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The Twins

Far beyond the mountains, covered by the mist, hidden by all except those who knew of it was a headquarters. This was no ordinary headquarters, for this was the headquarters of the League of Assassins. Others called them, the League of Shadows. Whichever you prefer, they all represent the same thing. They have only one duty, to rid the world of evil and corruption. Though their motives are noble, their methods are far from what any good person would do. Some, like Batman, would not stoop low to the life of a killer. It was what makes the good people different from the bad. But the League would not let anything stand in their way to complete their task, anything.

Batman, or his true identity Bruce Wayne, had been chosen by Ra's Al Ghul to become a successor to lead the League. He declined for he made a code to never take a life. But Talia, Ra's daughter, had fallen in love with him. One night, they both did something that would create not one, but two who would be their legacy. Whether it would be the legacy of the League of Shadows or legacy of the Batman, would be up to them.

This is the story of the twin sons of Talia Al Ghul and the Batman, the grandsons of Ra's Al Ghul, Damien and Adrian Wayne.

Four individuals view upon the soldiers of the League of Shadows as they train their arts in combat and sword fighting. One was old but strong, and was wearing a black armor with golden markings, along with a green cape. This was Ra's Al Ghul. One was a woman wearing tight fitting combat attire, exposing her curves. This was Talia Al Ghul. The two young short ones, who were still in their pre-teens, were wearing identical outfits, but were smaller in size and had red capes.

They were so identical in appearance, both having black hair of the same style, along with the same face, that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference of their identity, unless if you look at their eyes. One had sky-blue eyes, while the other had jade colored eyes. The one with the blue eyes was Adrian, while the one with the green eyes was Damian. They were both identical twins, sons of Talia Al Ghul. They were considered to be bastards among few as the identity of their father was never told. Only two people knew of his identity, other than the boys themselves. One was of course, their mother Talia, the other, their grandfather, Ra's.

When it comes to their father, they were both curious of anything related to him. Always listening intently to their grandfather and mother's stories of him, never missing any detail. They would sometimes be unsatisfied with the information and would often wander to places in the temple to search for any additional information, places they weren't allowed in, or find things they weren't supposed to. Talia had always complimented them for this, saying that they had the makings of their father's detective skills. While Damien slowly became bored with the topic, Adrian grew more curious. Talia had told him of the tragedy that had ultimately been the catalyst for his father to become what he was now, the Batman. Adrian became curious as to why his father didn't come visit them at times, though he had a suspicion. He didn't know about them. Adrian was saddened but decided, it was a price to pay. But he had hoped that someday, both he and his brother will meet their father.

"Here is your legacy Damien, Adrian," Ra's said as they overlooked the League headquarters. Damian and Adrian took one step forward to look at the view more closely, "Here is your inheritance, The League of Assassins," Damian and Adrian turned to their grandfather, "Yes, grandfather," they both said with pride as they turn back to the training happening below them. Ra's glanced at his grandchildren with a proud gleam in his eyes, "They will be yours to command, to make certain the earth abides a natural contentment, without the abuse of man," Ra's said with pride.

Talia watched their interaction as her brother, who was wearing a cream colored armor with white markings along with a white cape, his face wrinkled at his age, "It is good to see our revered father so devoted to his grandsons," He said as Talia turned to him with a smile, "Yes brother, it is," Talia said as her brother turned to the twins.

As Adrian stood to Ra's right, Damien suddenly had an uneasy feeling. It was a sense that both twins had. If one of them was in danger, somehow the other could sense it. Damien whipped to his brother, "Adrian," He called as Adrian suddenly, startling his brother. His uncle, sensing the danger, immediately ran to his nephew as he protected him from an incoming bullet. It went to his back, "Uncle," Adrian exclaimed as his uncle fell to the ground, motionless. He was dead in an instant. Adrian immediately scanned the area. He glanced at a small hole where he could see an eye peeking through, "Over there," He said to his mother and grandfather. Ra's saw the eye in the hole. He immediately turned to Talia, "We have been breached, they are already inside, take the boys," Ra's ordered his daughter as he unsheathed his sword. The wall fell as they could see men wearing black ninja outfits with an orange symbol on their right shoulder, carrying firearms.

Talia immediately grabbed both of her sons, jumping at the balcony and slides on the rooftop below them. They landed with no injuries as they looked up towards Ra's position. Adrian and Damian heard a distant buzzing of a helicopter as they turned to the front, seeing helicopters open firing at the League members. Bullets rained upon them, killing many in their path as they fired missiles. Talia grabbed her sons to cover as they saw more helicopters heading their way for an attack, also dropping ground troops. "Adrian, Damien, stay here," Talia ordered them, "Yes, mother," Adrian replied with a nod. Talia ran to the battlefield.

Damian turned to his brother with a blank face, "You're gonna fight, aren't you?" Adrian turned to his brother as he pulled out two guns and two katanas, "Were you going to do nothing?" Adrian replied. Damien gave a smirk as he took the blade and the gun, "Fair point," Damien replied. They both looked towards the battlefield, turning to each other and nodded as they both charged. They shot down many enemies, occasionally attacking with their swords. Then they turned and saw a large explosion at the main building, where their grandfather had been, "Adrian," Damien called as he ran to the building, "I know," Adrian replied as they both ran to the center courtyard. They could see the burned figure of their grandfather lay on the ground. Then an old man wearing a black and orange colored armor dropped down near him. 'Deathstroke,' both boys thought in hatred.

