Chapter 1

Lucy's POV

"Lucy, we want you off our team. All we ever do is save your sorry, crybaby ass, and besides Lisanna is a lot stronger than you'll ever be. Matter of fact, why don't you do everyone a favor, and quit Fairy Tail, no one really likes you there anyway wench."

My eyes shot wide open. I speedily rose up from my warm pillow, and placed my hand on my chest. My heart had been beating fast, so I assumed I had another bad dream. Lately, I had been having terrible nightmares of Natsu kicking me off of Team Natsu, so Lissanna could take my place. What's weird about all of this is that ever since Lisanna came back from the 'dead' I had been having those dreams. Weird huh? I looked to my right, and saw that the morning sun was out and shining bright across the river bank outside. Then I looked at my clock which read 7:30a.m.
"Okay, time to get ready for the day." I said to myself. With that I swung my legs off the bed, and stood up out of bed. After stretching my arms, and legs I walked into my cold, clean bathroom which always seemed to smell like vanilla soap. I think I'll take a bath instead, I mean there's no rush anyway. I thought as I walked over to my clean bathtub, and began the bath water. After messing around with the dials I managed to get it to an okay temperature which wasn't too hot, nor too cold for me. After that I stripped out of my bed clothes which mainly consisted of a plain white T-shirt, and pink shorts. Then I stepped into the tub feeling its warmth against my skin when I sat all the way down. I grabbed my soap, and washed all around my chest, and face. Afterword's I rested my head on my arms, and looked up at my ceiling. I wonder why I keep having that dream. I mean, Natsu's my best friend, and so are Happy, Erza, Gray, and Wendy. There my teammates for heaven's sake, and I doubt that Natsu would kick me out. However if it did come to that for any reason, me being weak, and useless for example then honestly I would kinda let him, I mean Wendy's got her healing, and support magic, Gray's got maker magic, Happy can fly along with Carla, Erza is Erza, and Natsu can take just about anybody down no matter who it may be. Then there's me. I thought. I sighed gloomily, then brought my wet, bare knees to my chest, and hugged them. I love my spirits, I love them like I love my friends, or family. They are almost like my family, but all I've ever done was summon them, and pretend like I'm fighting. They have done so much for me, and what have I done for them? I reached for my strawberry, and vanilla shampoo then squeezed a dab of it into my palms. Then I massaged my scalp thoroughly to clean my hair, and give it shine. After that, I dunked it into the water to rinse out the suds. Next I applied a conditioner which smelled the same, and did the same thing. Hmm…Natsu. My heart began to beat faster, and my face began to heat up. That Pinkette, my best friend, my crush has been there for me more times than I can even count. He saved me more times than I can count. He's always been able to make me smile whenever I was sad. He's caught me numerous times whenever I fell, and to put it into smaller words…I love him. Love, love him. A smile creeps its way onto my face. I look at my right hand which is soaked, and tattooed with the Fairy Tail guild mark in a pink color.
"Right, I know what I'm going to do today." I say confidently.

No One's POV

Lucy drained the tub, wrapped a towel around her body, and finished her morning routine by drying her blonde hair, brushing her teeth, and applying a small ounce of make-up. She stepped back into her room which was surprisingly empty. The blonde girl looked around for Natsu, and Happy, but they just weren't there today. She sighed unhappily then walked over to her wardrobe, and picked out her outfit for the day. To her, this day would be special. Special for both her, and Natsu the Fire Dragon Slayer. After drying off, she began to get dressed in the outfit she wore on the first day she met Natsu, and got into Fairy Tail. Then after equipping her brown belt that held both her whip, and keys, and after tying her hair in a side pony tail using a blue ribbon the blonde was ready to leave her house. She stepped outside, locked her front door then immediately went for her silver keys. The key that she took out was Plue's key. There was one problem however. Lucy then sighed when she remembered that she can't summon Plue on Monday's, and concluded that she would just walk to the guild alone. The celestial mage put her key back on the ring, then began to walk on the edge of the side walk while keeping her balance.
"Morning Lucy!" The boatman yelled from afar. She put on a peppy smile, and shouted "Good morning" back at him.

