Chapter 14: Misaki

We arrived to the dorm without speaking. "You can sit on my bed" I left my bag and went straight to the bathroom where I had a first aid kit. I saw Yata sitting on my bed holding his wounded arm and looking where I wasn't.

I approached him, "Take off your shirt." I said nothing more.

He was surprised and looked at me "What !?"

"I can't heal your wound if you're wearing your shirt."

Yata relaxed to hear that and took it off. Below was another black tank top so I could see his wound. I sat beside him on the bed on the side where the wound was. There was blood around it and I didn't know how deep was the cut. I took cotton and disinfectant to clean it first. "I've never done this before, but it's better than nothing." I warned him.

I slowly began to clean the wound. It didn't seem like Yata was in pain, although it really should burn for him, but still I gently blew his wound to minimize the pain a little. When I finished I used sterile gauze and covered his wound as best I could. I Awkwardly gave many turns around and tied it with a knot.

"Finished" I said a little uncomfortable.

"... Thank you," he replied looking down.

I knew it. I was very hard on him a few minutes ago on the bench, i had to apologize.

"... I-I'm sorry I shouldn't yell out there." I said sheepishly.

Yata saw me sad after I said that and I answered "I-It's okay, you don't have to apologize."

A little better I went back to talk timidly "Does it hurt?" I asked worried gently taking his arm and seeing his bandage.

"No, i'm fine." He smiled a bit trying to calm me.

I still felt sorry for what I said, so I lightly kissed his wound without touching too much. Then I gave a sheepish smile to Yata.

He blushed when he saw me do it. But then I got serious.

"Yata who was that guy who did this?"

Although hesitant at first, he began to speak "... His name is Fushimi Saruhiko, he was my friend since before we unite the red clan ... but he left us. He betrayed our clan and even burned his own logo, just to go with the blues." Yata angry remembering said.

"I see, so that's why you called him a traitor... But why does it bother you to call you by your name?"

My question caused him a small shivers.

I saw it and wanted to tease him a bit. "So ... Misaki Huh?"

He was angry when he heard me say his name, "Yes, my name is Misaki Yata. But don't call me like that."

"I know, Anna told me once, but why don't you like to be called by that name?"

He looked at me and then looked the other way "... Because it's a girly name." He murmured softly, but I could understand it.

I chuckled with his answer "It's not true, and if it were, so what?" He looked at me confused "You're not a girl and anyone can see that. And if anyone dared to say that to you, he'd be dead." I laughed.

"Well, that's true." He smiled proudly.

"So can i call you Misaki?" I insisted again amicably.

"No." He cut me immediately.

"Boring." I frowned.

I got out of bed, "I'll wash your shirt." I said taking the bloodied shirt at one side of the bed.

"N-no need."

"Let me do it." I said tenderly. He couldn't say no and he let me continue.

I put it in the washer and then went to get something in my closet. "Here, you can use this." I told Yata bringing him a blue men's T-shirt with short sleeves.

When he saw it he stared at me "Why do you have mens clothing!?"

"It's from my big brother." I replied "when he grew up and didn't fit him I asked him to give it to me. Sometimes I use it as pajamas."

"Oh I see." He said looking away and put it on. But when he did, he noticed that it was bigger than the one he was wearing.

I also noticed it and laughed a little "It's too big?" I asked sarcastically.

He look back at me annoying "Why is it so big?"

"My brothers are 5'11" and 6' each one." I presumed.

"They are very tall ... and still you are a dwarf." He said bugging me.

"Look who's talking, I'm 5'4", and you must not be so far." I returned it.

"I'm 5'6" so you're the dwarf here."

"I have 17 years old, and you are 19. You don't have much time to grow up like me." I said bragging.

"Shut up ... Why are you always looking for a fight?"

"Because it's fun." I replied innocently. "I always used to fight with my brothers and my parents. From fatiguing them to even play fights like in television and action movies." I laughed remembering, I approached him and sat beside him on my bed.

'But he's right I'm always looking for a fight when I'm with him or one way or another we always end up fighting. Even though he's the guy I like, and I want him to see the good part of me, but... '

"That explains why you're such a..." Yata didn't know how to continue without sounding offensive.

"Tomboy? It's okay, I know I am. I always been a kind of 'boyish girl' since childhood. I got along better with the boys, plus I have two older brothers. But ... everything changed when I grew up and the guys started liking my appearance and not me. " Asuka scratched her head and smiled uncomfortably at the memory.

The boy saw the girl was listless when talking and tried to encourage her "N-Not that I dislike your 'tomboy' side, you are more impressive than other girls for how strong and brave you are ... a-and is true that you're... v-very pretty, but that's not the only good thing about you. You are also friendly, aware of your actions and you didn't judge us when we first met, despite our reputation, and although sometimes you can be stupidly honest with what you say, and also presumptuous and really clumsy, all that makes you who you are... and I like you as you are." He murmured at the end, looking at the floor with a soft reddish color in his face.

Asuka was speechless by what she heard and the only reaction she gave was her blush as she looked away. "Th-Thanks Yata." She said softly embarrassed, but inside she was extremely happy, after all she heard saying all this directly from the person she likes.

Yata realized her reaction and felt more nervous knowing that the girl likes him.

"C-Can I ask you something else?" the girl broke the silence that had formed "Why did you avoid me since I found you two at school and began to help you look for Yashiro? Did I do something wrong?" She asked with a worried look on her face like a puppy that did something bad.

