Hello! This is a little extra that I thought up. Just a One-Shot based off of a SoRiku Doujinshi I read online. So I hope you enjoy. I'm on a standstill right now for my ToS story, but I'm working on it! Enjoy~

For You

I walked down the hallways of the castle in Hollow Bastion. My mid wandered off to thoughts of Sora. Sora….He's a traitor. He left Kairi and me to go on his own adventures with his new friends.

Am I sure?

A voice in the back of my head spoke out. For some reason, it sounded a lot like my younger self. I stopped walking, my thoughts on my best—no ex-best friend. He's not my friend. If he was, then he would've taken my hand.

No, but he gave me his.

I huffed in annoyance at my thoughts. So what he offered me to come with him. I was stronger. He should've come with me. As I entered the mental argument with myself, I remembered the time when Sora and I got lost in the woods. We both ran away from home…he for some stupid reason, and I just followed him.

We got lost, and shared a paopu fruit…we were hungry, and we found it along the beach before going into the forest…

He was such a pathetic wimp, such a crybaby…

But that's why I wanted to protect him…

Because he needs me. No one else. Just me. I shall take everything from him, so he'll only look at me.

But he didn't smile…

That's why I vowed to grow stronger...And I have…I finally reached my goal for obtaining ultimate strength.

But…for what purpose?