Fifty more sentences on Kelly Burkhardt-Schade.


"So the Rat King is basically a Zord?" Kelly asked, and Mr. Geiger replied by asking how the hell is Power Rangers still around.


It started when they went after his sister, his baby sister, and it didn't exactly go away when he hunted them all down.


Kelly couldn't wait to show Eddie the sexy Olaf costumes, after seeing him lose it over the sexy SpongeBob costumes.


When she asked how he could have figured it out and he just replied with a smirk, "Hexenbiest mom and cop dad."


"We are never, ever, drinking with your sister's people again," Sarah said, resting her head on the cool tile as Kelly held back her hair, "Ever."


Kelly grew up surrounded by the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and frequently lived outside when times were tough, so when he stepped into the building with its steel and glass, with everything blindingly bright, he felt a tad out of place and had to remind himself that he had a job to do.


When they realized that's been fourteen months and they were still alive, Kelly took Sarah out dancing for their belated anniversary.


"Surprise!" the siblings shouted as they held up the giant cake to their father.


Once the blade went into the other guy's leg, Kelly knew he had won, because in less than a day, he'll be dead from blood poisoning.


He remembers Dad thrumming his guitar and softly singing a lullaby that he himself now sings to his kid.


He said that he never wanted Analise to fear for her life and tried to make it so, and Diana said that was her goal for him.


"Let them," Sarah said after the Wurstners dropped off another wedding gift from the Eisbiber community, "They just want to show how happy they are for us."


Diana is older than him but not much taller, since she takes after Mom, she says.


"Please don't tell Dad," Analise pleaded, as if Dad won't notice them coming home after midnight and in car that is not theirs.


Kelly learned that Mom couldn't see the big picture, Dad sees it but usually doesn't care, and Di is the painter and he was probably the guy who hated art and fate.


Dad tried not to laugh at the sight of him and Analise covered in mud, sticks, and leaves, and failed miserably.


"No one wants to hear the pilot say 'You have no control' when they're thirty-five thousand feet up in the air!"


"See, Di is basically the Messiah, I now work for her, and Ana just ran off to join a girl band, so our parents pretty much gave up any hope of us having normal lives."


"So they want to register Wesen, like no one saw the X-Men, or anything else that said that legally discriminating people is a really stupid thing to do!"


"Don't worry, Dad grounded me too," Kelly said to Analise, who was still in the slinky witch costume and glared at him through the make-up that is way too old for her.


"Hate you," Kelly breathed out as his cousins laughed at his misery, "Hate you so much."


Dad always took Kelly and Analise out on activities that he himself enjoyed as a kid, so it was a lot camping and target practice.


Kelly looked around the loft, the sparse furnishes, the old security system and the steel-siding windows and wondered how afraid his dad was that he moved his young family into this place, and how afraid he still felt to keep it as a safe house.


"Yes, my name rhymes," Wu rolled his eyes at the Kelly's giggling, "Thank you for noticing."


Di went eerily quiet after Kelly compared her to her dad, and then he started to panic because he had no idea if her paid her a compliment or gave her the worst possible insult.


"Ja, Ich war deutscher Sprache," Kelly replied in the worst possible accent he could manage, because people tend to be more honest him with that way.


"And over here, we see your children being perfectly safe and happy," Kelly said as he turned his phone to the dining table, showing his aunt and uncle the kids, "They're even eating their vegetables, and you can ignore the fact that they made a tofu castle."


From what Kelly and Analise had figured out, the one grandparent who was still alive was Mom's dad, who she wishes was dead.


"Why is it that our family reunions usually have shocking revelations and a body count?"


"Listen, I'm sure that you're a good person deep inside and want to improve yourself," Kelly explained, "But Analise doesn't want to see you again, so you either respect her wishes, or I finally get to see what color your kidneys are."


Even though the entire house was a mess, and they had to call 911, Kelly and Eddie managed to save the train set, so hopefully they won't be grounded forever.


Kelly asked what the radio was talking about strange creatures that look like men, but Daddy changed the station and instead asked how his first day at school was.


Trubel always managed to get Kelly and Analise to behave, because good behavior meant rides on the motorcycle and pizza.


"Well, you messed up and accepted the consequences," Hank handed a bottle of aspirin to a weaken Kelly, "Now you're man."


"Why do most of these spells need an uncomfortable exchange of bodily fluids?" Kelly questioned, trying not to heave at the instructions, "Or an insane amount of violence?"


"NO!" Kelly shouted, hands up and trying to save them because it was not too late, "He surrendered!"


"Congratulations of your new baby brother," Kelly said to Eddie, "Be prepared to be held up as an example."


Kelly opened his eyes, and was greeted by the rolling credits, and observed that everyone else was also asleep, so he turned off the screen and drifted back to sleep.


It had been a really long day, and it was not over yet, and he had places to go, so Kelly just tasered the idiot and left him for the cops.


Kelly did not like name-dropping, so not many of her people knew that Di was his sister, until she found out that he was getting hassled from some brown-nosers and she then made a formal announcement that left no room for them to be ignorant of her family or what will happen to those who would try to hurt them.


"Once upon a time," Kelly began, "There was a little girl who was lost, so the Grimm asked a Blutbad to help him…"


Analise had no interest in combat, especially after her previous training, but when she decided to take it seriously, she asked Trubel to get her ready and they understood why.


"Hey, there you are!" Kelly grabbed the poor Badershwein girl and then to make sure she wouldn't scream, whispered, "Just play along, get in the car and I promise I will get you out of here alive."


It was confusing for outsiders to understand that Di was actually a year older than him and just assume than Mom got pregnant when she was like eighteen, and that infuriated Mom to no end.


When Diana finally explained what she had seen, the things that will happen and what their part will be, Kelly only said that prophecies suck and she didn't disagree.


"What are they talking about that everything changed? The only change is that humans can't shut out the crazy anymore!"


Kelly always remembered the piece of advice that Uncle Monroe, Uncle Hank and Wu all agreed on, and that was 'always bring a shotgun to a knife fight.'


After Di explained why she was okay with witnessing her grandfather being assassinated, trusts Elizabeth with her life and why she sees Dad as her second stepfather and foster brother, Kelly began to joke that they were a telenovela family, until Ana repeated the joke to Mom and he had to stop.


"Hey Grandpa," Kelly greeted Dad, and gave him his granddaughter to hold.


So to not give the terrified Wesen anymore reason to panic, Kelly holstered his gun and said "I'm here to help."

Author Note: So, if anyone is reading this and had this question- Who is Analise? Or, more likely, how did Nick and Adalind have another kid?

I have no idea. Maybe they got drunk one night. Analise came from my obsession of the female characters' names, and wanted to do something similar in having a name that was both classically beautiful and somewhat commonplace. Also, I may or may not absolutely love How To Get Away With Murder. So yeah, Kelly got a little sister, but in canon its probably going to be just him and Diana.