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The Eiffel Tower looked over Paris in the most beautiful way. It was always there, standing high above the ground. It's glimmering through sunlight and moon making it the most romantic place in all of Paris, at least in Adrien's opinion. For that reason alone, he had decided that it would be in his best interest to stand on one of its many beams for hours and hours waiting for his Lady to finally show up. See, it didn't matter that it was a school night, or that he hadn't even thought about completing his physics project for the next day, all that mattered was his Lady. He sat, paced, and waited until he finally gave up. It was midnight already and he had agreed to meet with her at ten. He sighed and stood up in a dejected manner, realizing that she had probably forgotten, and was not going to show. He prepared to take his leave. Suddenly he spotted, in the corner of his eye, a blur of red swinging towards him. He could barely hold in his excitement but yet he did, suppressing all his excited movements except the gleam in his eyes. After all, he had to keep his cool demeanor or he wouldn't be Chat Nior. The hero smiled to himself and bowed as his Lady landed softly next to him, rolling her eyes at his attempt to look suave and charming.

"Hello, Chat. Based on you seemingly relaxed composure I'm assuming you invited me here for no reason whatsoever, as usual. Can't a girl get some sleep?" She stated, with false venom in her voice. Her sarcasm and bold personality would appear rude to most, but Chat new otherwise. Her snarky comments were just her way of showing playfulness, similar to Chat's unbearable puns and indefinite flirting. He smirked, grabbing her hand and gently kissing it.

"My Lady, you wound me. Can't a Chat be allowed to see his lady from time to time? It's paw-sitively painful to hear that you do not feel the same!" He put his hand to his heart, feigning pain. Lady bug sighed, shaking her head.

"Chat, these meetings have been every night for weeks!" She groaned. He was about to respond when faint screams were heard in the distance. He just shook his head.

"My Lady, I would love continue this conversation, but it seems Hawk Moth has other plans." Adrien whispered and she nodded, taking off into the night. He had no choice but to follow.

The akuma was a young girl, only the age of ten. It was odd for Hawk Moth to target such a young victim, but Lady Bug couldn't say he had made a bad decision. The akuma, newly named The Secret Sharer, was hard to figure out, and Hawk Moth knew she was no good without a plan. When Lady Bug had first arrived on the scene she was confused. The akuma didn't seem to be doing anything scaring people too. She would simply go up to a screaming person, snap her fingers, and watch as the civilian became more frightened. Perhaps she was showing them their worst nightmares? It seemed like a possibility, until Chat pointed out that the people didn't look scared as much as surprised. They would calm after a few seconds and proceed in questioning the nearest person about what was going on and how they had gotten there. They would only truly look frightened if the saw their own refection. It was all strange. She turned to the black clad hero to her side worriedly.

"What do you think is going on?" She groaned. Normally she was cool headed and ready to take action but she was so confused by this one, and she couldn't take it.

"I have no idea… but I do have a bad feline about this." He muttered. Ladybug face palmed. Puns at a time like this?

"I can't believe I'm saying this but… we got to just attack head on I guess." She told him. He nodded and began to charge.

The battle ended quicker than Chat wanted to admit. He got in a few punches and a couple kicks, Lady Bug did better than he, but they were no match for this akuma. Secret Sharer wasn't much for offence, but was great at dodging attacks. He's punch and she's swerve to the side. Lady Bug would swing her yoyo but Secret Sharer would again just move out of reach. She was quick. Finally, after a lot of grumbling about 'losing to a kid' and attempting to take the kid down, they got some helpful information. (Through an evil villain monologue, of course.)

The girl began to cackle, "Secrets ruin everything! If you keep them to yourselves they eat you alive, but if confide in someone they'll just betray you! It's not fair! Maybe if I just show everyone what it's like… to have that secret… they'll respect it more. Respect MINE more! So that's what I'm gunna do. I'm going to switch everyone with the person they confide the most in! Then they'll be stuck learning to be each other forever! Maybe then they'll be trustworthy, maybe then they'll understand what they're going through." She screeched happily. This girl made no sense, her reasoning sucked. Chat guessed that's what happens when you're ten. Nothing makes sense. Even so they at least knew the akuma's powers. She switched people's bodies with the people they confided in the most.

"Okay Milady, attack on three!" Chat began to count down. Lady Bug should have disagreed but, sadly her judgement was too clouded from the previous stress to realize. They both pounced as Chat reached one and to their (but not my) surprise, the akuma snapped its fingers releasing its powers on them. It was a powerful blast, knocking the two out, nonetheless taking effect. Light shimmered around them and the last thing Chat thought before blacking out was 'Who do I confide in the most? Oh of course, the one person who knows my secret identity…Plagg. Whelp, I'm screwed.'