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Chapter One

I had done it... but it was painful to part. I had Toriel let me out of the ruins, and into the newfound UNDERGROUND. We parted with a tight hug, and possibly a few tears.

"... and please, do not come back." Toriel had said, looking at me with painful eyes. She had just become my mother, and yet we had to part so soon. I nodded to relieve some of her stress, and she gave me a sorrowful smile, and headed back to her home. I looked at the huge purple door in front of me. Clutching my stick at hand, as I nodded to myself, heading out. My determination was peaked, and I felt braver than ever.

I walked down the purple hallway, as I came to another door. I walked through, as I was blinded by the bright light of the sky. I stepped out, flinching as I stepped in snow. Even with my shoes on it was freezing!

I shivered as the cold air hit my body, reflectively clutching both my arms to preserve heat. I put away my stick, as I began to walk forward along the path that was not covered in snow, as I felt someone walking behind me. I got shivers down my spine, as I got to a bridge with... a cell door? I don't know what it was supposed to be, but anyone could easily slip by it. I was about to take a step on the bridge, but my danger reflexes kicked into high gear, making me stop short, and freezing in place. I heard the crunches of feet walking on the snow, as it slowly came closer, and closer to me. The person came behind me, but not that close. I couldn't even hear them breathing... weird. Before I could react, the said person began to speak.

"Human... don't you know how to greet a pal?"

A pal? I don't know who this guy thinks he is, but reluctantly, I decided it was best to just go with it. I slowly turned around, as I was faced with a skeleton. He was about my height, which was kind of on the short side. He wore a white and blue hoodie, a white shirt, some black shorts, and... what were those, slippers or sneakers? I couldn't tell what they were, so I just went with slippers since he seemed to be the loose type. He didn't have a strict face, but rather a care-free and lazy look. He stuck out his hand, which obviously had a whoopee cushion on it. I mean, how could I not notice? But, I decided to just shake his hand regardless for the kicks of it. I grabbed his hand, as the whoopee cushion let out a call of distress, as we shook hands. After a moment of silence, we both burst out in laughter. Even if it was obvious, it was hilarious nonetheless.

"The ol' whoopee cushion in the hand trick never gets old. Heh heh." He gave me a friendly wink, as I cheerily smiled at him. "By the way, I'm Sans. Sans the skeleton." I nodded, "... I'm Y/N, pleasure to meet you." He nodded back, as he looked past me, and smiled. "Hey, think you could do me a favor? I have a brother who has been longing to capture a human, and he just happens to so be right over there. He hasn't been feeling up lately because he hasn't caught any humans, and I think seeing you just might make his day." I listened to him, as he looked back at me, and I nodded at him. He gave a wink and smile, "for now, I'll set the stage. Just go across the bridge." He said, as he turned me around, as we walked over the bridge, and I saw a conveniently-shaped lamp near what appeared to be a station. "Hide behind that conveniently-shaped lamp." He added, as I nodded, walking behind the lamp. I watched as a taller skeleton appeared, wearing a bright red scarf, and what appeared to be a hero costume. Sans and the other skeleton started to talk, as I watched them hold their conversation. I quietly giggled at the jokes Sans made every once in awhile, as I started to get this weird feeling in my chest whenever I looked at him.

After a few minutes, the taller skeleton left, as Sans looked over at me, my heart skipping a beat. "You can come out now." He said, as I came out, walking over to him. "I really appreciate you doing this, kid. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye socket out for ya. I'll be up ahead, so whenever your ready, just come." He began to walk further up the path, before he stopped and looked back at me. He gave me another smile, "... and thanks a million." I blushed red as he turned back around and went up ahead.

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