This story is written in response to Rune Saints challenge. I saw what he had posted and it seemed like an interesting idea for a story. I'm a big fan of parts of the Star Wars expanded universe, and the idea of mixing PJO into it seemed like a fun idea.

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Percy swirled the drink in his glass as he looked at the two girls sitting with him at the bar on Olympus. It was seven months after Gaea had been defeated, and the heroes of the Prophecy, as well as Nico and Reyna, were declared the Heroes of Olympus. Percy was even given the official title, Hero of the Gods, since it was his second time being directly involved with the saving of Olympus. A time of peace had settled over western civilization, at least where monsters were concerned. The personal lives of the demigods were still full of trouble and turmoil.

Piper, who was sitting to Percy's left, had hoped things would grow and get better between her and Jason. After the war things had seemed great, until his new duties took over his life. It was around three months after Gaea had been defeated that Jason told Piper they needed a break. He had said that the minor gods were too demanding and he felt like he could not give Piper the attention she deserved. Piper tried to convince him that she was okay with the way things were. She even offered to travel with him and help him with his duties, but he shook his head. He explained how he did not want her exposed to some of the gods' behavior, and he did not want her to become something the minor deities could use against him. Piper was heartbroken. After she cried and mourned the end of their relationship, Piper started hanging out with Percy at the bar on Olympus. They were allowed to drink even though they were not the correct age, being a Saviour of Olympus had its perks.

Hazel, sitting on Percy's right, had a slightly worse experience. She and Frank had grown fairly close during the quest and its aftermath. Hazel could not have been happier with her choice of boyfriend. Frank was sweet and caring, and always made Hazel smile. Things seemed to be going great, until Leo returned. It was probably one month after Piper and Jason had broken up that Leo came flying in on Festus with Calypso riding behind him. Everyone was happy to see the energetic mechanic and were surprised when he introduced Calypso to everyone. He could not find his best friends, since Jason was always busy and Piper was always drinking with Percy, so he latched onto Hazel and Frank. They all started out as friends, until jealousy crept into Frank's mind.

Since Frank was one of the praetors he had several duties that took his attention. Whenever the friends were going to hang out, Frank would be a little late. During this time, Leo and Hazel would talk and laugh about past times and entertain Calypso with stories of Leo's special brand of demigod talents. Frank knew that Leo used to have a crush on Hazel, so he eyed him warily, even though Leo claimed to love only Calypso. One day, Frank had seen Hazel and Leo hugging rather intimately, and Calypso was not around. Leo and Hazel tried to explain the situation, Hazel had just went to Leo to talk about her issues with Frank's job and Leo was giving her advice. Frank did not believe them and thought Hazel was cheating on him. He was overcome with the Blessing of Ares and started to beat Leo to a pulp. It took Reyna, Calypso, Hazel, and three others to pull Frank off of him. Hazel was in tears as she walked off, leaving Frank and New Rome behind. She had heard that Percy was now living on Olympus, so she decided to go be with her next closest friend. When Percy saw her he let her use one of his spare bedrooms, Piper was using the other one.

It had been that way for two months now, the three of them living in the small house Percy received on Olympus for saving the gods twice. He had originally planned for he and Annabeth to either live there or use it as a vacation home both during and after college. That dreamed died a month after Gaea's defeat. Percy still felt the wound Annabeth left him with like it happened yesterday.

He had a fitful night of sleep filled with nightmares of Tartarus, when he was woken up by a knock at his cabin door. It was around four in the morning, so no one should be up and knocking on cabins, unless it was extremely important. He got up, wearing only some sleep pants, and went to see who it was. Annabeth stood there in one of his shirts and some shorts, with tears in her eyes. She explained the nightmare she had, and asked Percy if she could stay with him for awhile. Percy knew Chiron would not like it, but he should be able to understand their reasons. The two of them slept until the breakfast horn was blown, and they forced themselves up. Throughout the day Percy noticed that Annabeth seemed distant from him most of the time. He figured it had to do with the nightmare she had. After dinner she asked him to walk with her, and he discovered the real reason she was acting distant.

"Percy, we need to talk," she had said.

Percy gave her a concerned look, "Sounds serious. What's wrong Wise Girl? Did I do something stupid and embarrassing again without realizing it?"

Annabeth smirked, "No, you've been perfect. It's me."

"You're breaking up with me?" Percy whispered, unable to believe she would use the cliche it's not you it's me line.

Annabeth took several deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves, before saying, "No Seaweed Brain, at least not really. I think we need time apart."


Annabeth sighed, "Percy, what are your nightmares about?"

Percy did not understand the reason behind the question, but answered it anyway, "Tartarus, they are usually just flashes of what we saw, or what could have happened. Why?"

Annabeth pushed her blonde curls over her ear, "All of mine have been flashbacks to when you lost control and almost killed Akhlys. You were terrifying, and my nightmares use it against me every night. I know you would never do that to me or anyone again, but I can't help but think about the darkness within you."

