Fairy Tail: The Celestial Goddess

Chapter 30

Sting's POV

"Gotta admit Lucy, you really amazed me out there." I whispered. When she collapsed after her fight, I took her home to her bed where she could rest. She used up almost all of her magic energy, so I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't wake up until tomorrow. The last spell she casted would've been enough to kill anyone, probably even herself. The way her eyes looked after casting them was what woke me up from my trance. When I saw Natsu in front of Lisanna I wanted to jump in and beat his ass for interfering in the fight, but then I noticed how frightened he looked defending Lisanna from the attack. My heart nearly stopped when he surrendered for Lisanna. I never knew Natsu to be the type to surrender, even if it wasn't him in the fight. Guess, he realized everything he said about Lucy was just bullshit and then some.

I heard Lector land in the window next to me.
"How is she?" He asked, worried about the blonde mage. I grinned.
"She'll be just fine, but I think it'd be best for her to rest for now." I said looking at the sleeping mage. I already tended to the wounds she donned, and made sure to clean the thoroughly. Lisanna's attacks got her pretty good, and luckily I was able to take care of that graze she had on her inner leg. It was still amazing how dominant she was during that rumble, but Lisanna's full body take-over was like nothing I've ever seen. However she managed to fight through it, and gain the comeback over Lisanna.
"So how come you're not at the festival Lector?" I asked him.
"Well, I came to check in on you both. I was more worried about Lucy though but I wanted to know if you were coming back." He said. I looked out the window and saw that the sun was already beginning to set. Guess I lost track of time.
"Well…Let me just get her something warm, and then we can go have fun kay." I said with a wink. He nodded and I left her room.

While I waited for the milk to warm over the stove, I began thinking about her rumble. What stood out to me the most, other than that wicked spell she used last, was the way she summoned both Libra and Pisces. The form, the look, the same combination was the same as how Yukino summoned them. It felt good seeing Yukino's presence radiate off of Lucy, but seeing those two gave me the memories of how we both trained and how she first showed me that combination during one of our jobs. That is…before that fateful day.
The milk had just about come to a warm temperature and I poured some of it into a mug. Then I added some of Crocus's delicious organic honey and stirred slowly. Yukino, I hope you saw that rumble, and I really hope you saw how Lucy used your combo. Once it cooled a bit, I grabbed the handle and slowly took it up to her room. My plan was to leave afterwards, but when I entered she was sitting up, and talking to Lector.

Lucy's POV

I saw Sting enter my room out the corner of my eye, and he was holding one of my favorite pink mugs.
"Lucy, you're awake." He said surprised. I nodded with a small grin.
"I am." I said. "Oh, what's in your hand?" He smiled, then handed me the mug which was filled with warm milk.
"A little something to make you feel better after a big fight." He said. "Try it, you'll love it." I hesitated, then took a small sip of the beverage. It wasn't hot enough to burn my tounge, and the taste was as sweet as eating frosting from a bag. He was right, it sure did make me feel better.
"That's so good." I said tenderly.
"See, I told you it was good." He said with a large, bright smile. "A little milk and honey for the honey." He winked. Two could play at that game.
"Hm…so where is the honey?" he moved closer with a new face, one just as dangerous as his smile.
"He's ready to take you." My plan backfired, and I was beginning to quiver.
"Uhh...umm." I couldn't think of any words to say, so I began to shiver uncontrollably. He threw his head back, and roared with laughter. Lector joined in.
"You should've seen how pink your face got! You looked like one of your outfits!" He howled.
"Yeah Lucy, you looked hilarious!" Lector chuckled. Dammit Sting, why must you always be so pervy?
"Hmph." I pouted. "It wasn't that funny." He finally picked himself up and wiped the water from his eyes.
"You're right…it was hilarious and I promise I'll laugh again." He teased.
"Sting!" I yelled.
"Okay, okay I'm just kidding." I rolled my eyes. "So how do you feel?"
"I still feel sore, but I'll be alright." I said. "How come you looked so surprised to see me?"
"Well you used a lot of your magic energy especially after casting that huge spell, So I thought you would be out of commission for the rest of the day. It seems that I was wrong." He said. The memories from the rumble returned, and made me feel low.
"Oh yeah…I forgot I casted that spell." I said dimly. It wasn't easy either, but I managed to learn how to cast it through excruciatingly painful training from Capricorn. "It was strange. When I was casting it, my mind felt like it had completely left my body though I was still there and chanting it."
"Hm…sounds to me like you need more practice with that spell." Sting said. I smiled and nodded. I turned my head and saw that the sky was bright and a pretty shade of orange and pink.
"I didn't realize it was so late." I said with a gasp.
"Eh…the festival lasts a pretty long time." Sting said with a cheeky grin. "But I'm gonna head back with Lector. In the meantime you could rest more and change, you look a mess." He said. I looked down and saw how scruffy my outfit looked. Nothing but dirt, and rips everywhere. Sad thing is, it was a new out too.
"Okay, I'll meet you at the water fountain in the park." I said. Then, he and Lector climbed out the window and went to join the festival.