Lucy had finally arrived at her guild alone. She pushed the doors open, and greeted everyone by yelling "Good morning" so joyfully that even Laxus who usually stayed out of sight smiled at her presence, and joyfulness. Some people said good morning back at her, others grunted, and went on with their business. The first person to fully greet her was a short blue haired mage named Levy McGarden.
"Morning Lu." She welcomed happily, then gave her a friendly hug. The two then walked over to the bar, where the She-devil Mirajane was located drying beer mugs.
"Good morning Mira." Lucy greeted with a smile. Mira looked at her with her big blue eyes. She knew how fond Lucy was of her, they had been friends ever since Lucy had even joined Fairy Tail, so of course Mirajane would greet her with a usual cheeky smile.
"Good Morning Lucy." She sang. The two mages, Levy, and Lucy sat down at the bar, and ordered. Lucy ordered her usual Strawberry milkshake while Levy just ordered a plate of eggs. While the two mages were talking, Mira took this opportunity to begin to tease Lucy about her crush on Natsu.
"So Lucy, are you and Natsu finally going out?" She whispered. Lucy just blushed, and smiled her milkshake.
"Of course not Mira." She said. Then a devious smile crept onto the blondes face. "Besides Laxus already asked me out." Levy stared at the smiling blonde. Mira still had a sunny smile, but this time a twitch was added which resulted in her bursting into tears.
"How could you be so mean Lucy?" She asked while fake crying. Lucy chuckled weakly.
"But I thought you didn't care about Laxus Mira?" Lucy teased. Levy then began to laugh realizing what Lucy had done.
"Ah…I taught you well Lucy." She said calmly. "But seriously are you ever going to confess to Natsu?" Lucy stopped sipping her drink, and place a finger on her chin.
"Honestly I really don't know yet, but I'll let you know when." The blonde said.
"Good, same with you Levy." Mira said. "I see the way you look at Gajeel, you practically blush every time he talks to you, and oh it's so cute I could just die." Lucy, and Levy both sweat dropped at the barmaid's words.
"Hey speaking of Natsu have you seen him today Levy?" Lucy asked. The solid script mage put her fork down, and thought.
"Now that you mention it." Just then, the guild halls doors shot open revealing Natsu, Happy, Erza, and Gray. As soon as he entered he shouting good morning in his usual overly excited manor which made everyone stare at him. The minute Lucy saw him, she smiled widely.
"Natsu!" She yelled, then stood to greet him, but something white ran by me, and met Natsu with a hug. The something ended up being Lisanna.

Natsu's POV

I was about to go say hi to Lucy, until Lisanna ran to me, and hugged me. She wrapped her skinny arms around my body nearly squeezing the life out of me.
"Hey Lisanna." I said.
"Natsu, So glad to see you." She said with a happy face as usual. As glad as I was to see her, there was another mage located in this guild hall that I really wanted to see. I scanned the room until I found her drinking her usual milkshake over at the bar. I broke away from Lisanna, and ran towards the celestial mage.
"LUCY!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. She looked at me, and grinned.
"Hi Natsu." She said cheerfully.
"So, are you up for a job today Luce?!" I asked. She nodded.
"Of course, I need to pay my rent soon, so why not." The blonde girl said. Happy darted towards Lucy, and tackled her chest, and gave her many hugs.
"Morning Lushy, I missed you." The words were hard to make out seeing as how his mouth was being covered by Lucy's chest, but I knew what he said. Then the rest of team Natsu walked over and greeted her. The only mage I didn't see walk over was Lisanna.

No One's POV

Natsu walked to the request board, and searched for a job with a good pay. He spotted one which read 'Need Magical Herbs from Mt. Hakobe' with a payment of 300,000 jewel.
"Perfect." Natsu said, he grabbed it, and showed it to his team. "Let's do this one you guys!" He exclaimed happily.
"Woah, that's a lot of jewel just for collecting herbs." Gray said.
"We can finish this today before lunch." Lucy chimed in.
"Then it's settled, the quest for herbs is underway!" Erza said. Natsu gave the flyer to Mirajane who approved it, and told them that the person in need of them is right here in Magnolia. Natsu roared with excitement as he charged towards the doors, but before they left the guild, Lisanna stopped them.

Lisanna's POV

As if I'm going to let the dumb blonde bimbo steal Natsu away from me. I may have just gotten back from Edolas, but that does not mean I gave up on Natsu. We've been friends ever since we were children running amok in the guild, but Lucy is just my replacement, So not only am I going on this job, but there will be some sabotage involved.
"Hey Natsu, I was just wondering if I could come along with you all. I mean, I won't be in the way, and I just got back from Edolas, so..." That was when that dumb blonde spoke over me.
"Sure, why not." She said. "The more the merrier right?" I growled on the inside when I heard her voice. She's so annoying, I hope her voice dies one day.
"Ur…thanks." I said with a fake smile.
"ALRIGHT, LET'S GO GRAB SOME HERBS!" Natsu screamed, then we all exited the guild hall.

This is the beginning of The Celestial Goddess! Thank you so much for reading the first chapter of The Celestial Goddess