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-Nights of insomnia-

Not far from the barn I was on a portal trying to use it on my own "Again, I know I can do it" I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and concentrated on the image of Steven's house, once again I could feel that my body rose, this time much more than the first few times I had tried.

I had been trying all day and without realizing it was already late "Gods this has tired me, but I think I'm catching the trick" I said with a little agitated breathing "I think it will be better to return to the barn".

When I arrived I found Amethyst who had apparently slept all day "Dude, Where have you been?" She asked half-asleep.

"Oh nowhere, just checking the portal" I said trying to hide the fact that I practiced using it.

"Who would say you can't use the portal?" She said with a shrug as we entered the barn.

"Yeah, fortunately Greg was still up that night" I said as Amethyst threw herself into a large pile of debris from engines and airplane parts that were in the middle of the barn "Where did you say the others are?" I asked.

"Steven took Pearl and Garnet to where he first found you" She explained "You know, they want to find something more about your sudden appearance" I simply nodded.

Amethyst was staring at a piece of garbage "So how are your memories? Something new?" I knew that she only asked without interest because since we arrived the gems asked me the same questions from time to time and my answer was the same.

I sighed "I'm sorry, nothing comes to my mind" Feeling bored, I climbed to the top where I found an armchair where I spent the nights in the barn "Do you want to watch something on the TV while they come back?" I suggested "Yesterday I found this box with some video tapes up there, let's see about what".

With a jump Amethyst arrived and prepared to check the videotapes "The joyful hill? Camp Pining Hearts? Always friends?" She said the titles of the tapes to what I only answered "Pass".

"Is there anything else?" I asked a little disappointed.

Then Amethyst pulled out a last tape from the box "Just this, It came from the basement".

I took the tape and began to read the synopsis of the movie "Now you speak my language" I said with a slight smile to see that it was a horror film.

"Is anyone inside?" We could hear Pearl ask from the entrance.

"Looks like they are back" Amethyst said "We're up here" She shout as I tried to connect the VCR.

I turned around and said "Hey Steven, Pearl and Connie?" I said, surprised by the girl's presence.

"Connie is coming to stay with us for the weekend, Isn't that amazing?" Steven said excitedly.

"I insisted a lot for my parents to let me come, I just had to promise them to finish all my next week homework when I go back" Connie explained as she left a backpack with what looked like a sleeping bag.

"Cool. And where are ...?" I started to ask who was missing.

"Garnet? Oh she said she would stay for a while longer" Pearl explained.

"Well, we were about to see a movie, Do you guys want to join us?" I ask once I've finished preparing everything.

"Yeah, it's a horror movie" Amethyst tried to say in a gloomy tone.

Steven turned to see Connie and asked excitedly "Do you know what that means?".

"SLEEPOVER" The two children shouted in unison.

"I'm not sure if they should see something like that?" Pearl asked worriedly.

"Oh come on, it's not like they are six years old" I replied, collapsing on the sofa that had served me as a bed these days.

The film ended and I could hear Steven talking to Connie "Wow, it's a relief that everyone has been able to get out safely".

I sighed and thought "I should imagine this; even the horror films of this universe are very innocent" I turn to see the others "Even Amethyst is asleep" I sighed once more "How did I miss my movies, my home".

"Is something wrong?" Pearl asked, pulling me out of my trance.

"Oh it's nothing, I just thought about the movie" I said.

"I'm going to make some snacks" Pearl said and went downstairs.

"I think it was great, yeah I was scared when they got stuck in the basement" I could hear Connie.

I turn to see them "Oh you do not know what is fear" I stopped to think for a moment "Do you want to hear a true horror story?" I asked with a smile.

Just illuminated with the TV light I had the entire attention of Steven and Connie "And then they lit the girl with the flashlight, came slowly and turned just to notice that she didn't have a face either".

Suddenly Amethyst jump from behind me and Steven and Connie shouted "Whaaaaaa".

"Amethyst" Steven said a little annoyed as I started to laugh hard.