I ended up going through a bunch of clothes in my closet before deciding on wearing one of my old outfits. It consisted of a white heart-shaped tube top, a blue vest, a black mini skirt, and brown boots with black thigh high socks. I decided to leave my hair down instead of tying it in pigtails or a side ponytail. Arms were still sore from those feathers Lisanna kept pelting me with, and it didn't help when I tried using my arms to shield my face. Okay, now it's time for me to go have fun. I limped down the stair, carefully trying not to put too much weight on my injured leg.
"Ugh…this hurts so much." I muttered through clenched teeth. I finally made it to the bottom, and limped over to the door like an injured doe. I opened it, and to my surprise my old master was standing in front of it.
"Matser Makarov?" His hand was clenched, and ready to knock as he looked up at me with his usual stern face.
"There isn't any need to be so formal with me my child." He said. "May I please come in?" He asked, and I limped to the side.
"Why are you here?" I asked weakly.
"Hm…I'm only here to congratulate you on your performance at the rumble. You've definitely showed that you have become stronger." I look down at his compliment, my face dimming my smile.
"Thanks, but that doesn't make me feel any better." I muttered.
"What's the matter child?" He asked. "You seem pretty bummed out." I shook my head.
"Be honest with me now Lucy, somethings bothering you and you need to talk about it." Makarov said. He was right, but if I say why, I'll feel like an idiot afterward. I took a deep breath then spoke.
"Even though I fought, defended, and challenged the point about me being weak, here I am feeling the effects while there all probably laughing at how I wasn't even able to completely win the rumble." I said, my bangs falling down over my eyes. "So…even though I won, why do I feel like I still lost?" He sighed.
"I was afraid you would say something like that." Makarov said. "That's why I brought someone here to talk to you and resolve these petty issues." In the door frame, I could see Lisanna's white hair peeking from the frame. The sight of her doesn't bring any emotions to my body when she steps into full view. I see that she's just as bandaged and weakened as I am, except I didn't sustain that many injuries. I cut her leg pretty bad, which was evident on her outer calf. She just grazed mine, so I guess that made us both equal. Her blue eyes looked soft, while mine remained a tired brown color.
"The last stage to resolving issues is talking it out amongst each other. The both of you are not like Natsu and Gray, and anyone Natsu has a feud with. I've watched you both closely with the eyes not of a guild master, but of a father. I can no longer bare to see you both so angry at each other, and for what? A boy, and wrongly being thrown out of a guild that everyone is welcome to." His words were hitting us hard. It wasn't a scolding, but more of a mediating. His face stiffened. Here comes the hard part. "Lisanna, it's because of your actions that you not only tossed a fellow guild mate out on the street, but you tarnished the great name that our ancestors helped to build." His voice grew harder.
"I'm sorry master." She whispered. Then he looked at me.
"And Lucy, even though I supported your decision for leaving the guild you should've told me the full story. Instead of dwelling on the word weak, and calling yourself weak you could've accepted it then used it as your wake up call to get stronger as a wizard." I felt like a child again, when my own father would scold me for the wrong things that I did.
"I'm sorry." I murmured. He sighed, now beginning to calm down.
"Okay, now I want you both to just sit down and talk it out like adults." He said. He took his leave, and now it was only Lisanna and I alone.

Lisanna's POV

I was alone with her, sadly. I was hoping I wouldn't have to see her after the rumble, but the master threatened to suspend me from Fairy tail if I didn't. The upside was she was just as beaten as I was, and we both sustained injured legs as a result of the rumble. What should I say, since I was wrong about everything?
"So…" I said, but I couldn't find the words to compliment it.
"Look Lisanna, we should really talk about everything that has happened." She said. "Let's start from the beginning." I nodded.
"Okay." I complied. I had no more fight in me left to counter it.
"Why…why did you sabotage our mission that day?" Lucy asked. My heart started racing, and I felt my body heating up. I took a breath.
"My plan was to make Natsu angry at you, so I could calm him down to get closer to me." Her face remained emotionless. "Then during the night, I…I visited his house and basically convinced him to throw you out of the guild. In return I would become his mate, and fulfill his desires." And it succeeded.
"Is that all?" Lucy asked. I shook my head.
"No." I felt my fingers shiver while my legs quivered. "My plan extended, and he convinced the rest of the guild except the master to insult you until you started crying. That's when we…would throw you out." I gulped, as she remained silent.
"I see." She spoke.
"Then, Natsu…"
"Stop mentioning Natsu's name!" Lucy yelled, and I flinched. "I know what you're trying to do Lisanna, so why don't you stop bringing up his name, and blame yourself!" When did she get so scary? I looked down at my feet and nodded like a child getting scolded.
"Right, sorry." I said. "So then I sent you that email trash talking you, and I signed both of our names on it." All the things I've done to her were now out, and I felt more weight on my heart than less weight on my shoulders. It was becoming harder to breathe-like the air suddenly became thinner and heavier.
"I'm…sorry, for everything."
"I'm really, really disgusted by you and all the guild mates." She said. "Jealousy over a guy, but you know what I'm glad in the end. Because I have someone waiting for me at the festival that I'm ready to become my mate. I accept your apology, now leave my place and tell your team that weakness is dead weight on my shoulders." I felt weightless as we exited her apartment. I…can't believe she didn't forgive me. What have I done?

