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"He said what to do what?!" Hutch's loud scream made me pause during my little bath. I looked over towards where he was standing, and another wolf, this one small than him, was talking to him. Neither were facing in my general direction, but from the way Hutch had yelled, I was guessing that he wasn't exactly happy with whatever he was told. Both were whispering to each other, and, while I couldn't hear them very well, I knew they must've been talking about me. I tilted my head slightly and, right as I did that, the smaller wolf glanced in my direction, making me look away from them quickly, acting as if I hadn't been staring at them. I saw the smaller one say something from the corner of my eye, and then walked away. Hutch stood there, rooted in place, as he watched him walk away.

When the smaller wolf walked away, I decided to continue trying to scrub the dirt off of me as best as I could, when I heard rustling from Hutch's direction. Turning to look at him, he was staring at me, motioning his head to get out. I huffed, knowing that this might be my only chance to wash myself for a while, and exited the pond.

"Looks like you're living with me, for the time being…", he said, not sounding very amused. When I heard this, I didn't know how to fully react since a part of me was extremely happy, while the other part of me was fearful. So, instead of showing either of those emotions, I nodded my head with the best straight face I could make. He nodded back, turning around and heading back towards the clearing we were in earlier, I follow after him a few seconds later.

Like earlier, the walk back towards the clearing was quiet and not much was said between the two of us. However, Hutch seemed to be walking ever so slightly closer to me which, in a way, was progress. Once again, as we were walking through the clearing, I heard the wolves around me whisper and talk about me behind my back and, once again, I shriveled up slightly. This time, Hutch seemed to notice it and started glancing around to all the others wolves. It didn't stop them, but it felt nice to know he at least noticed this time.

After walking through the clearing for another 20 some minutes, we arrived at a den. It was on the far end of the clearing, away from the rest, and made me think that Hutch was kind of a loner. He walked into his den, and I walked in shortly after.

"You can sleep on this side," he said, motioning to the opposite side of where he was standing. I nodded my head, yawned slightly, and walked over to it.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to take a nap real quick." He nodded his head, walking back towards the entrance. I started to lay down before I heard him stop, making me look up at him. He glanced back and asked me a question.

"By the way, are you an alpha or an omega?" I paused, not knowing how to answer. This was a more delicate part of my past, but I'm here to start anew, so I answered the only way I could.


A week came and went quickly, and I only left Hutch's den if I absolutely had to. I didn't like walking around other wolves since they would always talk about me. I didn't necessarily blame them, but that also doesn't mean I enjoyed what I heard. Hutch would come and go to do his duties, saying something about how he was Winston's "second in command", whatever that may mean. And right now was one of those few times where he went out to do his duties. He never told me what they entailed, but I've only guessed that they were never any fun. I chuckled at the thought of Hutch just following Winston around, doing whatever was asked of him.

"What's so funny?" I jumped when I heard the voice, spinning around to see who had said it. Before me stood another gray wolf, but with blue eyes instead of brown or yellow. He was just a slight taller than me, which wasn't saying much, and was clearing staring at me amused.

"Who are you?", I had asked, not dropping my guard. The other wolf before me walked in, seemingly looking everywhere but me.

"Name's Humphrey, and I heard you were new around here." I nodded my head at that, answering his (sort of) question. He looked at me and smiled. "I also heard you were an omega." I once again nodded my head. His smile seemed to grow larger than before, and I became kind of scared. He moved in close, not dropping his smile, and asked, "Have you ever been log sledding before?" I became confused, tilting my head. "I'll take that as a no." He laughed lightly, making me smile as well.

"Would you want to?", he asked, staring right at me. I shook my head quickly, looking towards the entrance of the den and then back to him.

"I don't… like going outside…" My response to his question seemed to have confused him greatly, since he dropped his smile. Before he could ask another question, a new voice called from the entrance of the den.

"Humphrey, quit it." Both of us turned to see Hutch and a female wolf, one with both brown fun and eyes, standing at the entrance. I heard Humphrey chuckle lightly to my left.

"Hey Kate, uh… how long have you been standing there?", he asked. She didn't seem too amused about something. The female, which is apparently named Kate, walked into the den, not removing her eyes from Humphrey.

"Dear, can you wait outside?" The male next to me was about to argue against what she said but decided to do just go with it. As he stood up and walked out, he grumbled slightly, making me chuckle a little bit. After Humphrey had walked out, Kate had looked back at me. "Sorry about that, he gets overly excited sometimes." I shrugged it off, shrugging my shoulders.

"It's completely fine, promise." I smiled at her, which, in turn, made her smile back at me. It was around this time that I had noticed that Hutch had walked in to the den and was sitting on his side.

"Ya know,", she started. "I haven't seen you walk around much. Do you just stay in here all day?" I nodded my head. She gave me a sympathetic look, so I shook my head quickly.

"It's not so bad in here. I mean, it's cool, dark… uh…" I looked around quickly to find any other reason that I would want to stay in here except for the truth. When I looked back at her, I noticed she was calling my bluff, making me huff in annoyance. "Okay, so I don't want to go outside. Is that such a big deal?"

"Yes!", yelled Humphrey from the front of the den. The three of us heard him but was ignored. I think he noticed this, making him grumble once again.

"Don't you want to go out and meet someone new?"

"No." My answer seemed to surprise the two, since both Kate and Hutch had looked towards each other quickly before looking back at me.

"Are you sure?" I nodded my head, not really wanting to speak. "Well, if that's what you want…" She stood up and walked towards the entrance to Humphrey. "If you need me or Humphrey, we're in the den on the far side of the clearing. You don't even have to have a real reason." She smiled at the both of us before walking out, Humphrey following suit shortly after, leaving just me and Hutch.

"That was Kate, by the way." I just nodded my head, not looking in his direction. He continued to speak and, while I had nodded every now and then to acknowledge his presence, I wasn't really listening to what he had to say. That was until I heard him question me.

"Why do you stay in here all day?", he asked me, making me quickly look over in his direction. He was laying down, seeming to be getting comfortable, and looking right at me. A surprised look seemed to be across my face since he huffed slightly. "Don't give me that look. Winston told me to make sure that you're getting comfortable around us." This confused me, was his concern only there because his leader told him to be concerned, or was it genuine? I wasn't able to ponder on this for long, for Hutch was motioning his paws in a circular motion.

"It doesn't matter. I like it in here, is that so bad?" I looked away, back towards the entrance of the den and into the sunny day that lay out there. I heard the wolf behind me huff in slight annoyance before seemingly giving up on the conversation.

'Why does he even care if I leave or not…?', I thought to myself, taking a glance back at him. He had seemed to have, at the very least, closed his eyes. Moving my eyes back forward, my thoughts returned. 'Has he even shown me any compassion over the past week?' When thinking back, I couldn't find any real evidence that he even seemed to care about me. 'Actually, the more I think about it, he acted more towards instinctual and, dare I say, following orders, than actually wanting to make sure I feel comfortable.' My eyes moved back towards him, a slight glare gracing my face. However, the glare didn't last long, as I sighed once again and moved to lay down, facing towards the entrance of the den. As I gazed out into the valley that I had called home over the past week as my eyelids grew heavy and sleep encompassed me, pushing me into a dreamless slumber.