Slade slammed his foot at the burned form of Ra's, "After five hundred years the world's had quite enough of you, old man. The Lazarus pit will not bring you back this time," Slade said as he put his sword in a reverse grip, holding it above his head to stab Ra's.

Adrian and Damien immediately ran towards him with a battle cry as they leaped forward and kicked Slade away from their grandfather. Slade recovered from the attack as he looked at the boys, one of them was kneeling beside Ra's, the other holding a sword with an angry glare. 'If looks could kill,' Slade thought, now realizing they were Talia's bastard children. But when he looked at Adrian's glare, he couldn't help but noticed the look on the boy's face, almost familiar. "Grandfather," Damian whimpered as Adrian held down his sadness, glaring hatred at the man in front of him, "Damian, we attack together," He growled to his twin as he stood, sword flashing in his hand, "I was just about to say the same thing," Damien growled back.

Slade, holding two swords, charged. Both brothers blocked his attack, pushing each sword back as Slade swung his swords downwards, towards Damien. Damien dodged as Adrian took the opportunity to attack, but Slade swung his sword faster before he could reach him. He leaped sideways, barely dodging the attack as Slade swung again at his brother. Damien dodged, managing to get behind Slade, sliding backwards. Then he leaped to Slade, before barely managing to block Slade's counter. The attack was too much for him to block as he was thrown across the courtyard, slamming to the wall. "Damien!" Adrian yelled as he turned to Slade. He ran and swung viciously at him, before his attacks were countered. Adrian blocked the attack but, like Damien, he too, was thrown across the courtyard. Damien saw his brother get thrown, immediately catching him as they both fell to the ground with a grunt, "Thank you, brother," Adrian said to his twin, who nodded. They glared at Slade as he spoke, "So you're Talia's little bastards, not bad for a pair of children. But now, we end it," Slade said as he charged, both his swords held ready. Both boys glanced at each other, having the same idea as they dodged his attack and went separately. Then they ran to a couple of the pillars supporting the wooden floor above, cutting them, before moving out of the way. Slade looked upwards as the wooden floor fell on top of him. He emerged from the wooden rubble, moving towards the boys, but screamed in pain as Damien stabbed his left eye. Damien pulled his sword back as it glistened with blood, "Now your heart," Adrian said as he emerged from behind Damien. His attack was blocked as Slade threw out a few tiny smoke bombs. Black smoke surrounded the twins, blocking their vision. They blocked their mouth and nose, preventing the smoke from entering their lungs as they heard Slade's voice above them, "I'll make you pay for this, boys," They looked up and saw Slade holding a rope being pulled upwards to a helicopter. They narrowed their eyes as they saw a large muscular chocolate skinned man, with many scars, wearing a black tank top and green combat pants, smirking at them. "Ubu," Both boys muttered at the same time as the smoke cleared around them.

As Slade went inside the helicopter, it flew away. Damien and Adrian ran back to the battlefield as all the helicopters and Deathstroke's men ceased their attack. Damien raised his sword, "COME BACK AND FIGHT YOU COWARDS!" He yelled as the helicopters dropped ropes. Deathstroke's men immediately retreated, throwing smoke bombs as they grabbed the roped and pulled tow the helicopters. Both brothers glared at the retreating helicopters, before remembering something, "Grandfather," Adrian muttered as he ran back to the courtyard, followed by Damien. "GRANDFATHER!" Damien yelled as he and Adrian stopped at the courtyard, noticing their grandfather missing. Adrian then saw an entrance with green light coming from inside, "Lazarus pit," Adrian muttered as he ran to the room. Damien heard his brother and followed him. Talia called her sons as they went down to a set of stairs, heading to the Lazarus pit.

They both stopped as their mother ran and stopped beside them, looking at the pit . . . or rather, the body close to it. Adrian dropped his sword as he ran towards his grandfather's unmoving form. He struggled to carry him, "Come on, we need to get him to the Lazarus pit," Adrian said with a struggle as his mother went in front of him, Damien putting his hand on his brother's shoulder, "Stop," Talia said as Damien looked at his brother in sadness and grief. Adrian looked pleadingly at his mother, "We have to try, we can't just leave him-" Damien cut his brother with a sad tone in his voice, "He's dead," Adrian turned to his brother with his face trembling as he turned his grandfather's form. "The pit can restore a body this damaged. He's beyond healing," Talia said to her son. Adrian slowly put Ra's body to the ground as he knelt. "We did our best, brother," Damien said to his brother. Talia walked away as Adrian closed his eyes, "We failed," Talia stopped and turned around, "We can't think about that now, we have to move, come," She sternly said. Damien walked to his mother but noticed his brother was still kneeling beside their grandfather, "Adrian, now," Talia ordered as she grabbed her son's arm and pulled him with her, Damien followed. "Where are we going?" Damien asked her, still walking. Their mother replied, "Gotham City," Both boys widened their eyes; Adrian couldn't help but thought 'Could it be?' His thoughts prove to be true as his mother added.

"It's time to meet your father,"

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