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Prologue 1

Valleys lay wasted, mountains destroyed. Volcanoes erupted. No signs of life anywhere. Thundering clouds cover the skies in the most gruesome of ways, forming figures that would remind one of the crying faces of their loved ones.

Destruction, one word for it. Complete and utter annihilation of the peaceful place that was once the playing ground of two young children, an area equal to or slightly larger than a country, would be a better description of the jealousy fueled argument turned into an all-out-battle between the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths.

There we see, clashing with all their might, Indra and Ashura Otsutsuki. Both donning their respective avatars. Susanoo, the giant purple construct of chakra in the form of a traditional samurai, having four arms and two swords, currently in the process of trying to take the head off of a giant... Fox. Which brings us to Ashura currently in his battle avatar using the chakra of the tailed beasts to form a giant gold fox. Also with four arms and a number of tails that neither of them cared to count, currently in the process of ducking under the said sword-strike and countering with a mean right jab that sent the susanoo skidding back.

This cycle of repeated hitting and dodging equally on both sides had been going on for a long while. If you could ask any creature (which survived), they would state that this 'domestic' feud has been going on for more than three days.

Neither of them willing to give up. Fighting to the best of their abilities. One with the intentions of killing his little brother, whereas the other with the willingness to 'snap my idiot of an elder brother out of the unite-the-whole-world-under-fear-of-my-power spree'.

What bought this on, you may ask?


Here we see Hagoromo Otsutsuki, laying on his deathbed after choosing his succesor as Ashura. Said person horrified for two reasons:

One- the apparent no-good son of the sage and smaller brother to the prodigy of the family has been unexpectedly announced as the heir.

Two- the said person's prodigal elder brother had just stormed out of the house, right after their father died. Possibly due to the sadness, but somewhere deep down (he thought) that might have had something to do with the change in the obvious choice of the heir.


Ashura still didn't understand the reason for change in the choice for heir. Indra was the one who was always the better person. Ofcourse, if you put aside his ever-present brooding nature and his lack of favour for and skills in socialism, he was the better choice. But their father believed in him, the cheerful yet idiotic Ashura, and his way of understanding people and working together with them. Thus made him the heir.

This annoyed Indra to no end.

Thats why we find Indra trying to kill his brother for the position of the heir.

Indra inherited Hagoromo's eyes: his powerful chakra, dojutsu, and spiritual energy and was therefoor hailed as a prodigy even by his father's standards. He also weilded a sword showing his great aptitude for kenjutsu.

He had long brown hair cut short on top. Two locks wrapped in bandages framed either side of his face. His eyebrows were cut short (a symbol of his nobility) and his eyes had blue markings around them, which were turned up at the corners. Currently, he is wearing a full body battle armour.

He possessed a derived form of his grandmother's dojutsu: the Sharingan. Thus, he could observe the flow of chakra, pay great attention to detail, and accurately predict a person's movements. As a Yin Release user, he could presumably use his Sharingan for genjutsu. In time, he also awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan. With it, he unlocked the ability to use Susanoo.

Ashura, who was taken aback with the sudden appearence of Indra and his attempt to kill him, was the other part of their father.

He was originally very unskilled. Over the years however, he proved himself a late-bloomer as through gruelling hard work and dedication, Asura awakened his own inherited power: his father's "body" — powerful life force and physical energy, granting him power on par with his genius older brother, Indra. He was also a capable leader, obtaining countless loyal followers, which ofcourse included the tailed beasts.

And from their started the battle between the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths, who himself was hailed as a god for defeating the Rabbit Goddess or, as he used to call her, mother, along with his brother Homura Otsutsuki.

Why the Rabbit Goddess, also known to the world as Kaguya Otsutsuki, attacked her sons? Well she simply got greedy after witnessing 'her'chakra passing on to her sons.


That was the start of the would-be battle for ages.


The battle concluded when the fighters met for a final clash. It is said that when two high level fighters clash, they don't need to speak their thoughts. They understand each other through the emotions relayed by each attack.

"Why?.. Why do this... Indra onii-san?..." The words seeming to fill a strange silence in the void that surrounded them both. "To unite the world. Together... under my power. To make it a place where there would be no sorrow, no pain." Indra replied.

"Stop with this bullshit! I can see it in your eyes.. onii-san. They are hollow words. Because... Because i know you would never follow in grandma's footsteps. Tell me... Tell me why? If not for my sake, then for the sake of our father... for the sake of our bond... for the happy times we spent as a family... TELL ME! Because I know this isn't you onii-san. This is not the older brother who used to carry me on his back when I was hurt... This is not the one who would fuss over my every little problem.. This is not you." There was silence.

Then with a sudden jolt, Ashura opened his eyes to witness his hand through the chest of Indra. Indra's body twitching ever so slightly, but a strange yet proud smile on his face.

Then Indra opened his eyes to gaze into Ashura's with his fammiliar swirl patterned Mangekyo. He says," You are right otouto. You always were. It was me who was the fool." And with that the surroundings around Ashura change and turn into one of darkness with a pool of water at their feet. "Zetsu" Indra says. "The name of the creature who manipulated me. He is the incarnate of grandma and will not stop at any lenght to revive her. You musn't let that happen. This battle that we started wont be finishing anytime soon. Our decendents will undoubtedly avenge each other and a thirst for blood will generate. All due to my fault. So as repention, I am giving you the last remains of whats left of my power. Use it well Ashura. And promise me that you will use that joke for a brain that you have to find a way to stop him and bring an end to this chain of hatred that I started"Indra finished with a smile.

Ashura's eyes filled up with unshed tears. "You never leave an oppurtunity to bellitle me dont you." He finished with a laugh choked with tears.

"But rest assured nii-san. I wont let that happen. You were the clever of us both anyways." He finished with a sarcastic smile, allbeit one hidden among the sadness and grief now present on his face.

With that, the surroundings change back and Ashura falls back beside his brother. Using the last remaints of what power he had left, he combined his own with that of Indra and managed to reconstruct his father's astral presence.

The Sage just smiled sadly and replied "It was my fault that drove Indra to the edge, that this battle ensued. No words are needed my young one. I will wait for the ones that Gamamaru-chan spoke of and pass on your will to them". Saying that, the Sage dissapeared leaving Ashura in the now wasteland, already shedding tears for the lives that Indra's and his own descendents are going to take beacause of their mistake.

And with that, starts the era of the warring clans.

Descendents of Ashura were known as Senju and Uzumaki, and the ones of Indra were known as Uchiha. the two strongest clans in the world that started a feud that later spread to the entire world and engulfs all of it.

Several clans that were given chakra as ninshu by the Sage, coverted it into ninjutsu to fight their battles on a devastatingly larger scale than before.

And cut-

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