"You made out with her?"

"Stop it Cloud. It was her uncle's damn semblance. I think it was some kind of hormone thing or whatever." Tifa replied, clearly exhausted by the bombardment of questions.

"... Did you like it?"

"Barret!" Cloud reprimanded, "She just said that it was her hormones that got manipulated! She probably felt weird doing it. Right Tifa? - Tifa?"

Tifa's face was redder than summon materia as she buried her face in her palms.

"... Did you tell her teammates what happened?" Red XIII inquired.

Tifa sighed, "No… But Qrow did." She mentioned with a disdained look on her face, "Blake kept giving me the evil eye the entire time for some reason." She noted.

"Well, the newest episodes of Yang's show came out, you wanna watch them?" Cloud asked, noticing that Tifa was growing uncomfortable with the interrogation.

"Sure, I want to see what happens next. I only saw the episode where her sister confronts Mercury." Tifa was rather excited, between punching out Yang's haters, her haters, and the occasional rude and pervy drunk, she had little time getting around to watching RWBY, and was interested in knowing what happened next.

The battle between Ruby and Mercury began, after a few humorous moments of the sidestepping gag, and constantly switched back and forth between the Pyrrha vs. Penny fight, and the one between Ruby and Mercury.

"Wow, the fight choreography is really good this time around." Barret noticed.

"Rule of Mercury, Barret. Rule of Mercury." Cloud pointed out.

"'Rule of Mercury'? What's that?" Red asked.

"When it comes down to animation, whatever scene that guy's in, the quality is exceptionally good." Cloud explained.

A few more minutes into the episode, and they saw the ending scene: Pyrrha's illusionary vision of a thousand swords, all pointed at her.

"Wow. I bet that would even freak out Sephiroth." Cloud said, a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"You do realize that it's an illusion, right? It's not real." Tifa spoke up.

"Yeah, but still," Cloud pointed out with a slight tone of complaint to his voice, "It's still rather intimidating."

Tifa laughed, "I know, Cloud. I know."

There were only a few seconds of laughter among the group until the final scene hit. Penny was cut to pieces, and Cinder's speech sent chills down the spines of all AVALANCHE members.

Cloud was first to break the silence, "Holy…"

"They turned Penny into quarters." Tifa finished.

"Yeah... " Barret said, awestruck.

"You spent too much time around that blonde girl." Red said, breaking the mood.

After a brief argument over where the time and place was for puns was over, the group were in the middle of watching episode eleven. Right in the middle of it. The scene where Adam stabbed Blake had shocked them all to say the least, but then Yang's voice was heard.

"No problem, guys. Yang's there, she can handle this." Tifa said, with unwavering confidence in her friend.

Yang jumped, her rage and semblance being used to the max.



The AVALANCHE crew looked to Tifa. Her eyes were watering, and she seemed to be on the verge of sobbing.

"She… OH GOD, NO!" She called out.

Barret got up, using the excuse of fresh air to cover the fact that he didn't want to see the brunette in such a heartbroken state. Seeing someone as strong as Tifa, breaking down like that…

Cloud was next, he tried to place a hand on her shoulder, only for it to be shaken off. He understood that his friend needed some time alone, and motioned for Red XIII to come along.

"Yang…" Tifa thought back fondly on the past week. The laughs, the cries, the in-betweens. The selfie of her and Yang… Yang wanted her to keep that to remember the good times they had. Yang wanted the last memento of her to be of a time when they were both happy, when Yang still had both arms and could punch a hater nearby mach two when they worked together.

She took out her phone, and saved the selfie as her wallpaper. 'I guess she wouldn't want me feeling sad too...' she thought sadly.

Barret was angry, he saw a party going on a few blocks away from where they had watched the most recent episode of RWBY. He heard what the partygoers called out in a drunken stupor.

"Take THAT ya aura bitch!"

"Yeah! Now Screwattack will HAVE to redo the fight or admit to bias now!"

"Our Tifa will get her well-deserved victory over the blonde slut!"

Barret was furious. He could feel his rage rising, with every passing moment.

He walked up to the building, unaware that both Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, Vincent, and XIII were all trailing behind him, having heard the same obscenities.

What followed, set the record for the most amount of limit breaks ever performed on the smallest number of people ever.

"Yang! Yang!" Tifa was at the Rose-Xiao Long residence, at Yang's bedside. There were others in the house. Not many though. The set was in ruins. There were very few people there. Almost as if everything went… Meta.

The threats were real now. There were chaos and destruction everywhere.

"C'mon, Yang." Tifa hefted the blonde up, "Let's get you to a place where we can at least try to remember the good times."

The portal opened. They were in Net City once again. Tifa walked to the only place where the two of them could recuperate without having to deal with any chaos.

The DB Hotel and Diner.

"C'mon Xiao Long, let's keep moving forward…"

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