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To everyone else it was just a normal, sunny September afternoon. But to little Austin Moon it was the "Day of Doom."

"Mommy, do we have to go. I'm fine. I'm not sick. See?" Austin points to his face, confirming his statement.

Mimi squeezes his hand as she leads him to the doctor's office. "I know you're not sick, hun, but you have to go see the doctor just to make sure."

"But I don't wanna go in there! What if he's scary and mean? I don't wanna go Mommy!" Austin cries, hugging his teddy bear tightly.

The older woman bends down and grasps his shoulders, "Austin you're going to be fine. You've done this before."

"That was the old doctor. She was nice and gave out stickers. This is some-some man that i don't know. What if he hurts me?"

"He's not going to hurt you." Mimi reassures her son.

Austin looks up with doe eyes and sticks out a pinkie. "Promise?"

She smiles and links her pinkie with his. "I promise."

Austin nods his head and follows his mom inside.

As Mimi signs the forms, Austin looks around the waiting room, observing the kids chucking blocks at each other and running around. Normally he would've joined the group of kids, but the chaos only made him more nervous, so he hid behind his mom's legs, trying to muffle the sound.

"Hey, sweetheart. Would you like to come inside and color?" Austin looks up to the source of the voice, a woman like his mommy, but with brown hair.


"My daughter's here too. You can color with her if you want," the lady offers with a warm smile.

"Do you want to? I still have to fill out all these forms. It's not a problem, is it?" Mimi turns to the lady.

"Oh, no; it's completely fine. I've been trying to get her to make friends, but she just hangs around back here all day."

Mimi nods and turns to Austin. "So do you want to?"

Austin shyly nods his head, deciding the girl probably isn't like the other kids and won't scare him. Besides coloring is always fun.

The lady opens the door and allows Austin to come in. "My name's Penny and this is Ally," she says, gesturing to the little brunette, drawing silently on the floor.

Ally looks up at the sound of her name and waves slightly to the boy.

"I'm Austin," Austin introduces, joining Ally on the floor. "Oh and this is Teddy McStuffins. Can I color too?"

Ally nods and hands him a coloring book and some crayons. Austin picks up a red crayon and starts coloring a clown.

"You're supposed to color inside the lines." Austin looks up at the little girl, peeking over his shoulder.

"But that's boring."

Ally shrugs and goes back to her drawing.

After a few minutes Austin holds up his completed artwork. "Ta-da!" Whaddya think?"

It's messy. Ally thinks, observing the clown, now hidden by colorful scribbles. But her mom has always told her to be polite, so instead she says, "It's nice," and resumes her own art.

Slightly dejected, Austin looks over at her paper to see what she's drawing. "That's pretty. Oh my gosh! You know how to draw cars?!" Austin asks, excitedly. Ally nods, not looking up. "Can you teach me? I wanna draw a race car! An orange one with blue wheels and-"

"If I teach you, will you stop talking?"

The blonde nods silently, bouncing up and down.

Ally grabs a piece of paper and a crayon and instructs Austin to do the same and follow her instructions.

"Ooo do you know how to draw an airplane?! Can you teach me that too?"

"Austin Moon?"

"Come on, Austin. It's time for your checkup." Mimi taps the boy on the shoulder, trying to get his attention.

He turns around, his face void of any color. He got so engrossed in coloring, he forgot the real reason he was here.

"I don't wanna go Mommy! I wanna stay here with Ally and draw!"

"Honey, c'mon. The doctor's waiting for us."

"No! I don't wanna go! He has scary things and shots and-" Austin cries, tears pooling in his eyes.

Mimi sighs and rubs her temples. "Austin, please stop being so stubborn."

"I'm not burned. See? I'm fine. So I don't have to go to the doctor."

Penny bends down to Austin's level. "I know it's scary sweetheart, but Dr. Marshall is one of my best friends and he's not scary at all."

"But I'm scared, " the four-year-old whimpers.

"I know, sweetie, but I promise he won't give you a shot and he'll be really nice. You're a brave little boy, right?" Austin nods, sniffling. "And after your checkup, your mom and I will plan a playdate for you and Ally. Okay?" she offers, wiping one of his tears.

"Really?" Penny nods. "Okay, I'll go. Wait, where's Teddy McStuffins?" Austin frantically looks around for his beloved teddy bear.

"Right here," Ally hands him his bear and a folded sheet of paper.

Austin thanks her and then asks her in a not-so-hushed whisper, "Are you sure he's not scary?"

Ally nods. "He's my favorite. He's really nice and he gives out candy. The good kind, not the icky kind."

"Okay, I believe you," he takes a deep breath and turns to his mom, grabbing her hand. "Okay Mommy, I'm ready to go! I'm a brave warrior." he says, puffing out his chest.

Mimi smiles, "Yes you are." She mouths a thank you to the Dawsons, and leads him closer to the "Room of Doom."

As prepares to check Austin, said boy notices the paper Ally had given him, now slightly crumbled and sweaty due to his tight grip. He opens it and grins at the blonde boy and brunette girl draw beneath an airplane. He tugs on his mom's sleeve to read him the neat words only four-year-old Ally Dawson would be capable of.

Austin and Ally

Best Friends

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