Chose to Fight

"Yes, I remember it well" whispered the man "Twelve inches and a half, applewood, unicorn hair and slightly springy."

"Very good to deal with creatures" the blond girl added with a smile "And loyal."

She paced the cell and despite having her ankles chained, she seemed to be dancing around the place. The man looked at her attentive. There was little light, but he could see the giant eyes of the girl, dreamy and happy, as if she was not aware that they were imprisoned.

"Aren't you afraid?" the man asked.
"I am afraid" Luna assured, stopping her footsteps "But I also have hope."
"What if we never get out of here?" the man insisted almost offended by the lightness of the girl.
"We are going to get out of here" Luna corrected him, aggressively lowering her body so the man would see and listen to her better "Even as spirits defending what is right."

In that moment, Garrick Ollivander understood that that little girl was not lost in fantasies as it appeared. She knew what was happening and chose to fight.

I've never wirtten in english, so excuse me if i've mispelled something! This is a short canon drabble of Luna, that maybe can be the start of other Luna's drabbles, but who knows! Hope you like it and you would make me so happy if you give me a review :)

Simona Polle