Ya know, I've been walking for what feels like forever… I pondered for a minute as I continued to walk towards the nearest destination I could find. Actually, how long have I been walking? I looked up through the tree canopy to try and see what little of the sky I could. From the way light shimmered down, and how dark it was around me, I had to guess that it was night, something that I completely missed with the trek I had been making. I glanced around, seeing nothing but trees and small bushes surrounding me. I smile slightly, noting how everything seems the same, but… different.

Yea, I'm definitely in the south part of Jasper. I chuckle at that thought. Everything just seems so… monotone down here. An image of home pops into my head again, and my small smile that had been on my face disappears instantly. Okay, so home also looks similar, so what? At least I can tell the difference. I once again glance around, my ears laying flat on my head. …okay, so I can't tell the difference… I'm lost… That one thought alone made my tail tuck farther than it has since I left home.

So, I continued walking. I walked until the sun had started to peak it's head over some of the treetops as it rose into the morning sky. I smiled at that, knowing I was getting close to my destination, even if slightly. The light cast shadows over the entire area around me, making me smile. I stopped to take in everything, smiling slightly.

Everything's so peaceful here, I could just stand here for hours… I smiled a large smile as I took in everything around me. Happiness had filled me, making the smile larger. I stood for what felt like an eternity, until I heard voices moving in my direction. I lowered myself down into a crawling position, moving slowly towards where I heard the voices come from.

After a few minutes of crawling on my belly, I laid in front of a bush and moved some of the branches out of the way to peak through them. There, standing before me about 10 to 15 feet away, were two wolves, both seemingly male. One had his back turned towards me, and the other was facing in my general direction, to the point where I could get a good look at him. The one facing me was a red furred wolf, extremely fit looking, and a cream-colored underside. I smiled to myself, thinking, Man, with how he looks, it's almost as if he's overcompensating for something. The one that had his back to me was a gray wolf of average build. The weird thing was, however, was the fact that I felt strangely drawn to him. I seemed to be staring at him for a hot minute, until the red one said something that drew me out of my trance.

"I'm going to head down towards the Western Border, and you'll take this one, the Northern Border. Howl if anything comes up." The giant of a wolf walks off towards, what I presume, the Western Border while the gray wolf walks off towards my left. Both were out of sight within a few minutes of their conversation ending, and I crawled through the bush into the open.

"Gonna have to keep an eye out for you then…" I whisper to myself, looking in the direction of the gray wolf. I shake my head, turning towards the direction I need to head in, and stop myself. Something within me was begging that I follow the gray wolf, as if I needed to do so in order to breath. I shook my head slightly, going to take a step when I froze again.

"Damnit…" I said to myself, turning to the left and walking after the gray wolf.

The gray wolf seemed to have a fast pace since, after about a half an hour, I was not able to find him anywhere. The thought of not finding him saddened me for unknown reasons but, since I wasn't having any luck on my mini-search, I turned towards the direction I had been heading from and started walking that way. Before, I was trying not to make any real loud sounds, as to not be found by the gray wolf, if I had caught up to him. Since he wasn't anywhere around me, I wasn't trying as hard to conceal my presence, so I had been making small noises. After about five minutes of backtracking, I had stepped on a small twig, it breaking and snapping under my weight. I stopped and looked down at it, tilting my head slightly.

How did I miss that earlier? I wondered to myself. I wasn't able to ponder on this thought for long, since a large mass had collided with my side, knocking me over onto my back. I heard growling from above me, and, as I looked up to see what had attacked me, I saw him. It was the gray wolf that I had been following for the past half hour and couldn't find. Yet, there he was, standing over me and growling down at me. Fear overtook me, making me shrink slightly under his gaze and also making me look away. It was obvious that he was pissed and me looking away only furthered his rage.

After about a minute, he asked me a question, one that shouldn't have put me on edge as much as it had: "Why were you following me?" How was I supposed to answer this, for I didn't even know the full answer myself. So, instead of responding, I stared off into the distance to my right, avoiding eye contact with him as best as possible. Once again, this only seemed to piss him off more than it had.

"Why. Were. You. Following. Me?" He accented every word to add more weight to the question, which only made me more fearful. But, this time, I decided to speak up, if only slightly.

"I… I don't know…" I replied weakly and quietly, hoping that he had heard the answer. He growled louder this time, and I felt him move closer towards me. I heard him open his maw, could feel his breath against my neck, and I knew he was going for the kill, so I did the only logical thing that I thought I could do at that time…

I pushed him off me.

I looked up right as he went flying back a few feet, landing on his behind. He looked towards me, surprise etched across his face, as if asking himself how a small and lanky wolf like me had done that to him. I looked towards him for a few seconds, then scrambled to my paws and darted in a random direction. I heard him behind me within seconds of me getting to my paws, so I pushed myself to run faster. The world around started to blur slightly as I ran from the wolf behind me, breathing heavily as I did so.

Damn, I really should've worked out more before coming out here, I pondered to myself, my breathing getting heavier as I continued to run. I looked behind me for a split second, noting that he was about a foot or two from catching me. My eyes went wide, and fear once again filled every fiber in my being, begging my legs to carry me faster.

When I turned back towards where I was running, I saw that there was a dip within the forest in front of me, coming up fast. I heard the male behind me try to come to a stop, and so I tried to do the same. I came to a stop six inches from falling off the dip, looking down towards the bottom. From what I could guess, that had to be at least a ten-foot drop towards the bottom, making me audibly gulp in fear. That fear doubled when I felt a paw on my shoulder. I turned real fast to see him looking at me, slightly annoyed. I backed up instinctively, my right hind leg losing traction and making me start to fall down the dip. I yelped out, trying to grab onto something that would stop my fall. I felt something soft grab my leg and pull me upwards and into it. I opened my eyes, not realizing that I had closed them, to see that the other wolf was pulling me in towards him, and then spinning us around so my back was, once again, on the ground and he was on top of me. I was panting, both from fear and overexertion, but I was looking up at him this time, noticing that the wolf above me had black line markings under his eyes and that his eye color was one of the more beautiful eye colors I've seen on a wolf before: yellow.

"Who are you?" I shook my head slightly when I realized that he had asked me a question. A look of puzzlement spread across my face, making him roll his eyes. "I've never seen you before, meaning that you aren't apart of my pack." He stopped for a second, as if wondering something to himself. After a few minutes of thinking, he asked, "Where is your pack?"

I responded after a few minutes of silence. "That's why I'm out here…" I stared up into his eyes before continuing, "I need to know where the United Packs are. I must talk to the alpha's there." The wolf above me gave me a face, one that I couldn't really figure out very well.

"You're in the United Packs." he said, giving me a slight frown. I blushed slightly and looked away in embarrassment. When I looked back up at him, I lost all of my fear and embarrassment from earlier, giving him a serious face.

"Then take me to your leaders, please." He got off of me, allowing me to stand up and get back on my paws. He motioned me to follow him and started walking away. I stood there, rooted in place, as I watched him walk away, seemingly in a dazed state. He's kinda-

"Are you coming or what?" His question knocked me out of my trance, making me perk up his voice. I looked at his face, making eye contact, seeing that he, once again, seemed annoyed about me taking a minute to follow him. I shook my head of any thoughts that were plaguing it and moved to follow after him. Once at his side, he continued to walk, heading into the bushes. I followed, hoping that my journey here wasn't a waste of time.

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