Amethyst turned to see me and had no face "Hey, where's your face?" I asked between laughs, she lifted her hair and her face was on her back "That's disgusting"

Later I was alone on the sofa covered with just a blanket "Oh man that was fun" I said remembering the fright just before fall asleep.

'What a dream I have' I said as I got up from my bed 'What time is it?' I took my glasses and looked at the clock mark the 11:35 am 'Why didn't anyone wake me?' I asked startled.

I changed quickly and went downstairs 'Mom I'm leaving' I yell just before crossing the front door 'This is strange' I thought when I saw Dad's car still parked outside.

I went back into the house but was completely silent 'Mom, Dad, Nathan, Matthew, someone' I shouted but got no response.

Looking around the house I found my family in the kitchen standing giving me their backs 'Hey, what's going on?' I asked, approaching them but they didn't answer.

Irritated by all I tried to plant their face but seeing them face to face I saw Nathan and Matthew were expressionless while my parents had no face.

I fell back to the floor in shock, which woke me up abruptly, now finding myself on the barn floor once more time besides the sofa.

I rub my eyes with my hand and said "Not again".

I took my glasses and put on my hoodie and climbed the roof by a ladder that was outside, I sat for a while not seeing anything in particular until I heard someone "Ace? What, what are you doing here?".

I turned around and could see a thin figure illuminated by the light of the full moon "Pe-Pearl" I said a little flushed "I just ... What are you doing here?" I asked curiously.

"Me? I- I asked first" She said a little nervous.

Return my view to the front "I had a bad dream; I just needed to be outside for a moment".

"About the movie?" Pearl asked "Your dream".

I laughed a little "I would never have nightmares with that" I said and then I sighed and looked at the sky with nostalgia "It was about my family, I woke up in my house but there was no one, I looked for them and when I found them something happened that made me wake up".

"I've had the same nightmare since we came to the barn" I said hugging my legs.

I could feel that Pearl sat next to me but seeing the opposite side "Maybe it's not the same but I know how you feel, I sometimes miss the homeworld".

"At least you decided to leave" I whispered.

"It's just that, we have to deal with Peridot, Malachite and now with a stranger who claims our lives are a lie" She was silent for a moment "Oh no I did not mean ..." She said trying to apologize.

I shook my head "It's okay, I think that's why we barely cross words".

"And if it wasn't for what I supposedly know and for this thing I would not be here now" I thought as my hand touched the stone in my neck.

"You mean Garnet, right?" Pearl asked but I remained silent.

"Try to see from our perspective" Pearl said "What would you feel if someone suddenly showed up knowing you and saying that your whole life has just been a TV show?" She asked.

I started to think about my life until then and I said "Well, a show based on my life would be really boring, but I think I know what you mean".

We stood in an awkward silence for a moment until Pearl spoke "The sky" I turned and saw her watching the sky with a slightly sad look "I come up here to observe the sky".

"Sometimes I like to be alone with my thoughts" She began "The quietude and this beautiful sight always remind me of what we fight, for whom we fight" Pearl sighed and looked down "Sometimes I like to remember the life when she was with us, the life before Steven, or if we do the right thing by raising him, I'm sure Rose would have wanted him to have a normal life".

After a moment we saw from afar the portal activated "Maybe she knows, but I've never been able to talk about how I feel".

"Just one question" I said and Pearl turned to see me "Why do you tell me all this? As you said, I'm just a stranger".

Once again Pearl turned to see the sky "I do not know, you told me about your nightmares so I guess it's just fair enough" "And it feels good to tell someone".

"I do not know how this thing on my neck works, but unlike you guys, I have to sleep" I stood up and headed for the ladder "Just keep my nightmares secret; I don't want to worry Steven".

I stopped short before I came down "Hey, whenever you need to talk to someone but you can't; I'll be there to listen" I said pointing me with my thumb.

Once down I saw Pearl still observing the sky "Beautiful sight certainly" I said before returning to the barn.

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