Yata gave a little jump when he heard Asuka noticed that he didn't look at her since he heard the confession and tried to answer her even nervous "N-No, you did nothing wrong. Really." Yata reassured, but he could not say he saw and heard what she said to the boy near the fountain.

"Oh Really? That's great. I thought you were mad at me or something." She sighed in relief and smiled slightly.

"I'm not mad at you ... I think it's the opposite." He muttered at the end.

"What?" the girl didn't hear what he said at the end.

"N-Nothing ... Your hand," he pointed at my hand, "Are you okay? Didn't you hurt after grabbing that damn monkey's knifes?" he asked irritably thinking about him.

I was glad for his concern "You should worry about your wound more than me. I'm fine, I'm a strong girl." I said with rosy cheeks.

"You always say that, but you've just been lucky so far not hurt yourself, possibly you'll find someone with whom you will not be able to win, no matter how strong you are now." He turned his torso to be face to face.

I sighed looking at the floor "I know, but I couldn't leave you lying there hurt. When I saw that you really get hit by the knife, I reacted immediately without thinking" I got closer to him with our legs almost touching "... I was really worried about you when I saw you hurt." I said staring at him, still pink in my cheeks.

He realized that I approached him, his face flushed a little, but he wasn't nervous "I also was worried about you yesterday with that guy." Yata looked me in the eyes and put his hand to my face. He touched my lip with his thumb that was still a little hurt and came closer; it took me by surprise, but this time I watched him coming closer, without moving, my eyes were half closed. He was watching my lips as he approached without removing his thumb from my lips. When i could almost feel his breath he spoke "... Asuka." He called me as if asking me for permission to continue.

My heart was beating really hard, and I could see that Yata was also slightly flushed. I quickly respond tenderly "You can do it..." and by that I also approached him a little, finishing my sentence before touching "... Misaki."

But before something happens, someone knocked on the door of the room. "Asuka Are you there?" It was heard on the other side.

Completely off, the two teenagers were separated immediately, looking in the opposite direction of each other, completely red.

"Y-Yes, I'm here." The nervous girl said rushing to answer the door. When she opened the door she saw her classmate Kukuri. "Kukuri What is it?"

"Hi Asuka, I wanted to borrow your notes from literature. With all we have above, I was a little busy and it didn't give me time to make my notes, so can you help me? Please." She begged her clasping her palms hard and closing her eyes.

"Oh ... of course, no problem." Asuka replied calmly, though her heart was beating fast for the shock happened seconds ago.

The Schoolgirl picked from her purse a notebook with her notes in class and brought it back to the door. "Here, you can return it when you finished." She said amiably.

"THANKS Asuka, you saved me." She said happily.

"It's nothing." Asuka was happy to help, but she suddenly remembered she could ask something important at that time before she leave "Kukuri wait, Have you seen Yashiro after school today?"

"Who?" Her classmate shook her head to one side confused.

"Isana Yashiro ... our friend." reinforced the girl.

"N-not know who you're talking, Asuka You sure I know?"

"Of course you know, Yashiro: white hair, thin, always sneaking to class." She returned to clarify, this time worried about her reaction.

"Sorry, Asuka, I don't know who you're talking about." She replied disappointed.

Asuka couldn't believe what she said and was very confused, but didn't want to retain her any longer.

At the same time Kukuri turned her gaze into Asuka's room and saw a guy sitting on the bed of her classmate, she was a little surprised, but then the girl said "Sorry I didn't know you were with someone, better I will leave you two alone." She looked at her suggestively "Thanks for the notes ... and don't worry, I will not tell anyone." Again she gave her a suggestive look and winked her eye.

Asuka froze a bit when she heard the interpretation of what was going on. "I-It's Not that." She shouted nervously until her classmate was gone. She closed the door and turned to the boy, both nervous, but suddenly something went to Asuka's mind, getting her serious.

"Did you hear that? She said she didn't know Yashiro, but we were in the same class for weeks. How can she not know who I mean?" She asked worriedly sitting on the bed again.

"Maybe she was lying to cover it up." Yata also got serious.

"No, if she was lying she would say she didn't see him or give us a false location. She would not be so stupid to lie knowing that we both know him."

"Do you think she was telling the truth?"

"Yes, she looked completely confused when I talked about him, as if she really didn't know ... but that would mean that she forgot about him? I don't understand ..." She was disoriented.

"This makes no sense, she couldn't completely forget about him out of nowhere... Maybe this guy doesn't work alone." Yata suggested.

"No, don't say that, I still believe that Yashiro is not behind this." Asuka was alarmed and again defended the suspect.

"The more we looked, the more he hide, if he really was innocent, I don't think he would disappear." That hit Asuka.

She was cornered, the guy she said she was on his side, didn't seem to be entirely innocent in this scenario, but she didn't want to give up yet.

"If we can't find him on this island, the only thing left is that Anna and the boys find a trace of him." Yata said.

Asuka nodded dejected. "Then there's nothing to do," she sighed rendered holding her weight with her arms behind her back.

"Yes, we have no choice but to wait."

The girl chuckled covering her mouth with one hand "How strange of YOU to say that."

"Hey you!" He was angry following the game.

But when they saw their faces, they recalled what they did a few minutes ago, and turned nervous, creating an uncomfortable mood.

"W-want to play video games?" She asked nervously randomly to break the silence.

"Ah, Y-Yes." He replied nervously.

Asuka stood up and walked to the TV facing the bed, turned on the console, and took two controls, gave one to Yata and sat down again in her bed. So the discomfort was quickly vanished and they play for a few hours, ignoring what they were about to do before.

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