Chapter 29

Lucy's POV

Grey Falcon. I guess I could understand the name since her white hair is also the color of her feathers. Her body remained humanoid, however she was covered in greyish white feathers from head to toe. Her arms had bigger wings, and her face which looked more bird-like. She also had a long, sharp black beak now. What I really wanted to know was why she took on the form of another bird. She would only be taking flight in the air yet again. Unless… I gasped as she took flight. The gust of wind from it pushed me back a few feet from her. Now I understand. She was building up for this. She was taking her time, and stalling me with the takeover transformations she had in order to set up for this new transformation. Of course she would use a form I have no knowledge of.
I wanted to curse at myself for not studying her transformations better. So far I was fighting with pure strategy, but now I have to figure out how I'm gonna beat her. I was still in my Taurus form, but even with Taurus's strength I wasn't gonna take her out of the sky anytime soon. She was twice my size, and could fly higher than my whip could reach. Summoning Taurus wasn't gonna work either since he's an earth sign and built for fighting on land. With that, I deactivated the Star dress and felt heavier now. My legs were beginning to shake, and I felt like I needed to sit down for a bit. How am I gonna get through this one?

Lisanna -In her Falcon form- circled the air for a while until she had me locked in her sights. Changing her direction, she tucked her wings in and began diving. Not good! I panicked. As she was swooping I managed to dodge just in time before she made contact.
"That was a close one." I murmured.
"You're not out of the woods yet ya bimbo!" Lisanna yelled. Her wings glowed white, and when she whipped her left wing feathers rained down to the ground. The feathers glowed bright as well, and began making contact with me. They hurt actually. Like needles raining down and doing their best to impale, yet they scratch. I was immobilized. Think Lucy, Think. Star dresses, which one could block these. Aries? No, Virgo? No…I could barely think straight. The feathers finally stopped, and just when I thought she was finished I saw her swooping in for another attack. I jumped to the side, but her attack grazed my leg and it burned.
"Nyahh!" I screamed in pain. It felt worse than a burn from a flat iron. Dammit, now I'm injured! And I still can't think of what to do next!

Sting's POV

My heart nearly stopped when I saw how bad Lucy's leg got grazed. She was struggling to climb back to her feet, but was pinned again to a storm of feathers eating away at her health. The crowd screamed with excitement. I was at first, but now I'm silent and sweating anxiously. Come on Lucy, you know what to do. Next to me was Minerva who looked on with cold, fierce eyes like a viper. Rogue tapped his foot, and Lector and Frosch were worried to no end.
"Come on Lucy, you can beat her." I muttered through gritted teeth. I didn't dare take a look at Lisanna's team. I knew there facial expressions all changed now that there little bitch was winning. It's not over yet, seeing what I've seen from Lucy this fight is far from over.

Lisanna was going in for another swoop, and my heart began racing again. Dodge Lucy, c'mon you can't let her hit you! My soul screamed at her to get up. She rolled out of the way, while her ponytail was ruined. Her hair fell as she looked up at the beast that was Lisanna. Lucy you can do this!

Lucy's POV

She's getting ready to attack with those feathers again. I knew I wasn't gonna last another round of those, but luckily I was able to form a plan to take her out of the sky. I got to my feet, still uneasy about my leg and reached for my newest Zodiac key. This one's for you Yukino! I pointed it at the air as I felt my body surging with Magic. I closed my eyes, and all I could picture was the relationship Yukino had with this spirit. It might not have been the same as the one I share with all my spirits, and I know that the change is different but it's worth it. I opened my eyes, and saw the feathers beginning to rain.
"OPEN! Gate of the Scales! Libra!" From a portal of light, the spirit shot out. She wore green mostly, and had a white veil that had her zodiac symbol on it. Her body glowed green, and just like that, Lisanna was torn out of the sky while her attack was canceled out.
"WHAT? THIS CAN'T BE!" She yelled with irritation.
"Next, Open! Gate of the Fish!" The second golden key I had in hand began to glow. "Pisces!" The fish instantly came out, and attacked Lisanna while she was begin pinned by gravity, and the dust blocked them both

through the dust, I could tell that something wasn't right. Lisanna was back to her talons, and had the fish pinned.
"What? But the gravity magic?!" I yelled, confused by her actions.
"Hm…I'm stronger than you may think missy!" She whipped her wing, and a white slash defeated Libra, and her Talons defeated Pisces. No, I'm out of moves!" I panicked. I was going to try that combination to defeat her, but she pulled a fast one. Summoning two spirits at the same time was good for entertainment and skill, but bad for the summoner. I was kneeling, panting from the exertion of magic. I had just enough magic to do one more spell however, but it was for summoning only, and I didn't have enough strength left to stand on my own two feet or use the spell fast enough. Just as I saw her preparing for another swoop, I took a moment to remember all my training sessions and times I shared with my new friends only to let them down in the end. All the hard work they put into me was wasted because I still wasn't strong enough to beat my enemy. Now there points would've been proven to everyone. She was coming in fast, and as the light grew brighter, another light shined the brightest.

Her attack was cancelled yet again, and the person behind it was none other than Leo himself.
"Princess, if you wanted to call me you should've done so." He said. It was just like when Bickslow was about to defeat me, but there he was just in the nick of time to save me like he did now. Yet I couldn't save myself. "And don't you dare begin to beat yourself up about it, because you know what to do next." He said. I nodded with a firm grin. I mustered up the last bits of Magic I had left and changed my form.
"Star dress! Aquarius form!" I finally used this form I had been dying to use. I didn't think to use it for when Lisanna was attacking me unfortunately, but with this form, I gained a new surge in energy. My strength was returning to me, and I felt like a million jewel.
"Do it Lucy!" Leo encouraged. I nodded. Lisanna reverted back into her human form, and fell to her knees.
"Ugh…I couldn't hold that form for much longer." She heaved. Now's my chance. With newfound magic energy, I let my body begin to glow bright, and gold. It was time to end this already.

"Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens…
All the stars, far and wide…
Show me thy appearance…
with such shine."
I chanted feeling magic all around my body, and my connection with my celestial spirits. If I hit this, then Lisanna will be defeated. The light around me brightens.
"Oh Tetrabiblos…
I am the ruler of the stars…
Aspect become complete…
Open thy malevolent gate."
It's time. This attack ends my feud with Lisanna for everyone to go back to their normal lives. I felt the pressure from the magic squeezing me like a blood pressure cuff.
"Oh 88 Stars of the heaven…
Urano Metria!"
And like a blood pressure cuff, the pressure finally released from me with an exploding light show of an attack. Through my vision, I saw only golden light and different lights from the planets getting ready to hit Lisanna hard.

No One's POV

everyone in the park was mesmerized. They couldn't take their eyes off of Lucy for even a second while she casted this unknown spell. Sabertooth was in complete aw, and even Lisanna's own guild mates were stunned by the blondes' newest attack. The attack had Lisanna petrified with fear of being hit by it, but in front of her was Natsu who was able to block the finishing move with his fire magic. The light show ended and Lucy stood there, with big dazed eyes. She blinked and the last thing she saw before she fainted was Natsu in front of Lisanna.
"LUCY!" Stings team yelled. He was the first to come to her side. His mood quickly changed to anger, as he saw Natsu standing in front of him.
"This match is over, she…won." He said, choking on his own words. He picked Lisanna up and carried her away from the park. Team Natsu soon followed.
"And there you have it folks, our winner by surrender is Lucy Heartfilia!" The crowd cheered as Sting held Lucy in his arms, looking down at the unconscious beauty crowned a winner. He grinned.
"Sleep well, because you earned it Lucy."

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