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"Qwerty" Dialogue

'Qwerty' Thinking

-Qwerty- Author notes

Yep, here is another story about someone getting inside Steven universe, you will know me better, the names was changed to protect their true identity.

A morning like any other I was in my room sleeping on my bed, but with the difference that I was having the same dream I had the entire week.

I was sitting in middle of a yellow room without doors or windows, and then watch how the walls, the ceiling and the floor separated and noticed the fading of the chair leaving me adrift in only dark.

"What is this place?" I asked as I floating in the nothingness for a while, and hear someone "They need ..." but can't heard the rest.

Then in front of me was a big eye for an instant and quickly disappears as it appeared.

"Hey wait," I shouted to nowhere "Who are they? And what they need?"

Suddenly I hear knocking on the door of my room awakening me of my dream, "What? Who? How?" I said, rising from my bed with a start, disoriented by the sleep.

"Let's hurry up or we'll be late 'Princess'" I listen my brother from the other side.

After making sure I was in my room, I put on my glasses and replied, "Oh yeah, I'll be down in a minute"

I sighed before I got up to calm down a bit to get ready for the day, I change my pajamas for a red long-sleeved shirt, a dark blue pants with zippered pockets, a blue zipped hoodie and then did my ponytail.

"What we have today mom?" I asked as I sat at the table where my older brother was eating eggs with bacon.

"Eggs or cereal sweetheart" I heard my mother say from the kitchen.

"It will be cereal I guess" I said as I took the box of cereal and served some.

My brother stopped eating and turned to me, "What? 'The Princess' don't like eggs" my brother said in an annoyed tone.

"Shut up Nathan" I replied to him.

"Stop fighting on the table and eat fast, your father and Mathew are waiting in the car," I heard mom scolding us.

After Nathan finished his breakfast he rose from the table and said "Well let's go", then he took my hoodie and crawl me to the door.

"Hey I didn't finish" I complained, he releases me and leaves the house.

After finishing my breakfast I took my phone and my backpack and left the house to meet my father and my brothers waiting in the car.

During the trip my younger brother notes my distraction looking out the window and asks me "What are you thinking?"

"Huh?" I said getting me out of my trance "Only in this strange dream I had again" answer unturned.

"That one where you got your foot is stuck in the horse?"

I raised an eyebrow when Mathew asked before remembering that dream and shook my head "Not that one"

"Then which one?"

"I don't remember very well, I was in a room alone and then I think I was talking to a giant eye" I said, trying to explain what I remembered of my dream.

"That happens when you stay all night with the computer," my father said without looking away from the road.

"Well, I don't have much time to use it during the day" I replied to my father.

"You'll have time after you graduate, get a job and have your own house" my father said as he drove.

I rolled my eyes and muttered "Here we go again"

After hearing my father daily sermon about life and responsibility, we reached to the small two-room family store that we handle.

My brothers and I got off the car and then my father says "I'll return by the four for lunch, take care of the store and don't left it alone"

"Of course not," Nathan said as he opened the shop and head to the back room with Mathew, the one that we use as a storage and break room, leaving me in charge of the counter as usual.

After a few hours attending I sighed, "Boring" so I decide to go to the back room.

By entering I noticed a very concentrated Mathew on his laptop "Hey, what are you doing?" I asked as I approach "Oh he's in the middle of a game of LOL" I thought as I saw the screen was playing, "How are you going?" I asked as I touched his shoulder to get his attention.

He removed the headphones and said "We're bad, we already lost three turrets and I died six times ..." he began to explain me but in my thoughts I was "I do not know what he is telling me" as he continued explaining.

"Well after you lose cover me to relax a while"

"Why don't you tell Nathan to replace you for a while?" He asked without looking at me.

I rolled my eyes was "Oh yeah sure, I'll also mount a centaur and fly away to Neverland" I said sarcastically "You know how annoying he is, plus he already gone"

Mathew stop playing and look around "Oh yeah, it's true"

I back to the counter and wait a few minutes for Mathew

"Ok, let's see what's in Face first, nothing, as usual" after spending time on the internet our father comes to pick us back to home.

After eating "Well, time to go to the store again" I said as Mathew and I rose from the table "Let's go Mat"

"Do not come back so late," Mom yells us as we take our bikes to return to the store.

"Sure, Mom," I yelled back as we returned to the store again until evening.

After spending the entire day at the store and eat some tacos at dinner I decided to read a few fanfictions in the living room until midnight, I look at the clock and gasped "Whoa, it's pretty late."

I got up from the sofa and yawned "I'd better go up and prepared to sleep" I closed my laptop and headed to my room.

I changed to my pajamas, got rid my ponytail and yawn again, I remove my glasses and went to bed.

After two hours I woke abruptly for the same dream I had in the morning, "Whaaa, Why do I keep having these dreams?" I ask myself.

"I'll better go down for some water," I said, feeling dry my mouth.

Down the stairs I noticed that there was a white light coming out from the kitchen "Someone must have left the freeze open, again"

I saw my laptop over the kitchen table "I thought I've already turned it off?" I said as I getting close.

The screen was completely white with just a text in capital letters in the middle "THEY NEED YOUR HELP" I read.

Suddenly the light of the laptop became too bright "Aaagh I can't see," I said covering my eyes.

"Hey wait, what is happening?" still blinded I began to feel water around me and finally loses consciousness.

So there it is, part of my life, just telling you that the half of this is a lie, anyway read, criticize, review, suggest, and speculate.

Remember I'm a bad writer and use Google translate, so blame me for everything you want even the global warming.