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Slight Tension Done Unintentionally

Dick raised an eyebrow at the two. Damien immediately noticed the tension in the room had spiked… and the source was coming from the front of the bat-computer. Adrian, for the first time in his life, became a bit nervous at the tension his father was giving off. Not even Ra's or his mother had ever been this tense. At least not that he can tell, as he had never tried to get on their bad side. Damien was hiding the same feeling his twin was giving off a bit.

"Perhaps we shouldn't have asked so soon." Adrian said in an uncharacteristically nervous tone. Damien couldn't blame him as well.

Dick smiled internally. While the boys had been a bit… blunt, he couldn't exactly blame their curiosity. For all their behaviour and heritage, the twins were still, in some aspects, children. It was also fortunate that Adrian had voiced his opinion on their mistake. They may be family by blood, but he was sure that not even Bruce would share that particular secret to them. Not yet at least, as it would seem that neither Talia nor Ra's had told them, despite the fact that he was certain they knew what happened.

"Yeah, you shouldn't ask that question anytime soon." Dick said with a warning yet not intimidating, "Give it time, he'll tell you when you're ready." He finished with a small grin.

The twins looked at him in doubt, "That won't be anytime soon." Damien said. It wasn't a question and they all know it. Alfred decided to speak, "I'm afraid this matter is one you should approach with caution."

"No use stating the obvious," If Dick hadn't been so perceptive, he would've missed the small cringe Adrian did as he glanced at Damien, "But thank you."

Adrian swore he almost sigh in relief. Sometimes Damien's bluntness and behaviour frustrated him. He was convinced that someday, his brother would be the reason they both somehow got seriously injured. He was trying not to be so pessimistic, which was why he didn't say his brother would be the death of them.

He may never realize that would happen someday… just not with the brother he thought.

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