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Adamus Delius was a man who had reaching well into his forties, he considered himself to be an average middle aged man and if it wasn't for his appearance, you would think he was another face in the crowd.

If Kuu Hizuri had never dyed his hair blond to match his family, the black hair which they both shared, would have made them clones of each other and Adamus know that full well, it had plagued him ever since Kuu had finally hit the big time and started gaining fans who wouldn't stop pestering him, thinking he was the star actor.

His appearance was unkept and there were even faint bags under his eyes from several sleepless nights, the completely opposite of the star who looked like a million Yen and had made himself his own perfect little family.

If Adamus and Kuu were to compare personalities, it would be very easy to tell them apart within a minute of talking.

Adamus himself had finally clenched happiness and was now happily married, he was excited to finally be starting a family of his own and soon he would hold his child for the first time.

His wife Anglia was beyond excited about the prospect of starting a family and was constantly bouncing off the walls like a child on a sugar rush, much to his horror as he had to constantly worry about the baby safety.

When Anglia went into labour, he had automatically called for the ambulance but the baby wasn't willing to wait for professional to come and Adamus found himself, much to his horror.

Tasked with delivering his baby.

An experience he wished he could erase from his mind and never have to relive again as the scent of blood hit him noses and he was fighting hard not to pass out from the horror at what he was forced to preform.

But he had done it.

He had delivered his son.

But the only woman he had ever loved was dead, lifeless with a smile on her face, leaving him with their new-born.

She had died, within seconds of finally delivering the baby.

He cried, she had been one of the few out lights in his dark life, he had been an orphan for as long as he could remember, always secretly envying others for having parents to love them, having someone to come home to and praise them whenever they did something praise worthy.

As a child, he always had to sit through children talk about their summer or weekend. He had to ignore the looks he would get when he passed someone.

In his teenage years he quickly turned to violence to escape all his problems.

Getting into fights was his escape from reality and he hid it well.

That's when she came.

Anglia Marco.

She had been a tiny sized girl who looked like the wind could knock her over, he also remembered she was the most annoying person he had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

She clung to his immediately because of his height and he was one of the few who didn't look like he was trying to see underneath her skirt.

He tried everything to shake her off but she didn't listen stating something about him being in pain or something.

He snuck out, one day to fight to relieve some stress but unfortunately he didn't notice he was being tracked until it was too late and the damage was fully on display by the unconscious bodies around his feet and the blood.

Anglia had seen him at his very worst and he was fully expecting her to give him pity looks or even looks of fear, she should have started screaming about how he was a monster and do everything in her power to stay the hell away from him.

But, instead she didn't give him that, she gave him a look that wanted to try and understand him.

She was trying to accept him and not condemning him like so many would, seeing that look and not knowing how to handle the situation, his temper flared and before he realised what he doing.

He struck her.

He could only stare in horror at what he had done.

He was a coward and ran, never looking back. He avoided school like the plague, he ignored the notices, he was even thinking about transferring school.

So imagine his shock, when his door was kicked down several days later by a familiar shorty and he just froze.

She shouted at him for a full ten minutes about not coming to school and worrying her sick, before she hugged him and started crying.

Something in him just broke right there and he broke down, spilling everything.

Everything from the very beginning and she listened to it all, she didn't judge him and just simply smiled when he had finished.

Ever since then, he didn't mind having her tag along with him and actually became friends.

He didn't realise that he had started to develop feelings for her until another one of his friends had actually set him down having finally reached his limit and spelled it out to him.

He loved her.

No matter how much he tried to deny it, he always, her cute smiling face assaulted his mind.

He realised he really did love her and immediately want to confess.

His confession was sudden and he didn't care if he did it in front of a hundred witness, he was never a meek guy when it came to chasing after something he wanted.

The now fully grown woman was stunned at his suddenly confession before a huge blush erupted onto her face and she confessed she loved him too, she had realised it a year before.

