Made another one-shot. Danny's experience in Kindered Spirits as he was forced to go ghost.

First Vlad makes failed clones of him, has one of said clones overshadow him, then forces him to go ghost. Now he was forced to have his will tested to stay human. Of all the things that had ever hurt him, this was the second worst, right under the portal accident.

Danny wouldn't tell anyone, but he had to focus on his old fears to stay human. At first, he focused on the normal things he did with his friends, hanging out, playing video games, studying for tests. Then focused on older memories with his mom, arguing with Jazz, laughing at dad's goop ups as a kid. Those didn't help like they were supposed to. He never wanted to stay in his human form so badly before. He felt his ghost rings appear and he fought them back as he switched tactics.

His old fears. Danny had wanted in the first place as soon as he figured out what had happened to him was to get rid of his "evil" ghost side in fear of he might do to others, what his family would think of him, and just generally considered a freak. Guess that old fear would help a little, even though he had accepted his powers a little over a month after it happened.

Growing up in the Fenton household, being told how evil ghosts were, led to his phasmophobia. So it was an even bigger shock to find that the portal made him into a ghost (half ghost, but that's besides the point). Danny brought his scared reactions of ghosts into his head. The first time he saw himself in his ghost form, whenever his powers went off uninvited, seeing Disiree after his memory was wiped, and transforming to fight Disiree before his memory was restored.

Danny struggled as his transformation rings tried to go over him. Fighting it was like setting his core on fire and the electricity wasn't helping his focus. Never mind the fact that the clone overshadowing him was giving him a massive headache. He barely overhead the click as the dial when up to amplify the power that forcing all this. What he did register was that it was getting harder to fight it.

Thankfully, this worked. Danny was able to keep the rings back, but it wasn't enough to make them disappear altogether.

Hold on...

Then he felt the machine lose its power as it was overloaded and the clone was forced out. Sweet relief. As soon as Danny was free, he knew he had to get out of here. Turning intangible, he flew through Vlad to get away. Danny never wanted to go through that again. It was way to close to the portal incident, an almost recreation of his near death experience. Once was painful, twice was enough, the third was... Danny wouldn't focus on that thought for very long but it really wouldn't be an event he would forget.