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Kitty Pryde looked down at the tuna-fish/chicken/whatever casserole the cafeteria had seen fit to dish them out that day. It looked bleak and miserable, kind of like her mood as of late. Kitty sighed, finding it hard to pay attention to what Jubilee or Rogue were saying, feeling completely out of character.

"Did you hear what I said?" Jubilee asked her. Kitty blinked.


Rogue rolled her eyes. "Of course she didn't hear you, she's off in Lance Alvers-la la land, get over him already. He's not worth it," Rogue said firmly, while eyeing the casserole with disgust.

"Yeah, seriously," Jubilee said emphatically, "Him and Siren deserve each other."

Kitty scowled deeper, as she glanced across the cafeteria to see HER boyfriend, wait, no, EX-boyfriend hanging all over Siren Phillips, the unofficial femme fatale of Bayville High. Siren, whose mutant power, ironically was that she had charm. Lots of it. So it was no surprise that she spent time alternating between dating the most popular boys in school, the latest of which had been Pietro Maximoff, until she had set her sights on Kitty's boyfriend Lance Alvers.

Kitty closed her eyes as she remembered the humiliation. Just last week, Lance had dumped her publicly in the halls of Bayville, while 10 feet away Siren was dumping Pietro Maximoff, one of the most popular (and arrogant) boys in school. In fact, if anything good had come out of the breakup it was that finally the Almighty Maximoff pride had been humbled. Kitty smirked, but felt it slide off her face when she remembered the shocked, slightly hurt look in Pietro's eyes as Siren had flippantly told him it was over. She could sympathize with him. Tears filled Kitty's eyes as she remembered how just 2 weeks ago Lance had been sending roses to the mansion for her. How could he go from being so sweet to scum? And with Siren Phillips!

"It's okay, Kitty, guys are morons in general," Rogue said, in a gentler voice, throwing a veiled look in the direction of Scott Summers.

"Yeah, you need to move on," Jubilee piped in again, sweeping her long black hair to one side.

"Can we just not talk about it?" Kitty said tersely. "It's bad enough that wherever I go, people throw me these pitying glances like my life is supposed to be over. Well it's not," Kitty said, taking a resolute bite of the casserole and wincing, "If Lance wants to be with Siren, than he's welcome, because I don't care!"

"Right, that's why you're holding onto that picture of you two like it's your life support or something," Rogue said wryly, pointing to th that Kitty clutched in her hand.

Kitty let out a disgusted sound and dropped the picture as if had suddenly caught on fire. Jubilee giggled.

"You're really worked up about this," Jubilee commented sagely.

"Yeah, seriously," Rogue added, muffling a laugh as Kitty grew more and more murderous.

"For the hundredth time, I am NOT worked up about him dating that..that praying mantis!" Kitty practically yelled.

"Sure Kitty, but face facts, you want a man," Jubilee said, unable to resist teasing Kitty.

"I DON'T WANT A MAN!" Kitty shouted, jumping to her feet, losing her patience. She stopped mortified as she realized that her sentence had carried through the cafeteria, earning her a chorus of laughter. Kitty felt her cheeks flame as she heard the whiny laughter of Siren, seated next to Lance who was practically hanging on to her every word. Kitty sat back down furiously, wishing the earth would swallow her up.

"We're sorry, Kitty, but it was just too funny," Rogue apologized, as she tried to catch her breath. Kitty sighed, calming down.

"It doesn't matter, that was just the final nail in my social life. If it was sad before, it's about to hit an all time low," Kitty muttered, flipping open her calculus book to pass the time. "But one thing's for sure, I'm not going to spend any time mooning over a guy unlike SOME people," Kitty said, looking pointedly at Rogue, who flushed indignantly.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Rogue said, pretending to be absorbed with her food. Jubilee snorted.

"So you didn't just spend the last half hour glaring at Jean and Scott?"

"I just don't get why Little Miss Perfect keeps playing around with him. And he's too stupid to see it," Rogue said, frustrated.

"They have everything in common, though," Jubilee said cluelessly, missing the glare Kitty shot her. "They both live for boring stuff like extra Danger Room sessions, attending seminars on Romanian ballet or whatever, you'd never enjoy yourself with him Roguey...," Jubilee continued, but seeing Rogue looking despondently at Scott, she added quickly "but I'm sure you and him have TONS of stuff in common with him."

"Yeah, I'm sure," Rogue said, pushing her food around. At that moment, Jean Grey walked past, throwing a quick wave at their table, which Rogue half- heartedly returned.

"Wonder where she's going?" Kitty wondered aloud, as the popular red-head elegantly sailed past them, oblivious to the admiring stares she received from the boys.

Jubilee, of course, knowing the happenings of practically everyone in the student body quickly piped up. "She's organizing the Medieval Carnival at Bayville next week, so she's baking up a storm for her booth."

"Baking, cheerleading, wonder what else she does, play the Lute?" Rogue muttered into her drink, her southern accent deepening with her irritation. Then she perked up as her eyes caught onto Scott Summers disappear into the library. Rogue quickly stood up, shoved her tray to one side. "Um, I'm gonna go..uh, study. I'll see you guys later, okay?" And with that, the auburn haired goth was quickly making her way to the "study." Right, Kitty thought wryly, burying her face back into her calculus book. Well, atleast she had Jubilee to spend the rest of her lunch with.

"Um, sorry Kitty, but I'm gonna go talk to Bobby," Jubilee said apologetically, as she spotted her best friend entering the cafeteria.

Kitty sighed. "It's okay, I'm just going to get used to having lunch alone," Kitty mumbled.

Jubilee laughed. "Actually, Kitty, you might not be alone for long. Guess who looks like he wants to talk to you?"

Lance?! Kitty's head jerked up eagerly, her brown eyes scanning in front of her, seeing only the silver-haired Pietro Maximoff making his way toward her table. Kitty's eyes narrowed, scowling. That couldn't be right. He had never said more than 3 words to her during the whole year, and all of them had been totally annoying. "It's only Motor-mouth," Kitty said, rolling her eyes, and burying her nose back into her math book, while waving goodbye to Jubilee. Moments later, she felt a shadow fall over her table. "Might I have a word with you, Pryde?" Pietro Maximoff said, a lazy smile on his face.

Oh brother, Kitty thought, what does he want?