He couldn't believe his ears and immediately went to kiss her and she returned the kiss, he didn't care that a group of people were looking at them with glossy eyes and rumours about them would spread like wild fire, he was too happy to care!

Fast forward five years later and he had finally saved up enough money to propose and tie the knot with the woman of his dreams.

For a time everything was like a dream, every time he would got out, he know someone was waiting for him at home.

He could even ignore a certain rising star who looked a bit too much like him to be comfortable and was making him think about the parents he would never know and didn't want to know.

Just three years into his married life, his wife announced she was pregnant with their first child.

Now thinking back, he should have asked her to abort the child if he know his wife wouldn't survive the childbirth.

His eyes wondered to the thing that took his wife away from him and his hands went around its tiny neck.

He would kill it and then kill himself and join his beloved for eternity.

He was too much in disappear to think straight.

The baby eyes snapped open and he got a look at the same striking pair of blue eyes, just like his wife.

Those eyes didn't look at him in fear but in acceptance.

Just like his wife.

And just like that he came to his senses and realised that he was a few seconds away from becoming a murder.

He was about to kill his and Anglia child.

He was horrified by his actions and apologised to Anglia, hoping she could hear him beyond the grave and swore that he would do everything in his power to give their child, the childhood he had never had and swore to stay alive to be there for their son.

He quit his job and looked for work that didn't involve leaving him home to take care of the baby, not a day goes by that he didn't miss his Anglia presence.

He discovered that he very good with his hands when it came to crafting and technology.

His wife had always told him how good he was with hands but he never thought he would go into such a job.

He became an inventor.

His first successful machine was a device that helped to identify a certain type of cancer, this machine was finished when his son, Remco was three year old happy toddler.

The investors' minds were blown away by the invention and he had spent his first huge pay check on a trip abroad with just his son and him.

He long ago found a solution for when he went out because some years back people kept coming up to him wondering if he was Kuu Hizuri, he thought it was amusing at first but as the star kept on getting more famous, people kept on coming up to him.

For god sake, he couldn't go out to buy a loaf of bread before he was mobbed by the man fans.

Naturally he went from just glancing at any posters or adverts with the man face on to having developed a certain reaction whenever he saw the man face sparkling like some god.

Kuu had unintentionally forced him into house arrest and he and the baby were getting slimmer by the day.

Those were truly dark time for him.

Adamus used the time, he was forced into having, trying to figure out a solution to his problem because he and the baby needed to eat so he decided to alter his appearance with non-plastic surgery methods, since he still liked his face and didn't wish to go under a knife.

He stopped shaving and grow his black hair out, tied it, then placed round glasses on himself and even the much hated, superman man T-shirt and jeans.

He looked like a typical no-life nerd and nobody looked at him twice when he went out.

In public he would act silly and carefree just like his image while behind closed doors he was his true self.

The vacation was just what he needed to create good memories for his son, they went swimming together and he tried fishing for the first time.

He caught nothing but what mattered was that he was doing all the things he wished he could have done as a child and his highly perceptive child could somehow sense the importance to him and clung to him in his own adorable way.

The trip ended way too soon for his liking and he was back in his makeshift workshop trying to come up with the next big thing, luckily he was chalked full of ideas.

When Remco finally reached 14, he had come up with a dozen or so inventions and had enough money to be able not only retire but his son and future generations would never have to work and would be living a comfortable lifestyle's unless one of them became a gambling idiot and if that happened he would rise from the grave and give them a good beating back-up by his late wife.

You would think that he would have retired off the bat but he still had so many ideas that could benefit man kind and sometimes because of his work, he would go out of the country and meet the investors personally or come out and give speeches and talks to the younger generation of aspiring inventors.

But Remco was now 17, his son childhood was over and he didn't have long left until he was classed as an adult and Adamus couldn't have been more proud of his son.

