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Jubilee sat across from Bobby, trying not to roll her eyes as her best- friend continued to praise Samantha Eddington, the British exchange student that was, according to Bobby, "a babe."

"I've got it all worked out, I'm gonna ask her to lunch, then out to the movies, the more she sees me, the more she'll like me. Then..she'll probably ask ME to the big Turn-around prom," Bobby said matter-of-factly. "What do you think of my game plan?"

Jubilee rolled her eyes, wondering why she was feeling irritated as of late whenever Bobby started in on his monologue about one girl or another. God knew she'd bored him enough times as she drooled over the movie stars in her well-worn copy of Teen People. But still, it was different. Bobby was her best-friend, and he definitely deserved the best girlfriend, somebody that would appreciate his amazing sense-of-humor instead of trying to change him.

"Well, frankly, I think the whole idea of Turn-Around Prom is stupid," Jubilee said, opening up a pudding cup.

"I think it's great," Bobby countered cheerfully, "finally, the pressure's off the guys. All we have to do is sit around and wait to be asked."

"Yeah, well who am I going to ask?" Jubilee pouted, her black hair falling in her eyes, as she scanned the cafeteria bleakly. Every guy was either completely not her type or with someone. She looked across the table at Bobby, finding herself scrutinizing her best-friend, without realizing it.

Good build, nice smile, always makes me laugh, Jubilee found herself mentally ticking off Bobby's qualities. She stopped when she realized that Bobby had already continued to ramble on about Samantha again.

"Look, there she is Jubes. Now's my chance. Better put myself in her line of sight," Bobby said determinedly. "I'll seeya later," Bobby called quickly, ruffling her hair affectionately, before sprinting off in the direction of the blonde-haired Samantha, who sat regally in front of her admirers.

Jubilee watched him go, feeling oddly deflated, and then wrinkled her nose. Had she JUST been thinking of Bobby in THAT way? "God, it must be something in the food," Jubilee murmured. But the thought remained; Bobby really wouldn't make all THAT bad of a date. In fact, Jubilee couldn't help thinking, he'd look pretty hot in a tuxedo.