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Star Wars: Avenging Angel, Chapter 1- Waking Up

The first thing Anakin Skywalker was aware of was the blinding light.

Ow. Wait…

It took a moment for Anakin's vision to adjust. When he could finally see, he looked around.

The grass was green. Obviously not Tatooine. A slight roll of the head upwards revealed a clear blue sky with puffy white clouds.

A minute later, Anakin managed to sit up and take stock of himself. The first thing he noticed was the apparent lack of clothes. Oh, Force.

On the plus side, Anakin could see the skin of his torso, legs, and arms. Wait… I actually HAVE arms and legs now? Yes! Anakin decided that he liked this new body.

Anakin reached up to touch his face, and allowed himself to revel in the fact that it was smooth to the touch. He could feel the callouses on his hands, but, when compared to massive burns, callouses were a major upgrade in Anakin's opinion. Anakin would have to look in a mirror to be sure, but if he were to hazard a guess, he would wager that he back in his twenty-three-year-old-body (which meant that he was in his prime in his first life.)

The Realm of the Force is not something to be breached lightly. If you attempt this, you shall not return.

The words Anakin had heard before his departure came to mind again. Well, Anakin thought, I guess I am immortal now. All it took was me dying to get it. I wonder if I'll still look like this.

Anakin would have an eternity to find out. But first, he would need clothes.

As it turned out, clothes were not that hard to find. Anakin found a ship parked not too far away from where he was. At first, Anakin had to do a double-take to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating.

It was the Falcon. Oh sure, Anakin thought. Now I find it.

He hid until the walking carpet, the young lady, and- ARTOO?- had moved a fair distance away from the ship before boarding.

As it turned out, there were clothes. They were a little snug (Anakin was a tall man; Captain Solo was shorter than he), but Anakin had to admit- he did look rather dashing. Must be the leather jacket. If only Padme could see me now…

Then, there was the pang. Oh, Padme, I'm so, so sorry…

If Anakin were honest, he wished Padme could be here right now, if only so that he could get down, on his knees, and beg for her to forgive him- and Anakin hated begging, and hated seeing others beg.

But, Anakin had come back for a reason. Some Sith wannabe had corrupted his grandson, and said grandson had killed his own father. Anakin Skywalker was not about to let it stand, even if he had to tear the galaxy asunder once again.

But, for now, Anakin had to climb some stairs.

Oh, Force. Ah well- at least I'll get a workout.

Turns out, just because one has a body that lesser men would kill to obtain doesn't mean one is in the best shape. Anakin was panting hard by the time he had made it up the last step.

Just ahead, he could hear voices. Loud voices at that.

Anakin rounded a corner and saw a very strange sight- a young woman pleading with an old man.

The young woman wore desert brown attire. A big brown staff was slung over one shoulder, and a blaster pistol was tucked into the back of her belt. Anakin wondered who this woman was, but then he got a look at the old man- and that pang came again.

Luke Skywalker, his son, looked old. Not even Obi-Wan had looked that old when last they fought. That pang came again, this time much worse than before.

I caused this. Ben worshipped me, and look what it has done.

Then, Rey held out the lightsaber. Anakin recognized it immediately. It had, in another lifetime, been his.

The look on Luke's face eerily mirrored the one Anakin was certain he wore. So much pain, sadness, loss, and a hundred emotions Anakin knew weren't good flickered over the older man's face, before settling on confusion.

Then, Luke looked away from the woman- and his gaze found Anakin's- and his face changed again- to an angry look.

Before Anakin knew what was happening, Luke's fist was flying at his face.

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