Chapter 2

Lucy's POV

Since MT. Hakobe wasn't really that far from the Guild Hall, and since the only way to get there was by transportation we all had to take a horse drawn carriage up to Mt. Hakobe, and guess who was having a hard time dealing with it?
"We've haven't even moved yet, and you're already getting sick?!" I asked while surprised.
"You try being in my shoes, and then you'll understand my pain." Natsu said, while trying not to hurl all over the seat. The problem was we hadn't even left Magnolia yet, and the pinkette was already gearing up to barf.
"Is it possible that all of this could just be in your head?" I asked while folding my arms.
"Lucy…look at me, I'm…not…faking." He said, then turned green again. Erza-who had taken her seat next to me-sighed with annoyance.
"Oh well, guess there's only one thing left to do." She said. Then she scooted over, and patted her seat. "Natsu sit by me." Natsu remained in his seat in his green state of mind until Erza's eyes glowed the color of her hair.
"Urgh!" Natsu gagged.
"I'm sorry, but did you just ignore me?!" The armored mage asked in full infuriation. I was now quivering because of how terrifying she was acting. Even though I knew it would end up killing me most likely, I just had to get Natsu to sit next to me, even if it meant going against Erza's demands, so…
"WAIT!" I yelled before Erza prepared herself to slay the poor, sick dragon slayer. She slowly spun her head towards me, and shot an extremely scary glare at me. On the outside I trembled with terror, but on the inside I shrieked, and panicked. SHE'S LOOKING AT ME, LUCY TELL HER NOW!
"Lucy…" She said slowly. "Are you intervening in a well-deserved punishment?!" Now I began to sweat bullets.
"Hey Lucy why are you so juicy?" Happy asked who was sitting on the arm rest next to the window, and munching on a trout.
"Wha…its sweat!" I cried.
"Lucy?!" Erza said, but this time she said it in a sharp voice, so sharp I felt it pierce my poor soul.
"I…I just thought that…well…that Natsu could sit next to me this time." I said while twiddling my fingers, and not daring to look her in the eyes. She calmed down then raised an eyebrow. Natsu had done the same as well, and so did Gray, and Lissanna. I winked at Erza, who then smiled and switched her seat with Natsu without anymore complaints.

Now I was sitting next to the pinkette while Erza was sitting in between Gray, and Lissanna. Before Natsu could turn any greener I gently touched his head, and carefully set it down in my lap. Instead of repelling my touch, he moaned with comfort from the feeling.
"There…now does that feel better?" I asked with milk, and honey in my voice.
"Mmhm…Lucy…you, smell so…good." Then the fire dragon slayer was out, like when a small flame is put out using the middle finger, and thumb. He's so cute when he sleeps. I thought then I looked up from the sleeping dragon slayer, and saw Lissanna staring at me. If I would've guessed I almost thought she was glaring at me. Silly huh? She then smiled at me, and we just exchanged smiles.

Lissanna's POV

We didn't even get to MT. Hakobe yet, and I already wanted to stab a huge, sharp piece of glass in that blonde bitch's skinny, scrony neck. I couldn't help but frown at how she flirts with my Natsu. I saw him first, not her. However I had to change my face from a glare to a sweet, and innocent smile to show how much I adore her. This is just the beginning of how I will get that blonde bimbo off this team, and make everyone on this team, hell…everyone in Fairy Tail hate this bitch's guts. Then that way, Natsu will be all mine, and she'll be nothing but a slut on the streets of Magnolia. Until the time comes however, I'll have to keep up the nice act. It really kills me trying to be so nice to someone you despise though.

