Chapter 3

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"I walked further ahead to find a make-shift station, as I just walked right past it without a second thought. I then found another stall/station thing, as I saw a shiny dingy bell on top of it. I just... couldn't hold back. I went over to the stall, and repeatedly smacked the bell, feeling the satisfaction of it all. I stopped suddenly as I saw a dog rise from behind the stall, as I froze in place. 'oh god.'
"... did something move? Was it my imagination?"
'Oh my god the DOG TALKED!'
"I can only see moving things... if something WAS moving... for instance, a HUMAN... I'll make sure it NEVER moves again!"
I felt my soul resonate from my chest as the battle had begun once again. It felt like a long time since I had last battled, yet it was so close. I felt a tug on my heart remembering my last battle. 'Toriel...' I shook my head, readying myself for this battle. The dog stood there with a knife, as I hit the ACT button as if it were only natural. I saw the only options were to check the dog, Doggo, or to pet him. I thought for a moment, as I decided to pet him. When I did, he instantly brought out his knife, as I quickly paused, used to blue attacks. I don't know where I knew about them, but I just did. He swung his knife at my soul, as I had my soul still, and took no damage. I grinned with determination, as I quickly acted, and he went crazy over me.
"Pet ? Pat ? Pot ?!"
I giggled as the dog made such remarks, sparing him.
"S-S-Something pet me... S-S-Something that wasn't moving..! I'm gonna need some dog treats for this!"
I watched as the dog disappeared behind the counter, no where to be seen. I smacked the bell again, as I heard the chime of the bell ring, and smiled, as I turned to walk towards yet another puzzle.

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