gohan and together him and Vegeta blasted off to the lookout, where the other Z senshi were waiting. When they got there Dende healed a severely injured 11 year old demi-saiyan. As Gohan was coming to Krillin summoned the dragon and wished for all the damage that Cell had caused to be repaired. Gohan had fully come to and rushed over to wish his father back. When he did he got the surprise of a lifetime.


Then an all too familiar voice sounded throughout the lookout.

"Hey guys," Goku contacted them telepathically "I really don't want to come back, I mean there are a lot of strong fighters here and a tournament coming up that I really wanna compete in too."

"YOU WHAT!" Gohan shouted with anger not even realising that he transformed into an ssj2 in his anger. "YOU WOULD CHOOSE FIGHTING OPPORTUNITIES OVER YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! YOU INSOLENT BASTARD!" Gohan turned to Shenron.

"Shenron our second wish is for three indestructible, and portable gravity chambers all with the ability to go up to 9000 Gs, along with scenery changing capabilities!" He shouted.

"YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED." Shenron's voice boomed. As three capsules appeared in Gohan's hand. He un-capsuled one on the lookout, tossed one to Vegeta and put one in his pocket. He then blasted over to Capsule Corp and stole a spaceship. after he grabbed 10 bags of food capsules he blasted off into space. Gohan immediately set course for an uninhabited planet near the once great planet Vegeta-sai.

Everybody from the Z Senshi looked in shock at the direction in which the spaceship holding their youngest member was going.

"Who's gonna tell Chi-Chi?" Krillin asked. When he did this everybody but Vegeta bolted to their respective homes and barricaded the doors. Vegeta scowled at the cowardice of his son and mate. He then made his way over to the Harpy's house to tell her about Kakarot's abandonment and Kakabrat's vacation to space.

"MY BABYS BECOME A DELINQUENT!" CLANG! "HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BECOME A SCHOLAR!" CLANG! CLANG! "NOW I'M NEVER GONNA GET GRANDBABIES!" CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! Chi-Chi wailed while hitting the prince on the head with her almighty Frying Pan Of Doomâ„¢. Vegeta just scowled and grabbed the Son matron by the front of her shirt and yelled at her about not letting Gohan train to reach his full potential.