No One's POV

After the carriage ride all the way up to MT. Hakobe, the mages were well rested, and ready to hunt for the herbs they needed to complete the job. As soon as Natsu set his foot on the ground he spewed fire from his mouth in excitement, and healthiness.
"ALRIGHT I'M ALL FIRED UP NOW!" He roared, causing Erza to smack him right on top of his pink head.
"Natsu, be quiet can't you see we're on top of a mountain full of snow?" Erza scolded.
"A freezing mountain at that." Lucy said through her uncontrollable shivering. Everyone else except for Lucy had the advantage when it came to beating the cold climates. Erza could just requip into something warm, Natsu could warm himself with his intense body heat, Gray's an ice mage, and Lissanna can transform into an animal fit for this weather, and with that she transformed into a penguin. Everyone had their own personal way of staying climate friendly, except for poor Lucy who only wore spring, and summer clothes. Then a light bulb flicked on in her head, and she reached for her gate keys.
"Open! Gate of the Maiden!" She exclaimed. "Virgo!" Then the maid with pink hair appeared in golden light, and soon in her regular form.
"Hello Princess." She greeted. "Is it finally punishment time?" A nerve struck in Lucy whenever Virgo uttered those words.
"Okay, if you can bring me a coat from the spirit world that's warm enough to beat this weather then maybe I'll consider it." The blonde said. Then Virgo dug away from the mages, and came back in a flash with a pink fur coat.
"Here you go Princess, a one of a kind coat from the Spirit world." She said.
"Thanks Virgo, and I'll give you that punishment the next time I call on you." She said. Virgo bowed, then vanished.
"Can we go now?" Gray asked. "We've already wasted enough time as it is."
"Right…sorry." Lucy said. Then the mages began to walk through the blizzard, on the mountain.

Lucy's POV

As we walked deeper into MT. Hakobe I started to think about when I'll confess my feelings for Natsu. Step one was already complete, but my main plan was to show him more of my affectionate side that said, 'I'm in love with you.' I think he had begun to catch on, but who knows. I mean this is Natsu we're talking about. I also thought about asking him out on a date, but he's so dense he'll think I'm just buying him food for being nice, and a good friend, and then he'll Bring Happy along with him. It's not that I don't want that blue cat there, it's just…I'd really love some alone time with Natsu, and Happy would be a bit of a third wheel.
"Hey guys!" Happy yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts. "I see them!" I clasped my hands together, and smirked.
"ALRIGHT IMMA GO PICK EM!" Natsu yelled, and then dashed towards the mountain that held the magical herbs.
"You could at least wait for us!" I yelled, but I knew he couldn't hear me.
"Somethings not right." Gray said.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Gray's right, this is way too easy." Erza said. "NATSU, STOP!" However Natsu didn't listen, and right when he was about to grab some herbs, he was smacked away from them, and sent rolling down towards us. Erza was able to stop him, as she drew her sword.
"What was that?!" I asked.
"Look." Gray pointed out, and in the distance, there was a giant Vulcan guarding the herbs. However one wasn't enough to make this mission hard, so a horde appeared just to spite me, and the group.
"You've gotta be kidding me." I said while distraught.
"Okay here's the plan." Erza said. "Natsu, Gray and I will distract the horde of Vulcans, and beat them senselessly, while Lucy, and Lissanna sneak towards the herbs and snatch them." I sweat dropped at how slightly unfair my part was.
"Um…is there a reason why we have the dangerous part?" I asked while sweat dropping. Then a Vulcan roared, and they all leapt towards us.
"No time for switching roles, everyone get ready to fight!" Erza said, then requipped into her Heavens Wheel Armor. Gray readied his Ice magic, and Natsu engulfed both of his fists in flames.
"Oh yeah, I'm all fired up now!" He said confidently. Then they began to fight. Now it was Me, and Lissanna's turn to sneak away towards the mountain with the herbs on it.

Natsu's POV

Erza sliced her way through the Vulcans, while Gray made a wall of Ice for defense. I had both fists engulfed in flames, as I faced my opponent, which was the leader since he was the biggest Vulcan. I tried to punch him, but he blocked me, and he did that each time I tried until he pushed me back with one palm.
"You're stronger than I thought, but try and block this." I said. Then I readied myself for a roar attack. "FIRE DRAGONS ROAOR!" He ducked, and the attack was sent towards Lucy, who was trying to climb the mountain to grab the herbs. Something inside of me burst as I screamed…

Lucy's POV

"LUUUUCCCYYY!" Natsu yelled. I looked back, and saw a stream of fire beaming towards me. I tried to climb faster, but nothing helped. Before the flames could hit me, I felt myself being picked up into the air, just in time before the flames could hit me. That's when I looked up, and saw Lissanna in the form of a bird carrying me.
"Lissanna!" I said with glee. Instead of smiling brightly, she gave me a different smile, a smile that could be described as wicked. Before I could say anything else, she let go of me, and I was sent falling down onto the patch of herbs. That's when I heard a crunching sound, but it wasn't my bones, it was the herbs.
"GUYS! THE HERBS THERE RUINED!" Lissanna yelled. Then the Vulcans disappeared as everyone came towards me, and saw me sitting on the herbs, rubbing my back in pain.
"Lucy…what have you done?!" Erza exclaimed.

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