Remco had grown to be a fine looking young man, his features were mostly based off of him with small parts of his late wife, the eyes were definitely his wife's and the best part was that there was no visible shadows in those eyes like when he, himself was at his age.

Remco smiled like nothing could weigh him down and he had inherited his wife kind nature, something would make woman swarm to his son like bears to honey.

His son was definitely easy on the eyes and would definitely raise alarm bells if anyone managed to not pass his son appearance off as coincidence to a certain super star.

Remco could have passed as a much younger version of Kuu Hizuri if not for the blue eyes.

It was great having money to spoil his son rotten while growing up and thanks to his harsh upbringing he know when to put his foot down on certain matters, producing such a guy that any woman would be lucky to go out with.

He ignored the part of his mind that was wondering if a certain family who had their child proclaimed dead and now alive a couple of years ago were to catch a glimpse of his son, it would certainly make his life a lot more difficult.

But after a while, he didn't care anymore, all he cared about was his son wellbeing even if he had a clash with that family, it's not like he was related to anyone of them.


A question that had been bothering him for the past twenty years but hadn't bothered to take the steps to find out mainly because of work and he disliked Kuu Hizuri for making his life difficult.

An amusing scenario to see someone come up to the man and formally tell him, they didn't like him in front of his whole friends and family no less.

Yes a very amusing scenario.

As much as he would love to see the man reaction, he had more important things to deal with.

He was going to Japan for a month long conference and his son had begged him to take him to Japan and since it was school holidays, he couldn't necessary say no without giving a proper excuse.

Remco had just come out from the pool in the back and was beginning to dry himself off.

"Son, were leaving in an hour time, make sure you've packed everything you wanted to take" He said.

"Okay, Dad" Remco said, before going to fridge and taking his favourite brand of milkshake from the fridge before going to his room to get dressed.

An hour later, Remco was dressed strictly casual but didn't entirely dress down and followed his father excitedly towards the private copper that just landed.

He wanted to frown at his Father disguise but know it was necessary, though he wished his father could dress nicely without being singled out and mobbed by Kuu Hizuri fans.

He got onto the private copper and a couple of minutes later they in the air heading for Japan.

# 9 hours later#

Remco flopped down onto the soft comfortable bed, they arrived at 10 in the night and Remco was asleep instantly.

Adamus smiled at he looked at his son sleeping form, who hadn't even changed into nightmare, he admired his son features with pride before sitting the sack himself.

He had no way of knowing, that Remco had wanted to come to Japan with an interior motive.

Remco was a Reincarnation and he was determined to get his father blood tested with Kuu Hizuri.

It couldn't be too hard, after all he was practically young Kuu Hizuri on different sets of legs.

# Morning#

Remco sighed, feeling bored, his father talks were really boring and his young mind needed adventure and excitement.

LME was practically twenty minutes away from the building and his father had given him cash to find something to entertainment with.

He walked towards the place where he thought LME was.

Someone crashed into him.

"OW!" The female said, Remco could see red high heels that he couldn't help but be amazed at how anyone can walk in them with such a small heel.

"Are you okay?" Remco asked, helping the woman to pick up her belongings.

He looked up and became face with a 15, Maria Takarada.

Remco was floored, Maria face was down so she hadn't seen him yet.

He gave her all her belongs and Maria, finally looked up to thank the person who helped her.

Maria eyes met with blue eyes and almost screamed.

The boy looked like Kuu-san!

"Holy-"Maria began to say, really staring at his face as if he was a rear creature.

"I hope you haven't lost anything" Remco said, showing no indication that he know she was, while smile like a light bulb inwardly at his luck.

"U-Um, everything is here" Maria just barely managed to say, still staring at his face.

"Um, is something?" Remco asked.

Maria snapped herself out of it and said. "Thank you for the help, my name is Maria Takarada" introducing herself and inwardly relieved when the older guy didn't seem to know who she was.

"Remco Delius." Remco said.

"It's nice to meet you Maria-chan"

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