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If you're reading this story, that means you have watched the movie. So I won't go into too much detail on the characters. I'll be describing the teenage monsters and the OCs I have created.

Keep in mind that this is AU. Cause I'll be changing Major things

If you want to read a better HT story, then check their story out. Seriously, if you're a fan of HT, you won't regret it.

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Welcome to Hotel Transylvania!

On the outskirts of Transylvania, deep within the dark woods and blackened night, the sound of a baby's cry could be heard in a castle-like house. The house had an air of gloom as a few candles of light could be seen from the windows. Inside a small bedroom on the top of the third story house, a man was gently rocking a baby's crib back and forth. This man was no man at all, but a vampire, and the most famous one of all, Dracula.

Now you wouldn't expect someone thought to be so cruel and evil, at least according to the legends, to be so caring and kind to his son. Yes, the little crying baby in the crib was the son of Dracula. His name was Jonathan. He had messy red hair and yellow eyes.

Wow. Who knew the Prince of Darkness was a father. I sure didn't.

Then a pale black-colored hair woman wearing a black dress entered the room, this was Dracula's wife, Martha, who was also a vampire. Both had instantly fallen in love the moment they laid eyes on one another, love at first sight, as cliché as that sounds. The two had what they called it, zinged.

"Shh, shh, don't cry my little ghoul, what's wrong?" Martha softly asked Jonathan as his cries lessened. Jonathan looked at his mother with teary eyes and an adorable sad face. Both vampires couldn't help but melt at the cute face their son was making. Whether it was sad or happy, their son was the cutest baby in the world. Martha smiled warmly as Dracula carried his son, gently holding him in his chest. Martha sang her son a lullaby, "Hush, little vampire, don't say a word. Mama's going to bite the head off a bird…"

The baby's sad face instantly turned to a happy one. He giggled as his mother blew at her son's stomach, "Well, all he wanted was attention. I wonder why?" Martha said as she looked at her husband, who had a smile and an innocent look on his face. Martha snort, smirking amusedly, "Like father like son." Dracula smiled proudly at that fact, "Well, his good looks came from somewhere."

Martha snorted as she kissed her husband's cheek, before suddenly sniffing. Dracula was going to ask why, when he suddenly sniffed the horrid smell. They were coming from their son, who was staring innocently at them. Martha shook her head with chuckle as she handed her son to her husband, "Your turn." Dracula looked at the boy with a grimace, but couldn't stop a playful smile from appearing on his face as he looked at his son sucking his hand. Dracula chuckled as he took his son from his wife. "Come on, you smelly little bat."

A Year Later

Martha lay in bed as she held a tiny bundle in her arms. Dracula was holding Jonathan as they looked at the bundle in Martha's arms with wide eyes. The former more in excitement while the latter more out of curiosity. Martha positioned her arms for them to get a better look at the tiny baby, Alucard . . . not original as it is just Dracula backwards, but Martha had insisted, much to her husband's dismay. He had blue eyes and black hair.

Alucard slowly yawned, opening his eyes. He immediately saw his mother smiling warmly at him. Then a soft cooing sound was heard. Dracula and Martha turned to Jonathan, who was trying to get out of his father's hold, arms reaching towards his newborn baby brother. Dracula smiled as he gently put his son on top of the bed, careful to not let him go near the edges, as he slowly crawled to his mother.

He stopped and looked at his little brother, who was looking at him curiously. Jonathan tilted his head, Alucard following his older brother's movement. Jonathan looked up to his mother, who was smiling warmly at her son's curiosity. He cooed at her. "This is your new little brother, my little Jonny. You have to take good care of him, when we're not around." Martha softly said to her eldest son. Jonathan cooed in response as he turned to his little brother, who was happily sucking his thumb. Jonathan then slowly reached out a hand towards him, gently patting his head. Alucard stopped his thumb-sucking, looking at his older brother. He made a toothless smile as he wiggled happily, causing Martha to giggle at her son's antiques. Dracula chuckled at both of his boys.

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