"So you're best response is to break up with me?" Percy said, anger filling his voice.

Annabeth shook her head, "No, not break up. Just take time apart. That way I can sort out my thoughts and get my head on straight. I need these nightmares to stop, and my mother and I think that if I spend time away from you it will help."

Percy started to shake from his anger, "Annabeth, we said we loved each other. People who love each other work things out and do not run away from their problems. This time apart, no matter how you say it, sounds like a break up to me. I went to Hell for you and this is the thanks I get. Fine, Annabeth if you want your time apart, I'll give it to you!"

Percy was angrier than he had ever been. His fatal flaw was loyalty, and the one person he was most loyal to just hurt him more than anyone ever could have. What happened next, seemed to go in slow motion to Percy. He raised his arm up, even with Annabeth's throat, and formed it like he was going to choke her. Annabeth suddenly started gasping for air and clutching her throat as she was lifted into the air by an unseen force. Percy quickly realized that he was the cause of it and dropped his arm. Annabeth fell, gasping for air.

"What the hell Percy?" someone yelled.

Percy turned to see Malcolm, Annabeth's sibling, running towards them. Percy took off to his cabin unsure of what had just happened. Little did he know, that instance had set the course for his life to change, for what seemed like the worst.

After the incident with Annabeth, Percy laid low at camp. He taught his classes, and ate at the pavilion, but he tried to avoid his friends at all costs. Rumors had begun to spread about him, and how Tartarus had created a dark side within him. His former friends thought he was halfway a monster. Percy also began to notice a change that scared him.

Whenever he was alone, Percy would vent his anger, so he did not take it out on anyone again. He was scared of losing control. Whenever he would vent however, strange things happened. Depending on how angry he would get, furniture in his cabin would levitate into the air. Other times, he could read some peoples' thoughts, or even influence them to do something. He believed he was going insane, so he decided to separate himself from his friends. Annabeth may have dumped him and broke his heart, but he still loved her and he knew some part of his friends still worried about him. He had to protect them from the weirdness that was happening by getting away from them. That led to him moving into his house on Olympus and living alone. At least there he could be put down by the gods if needed.

Thankfully, in his opinion, the bars on Olympus would serve the Heroes, even though they were underaged. Percy used the godly alcohol to drown out his memories and to try to move on. When Piper joined him, it became easier to forget his problems, since he was helping her with getting over Jason. Hazel made it even easier as now the three of them each had someone to lean on. They became good friends and close roommates. Some believed that Percy was dating both girls, but most knew the truth, they were each other's crutch.

This Friday was like most for the trio. They spent the day training on Olympus, and now they were having their customary drinks to kick off their weekend. Piper drank a Lemon Drop, Hazel had a fruity cocktail of some sort, and Percy had bourbon in front of him. They toasted the single life and drank their sorrows away. They stayed quiet through the first few drinks as tradition. After they have a few, they start to either cut loose and have fun, or they get angry and pick fights. They were not that far into their drinking when their peace was interrupted by two other demigods.

"Crap, they're already drinking. I told you we needed to leave earlier Thalia, but no, Pikachu knows everything," Nico complained.

Thalia glared at him, "Maybe if you didn't have to send that spirit to the Underworld Death Breath, I wouldn't of had to change my clothes."

Percy groaned when her heard the two bickering, Piper and Hazel merely rolled their eyes. This was Nico and Thalia's bi-weekly attempted to cheer the three up. It never worked.

"You guys want to ditch before they see us?" Hazel asked. Usually she would love to spend time with her brother, but this was not one of those times.

"Too late," Piper muttered.

"Hey guys, got room for two more?" Thalia called out.

"Go away Sparky, we don't need your sunshine and rainbows parade today," Percy called back.

Thalia scowled, "C'mon Kelp Head, we are just trying to help you out of this funk you're in. We know you guys lost your relationships, but there is still plenty of life to live."

"Thank you, for that wonderful thought," Hazel muttered darkly.

Nico frowned, "C'mon sis, I'm supposed to be the dark and gloomy child of Hades, not you."

"Things change," Hazel responded.

Thalia and Nico sat down at the table next to the three. Percy and Hazel knew there was something romantic growing between the two thanks to Piper. It upset them that two people who were in the early stages of love tried to lecture them on being dumped. Percy was really not in the mood for their speeches today. It was the six month anniversary of the fight he and Annabeth had, when she broke up with him.

"You know they're miserable without y'all," Nico said quietly.

Piper grunted something that sounded like good, Hazel looked down, and Percy just finished his drink and motioned for another.

"Frank has no right to be miserable. He brought our breakup on himself. He should have known that I did not care for Leo like I cared for him," Hazel finally spoke up.

Nico nodded, "I know Haze, and I agree with you. He messages me about four times a week asking about you. He asked me to tell you how sorry he is for not trusting you."