We were outside her home now, ready to go our separate ways.
"Goodbye Lisanna, and I hope that this little war of ours is finally over." She said bitterly. I nodded. She turned and began limping back to the festival. Our drama was over, but I didn't feel that warmth after squashing it. I felt cold, and…lonely. So that's what atoning for your actions feels like.

Lucy's POV

My thoughts were racing through my head as I walked back to the festival. Ending drama made me feel good, but I just couldn't tolerate the reasons why she did those mean things to me. I could see that she was being sincere, but I couldn't take another second of her. Okay…calm down Lucy, calm…down. Bad thing was, it's hard to be calm when your thoughts were pounding against your head. The main thoughts running through my head was telling her I'm ready for Sting to become my mate. I felt my cheeks getting hotter as a grin crept its way on my face. Ugh…why did I say that? I wanted to punch myself in the gut for saying that. At first I thought it was a pretty cool thing to say, but now I don't even know if I'll go through with it. After everything that's happened today, I'll probably just get butterflies in my tummy then cheese out. I felt like jelly. I just wanted to sit and think.

"Huh…so much for a great day." I said to myself as I got to the park. Everyone was having a blast playing games, and competing in the various events. I only did one and felt like a horse trampled me. The park was unpopulated, which was surprising since there were a bunch of kids around. Lucky for me, I was able to have a little alone time before joining Sting and them. I saw him watching Minerva man handle a bunch of guys who I'm guessing had death wishes if they wanted to fight her. I sat and cuddled my bandaged knees. They still hurt from her raining feathers, but I still managed to walk. Everyone I knew from Fairy tail was here, and they saw just how much I changed. I thought. If Makarov is so confident that I changed and became a stronger woman, then why do I still feel like I didn't accomplish anything since I've been here?
"Hey Lucy." I looked up, and saw him.
"Sting?" I questioned. "Why aren't you watching Minerva beat people up?"
"Eh…I see it on a daily basis, plus when I got a whiff of your scent so I wanted to see you." He said. His grin immediately vanished when he saw a tear roll down my cheek.
"Hey, you okay Lucy?" He asked as he wiped the loose tear away. She nodded, then giggled.
"Yeah sorry, I'm being dumb." I said. "Don't worry, everything's fine."
"You sure you don't wanna talk about it?" He asked. She nodded.
"Yeah, I'm good." She said. "Why don't we…?" Then the shock of my life came when his lips abruptly met mine. I was so in shock, that I didn't push him away like I should've. We were alone, and I could bet that someone from our guild was lurking in the park, ready to tell all about our love. Then I remembered what I would've done if I had confessed my feelings to Natsu that fateful day. If there's one lesson learned, it would be that I'm done waiting. I returned to my mind and kissed him back. My feelings felt like fireworks as they popped in our kiss.
"I love you Lucy, I love you so much." Sting breathed out. I smiled tenderly at him. "And I'm glad that you came to our guild, I'm glad that I met you on the train, and…I don't want you to…" I stopped him with a surprise kiss of my own. All those times he playfully flirted were beginning to rub off on me, but who knew the kiss would make me feel like a caterpillar that fulfilled its metamorphosis cycle.
"I feel the same exact way Sting, and I'm glad that fate brought me to you." I said. Then I heard large popping sounds, and in the sky I saw blue fireworks that looked like shooting stars. So it looks like I finally got my confidence back, there's only one more thing left to do. While Sting was mesmerized by the lights I whispered in his ear "Let's have our own little festival." The blood trickled down his nostril, but he didn't care. He picked me up bridal style and asked,
"Will there be fireworks?" I grinned.
"You know it." He kissed me again, and from here on out I could tell that this is where the chapter ends, and the new one begins.

End of Story

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