Hazel glared, "He can lead the Legion headfirst into death, but he doesn't have the balls to face me himself?"

Nico shrugged, "I'm just the messenger Hazel. Maybe you should talk to him."

Hazel glanced at Percy, who shrugged in a manner that seemed to say, it's up to you. Hazel sighed before answering Nico.

"Nico, I will talk to him if he can come to me. I don't feel safe near him anymore and he will have to prove himself to me again."

Thalia glanced at Piper, "What about you Pipes?"

"Don't call me that. That nickname is reserved for Leo, Calypso, Hazel, and Percy," Piper snapped.

Thalia winced, "Sorry Piper, it became a habit. Jason misses you terribly. He wishes he had never taken up those duties."

Piper glared at Jason's sister, "Is he willing to quit?"

Thalia shook her head.

"Then he dug his own hole there. I told him I would help, but he always has to put his duty first and it has to be done by him alone. I'm not going to be a second thought or be helpless in a relationship Thalia," Piper glared at Thalia.

"You know you could always join us in the Hunt," Thalia said, the hurt evident in her voice. She had always tried to be there for Piper when Jason was being an idiot.

Piper nodded, "I know Thalia, and I'm sorry I snapped at you. I'm not angry with you, just your idiot sibling. I don't want to leave my friends, otherwise I would join the Hunt with you guys."

Thalia sighed, "Lady Artemis would probably open the Hunt to all three of you. Piper and Hazel definitely, and Percy, since you're the Hero of the Gods she could make an exception."

Percy slammed his glass down, "Why would I join a group that is led by a hypocrite?"

Nico looked confused, "What do you mean Perce?"

Percy glared at both of his cousins, "You and Thalia's little romance goes against the oath of the Hunt."

Both Thalia and Nico paled, in Nico's case he almost became transparent. They honestly did not think anyone knew about them. Piper smirked at their response and Hazel ordered another drink. Percy glared at them until they started to shrink in their seats.

"We were actually working on how to tell Lady Artemis," Thalia said, "I just don't want to disappoint her by leaving."

"Well let me tell you something, everyone loses something important to them, at some point in their life," Percy said harshly.

"Percy look, we know you hate that Annabeth left you, but you have to move on. It's been what six-" Nico never finished what he was saying as he realized what the day was.

"Percy he didn't mean it," Piper said nervously.

"Yea, he wasn't thinking," Hazel added. The two of them were trying to keep their friend calm. They saw his eyes turn dark like storms on the ocean. The colors swirled like the whirlpool around Charybdis.

Nico started pleading, "Please Percy, I'm sorry. I did not realize-"


Everyone in the bar started to cower. Unknown to Percy, barstools and tables were hovering all around him. He was starting to lose control, and he did not care. The only thought in his mind was tearing apart the person in front of him who was so careless with his words.

"Chill out Kelp Head, he's sorry," Thalia interjected.

"You want some too, bring it on Pinecone Face," Percy threatened.

Thalia's body crackled with electricity as she prepared to strike Percy. She thought that if she hit him with enough electricity that she could knock some sense into him. Piper, Hazel, and Nico had backed up from the two, knowing it was impossible to stop them if they were going to fight.

Thalia unleashed her lightning at Percy, but instead of hitting him something else happened that scared her. Percy lifted his hand towards the lightning and seemed to be gathering the energy. As the lightning neared his hand, it turned blue and began to circle in front of his palm. Once he had it all, he directed his hand towards Thalia and launched the lightning at her, knocking her into the wall.

Nico ran over to her to make sure she was okay. Percy started to sway and was about to fall if it was not for Piper and Hazel coming to help him, and Nico helped Thalia stand. Everyone was glaring at each other when thunder rumbled in the distance.

"Zeus is calling a meeting," Piper said.

"Probably felt Percy's spike in power," Hazel muttered.

Thalia and Percy were breathing hard. Percy's eyes, which had turned yellow, cleared to their normal sea green color and a look of horror filled his face.

"Thalia, I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened."

Thalia spat at him, "Yea right Percy. Why should I believe you."

Nico shocked everyone when he answered, "Because he is the greatest hero of the age, and strange things have been happening to him since Tartarus."

Thalia looked to Piper and Hazel for confirmation. They nodded, and gave worried looks in Percy's direction. Thalia realized they were telling the truth. As she really looked at Percy's face she saw the pain that filled his eyes. He was upset with himself for hurting her.

"Percy, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were suffering," Thalia said as she hugged her cousin.

Percy hugged her back, muttering how he was cursed and how things would be better if he died. Then no one could get hurt by his strange powers. The others tried to help comfort him when they were interrupted.

"I hate to break things up," Hermes said, "But Zeus sent me to get you five. There is something important you need to know about Percy's condition."

That's it for chapter one. I hope you guys enjoyed it. See you guys next chapter.