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"Grandpa, I'm fine" Maria said. "He did not really kidnapped me. He just saw that I clearly needed some space" she felt embarrassed that her grandpa had to picked her up while Remco bolted as soon as he heard the sound of her grandpa 'Loryfied' limousine coming this way and had left her to face her grandpa her alone.

"That's great" Lory said, happy that his only grandchild hadn't been really kidnapped and he wouldn't have to inform his son that he had no idea where his daughter was. "So…" he trailed off suggestively.

"If you're asking, if I asked what his connection is Kuu-san, than no" Maria said, "The last I checked, nobody believed me when I said, that I had met someone who looked Kuu-san so why should I poke into his private life for all of you?"

Lory pouted, he know he deserved that.

"But if you're still persistent, than ask him yourself at the New Year's Eve party" Maria said, "He's coming with his dad"

Lory looked at Maria convinced he heard wrong before he smiled.

Ch 5: The man who hates Kuu.

The days leading up to the New Year's Eve Party, was hectic one, everyone joined in trying to get the building looking presentable.

Lory had told Kuu that he would finally be able to talk to Remco in private at the party which the man seemed to accept since he didn't really sleep all that well, the day he discovered the existence of his younger self look alike, his head was just full of many questions.

But today was finally the night and the party was in full swing.

Maria was dressed as a small mouse while her grandpa obviously dressed like a lion, always so loud and proud and can make you go deaf, if he wanted.

Koun was dressed as kind of dog, dogs were known to be sweet and kind but highly possessive when push comes to shove, Yashiro was dressed as another kind of dog.

Dogs were also reliable when push comes to shove but you need to keep technology as far away as possible from their reach.

Kyoko was dressed as Princess Leia from Star wars since she was weird for a princess and she could kiss butt if anyone offends her.

Also, Kyoko wanted to be a princess.

Kuu was dressed an elephant, giant and fairly harmless and seemed to have bottomless stomachs when it came to eating while Julie, his wife was dressed a panda, mainly because they had beautiful skin and looked weak but they really had a bite that you don't know they had until it's too late.

Lory greeted his guests the only way who know how.

By going over the top.

Which many had grown used to, except for the poor newbies who were left stunned by such a 'grand' entrance.

The night progressed on with no sign of Remco or his father insight.

Maria wondered if her friend would go back on their promise that he had 'given'.

"Why are you so sad?" A voice said and Maria looked up to see the person who she had been waiting for all night.

Remco Delius.

He was dressed as a combination of a clown and cat and Maria hugged him.

"Okay….this is weird" Remco said, wondering what that hug was for.

"You came!" Maria said, happy that she wouldn't have to go through this party alone.

Her happiness was cut short when they noticed stares on them and some expectant looks cast their way.

"Right, Remco, I want to introduce you to a couple of people properly this time" She said, she didn't feel like playing a hundred question but it had to be done.

"Okay" Remco said, letting Maria guide him, knowing the time had come.

The first person he was taking to was Kuu Hizuri.

WHY!? Remco thought, he had avoided been avoiding the man for almost a month for a reason!

"Kuu-san, I want you to meet my friend Remco" Maria said, knowing what she had condemned him to and hoping she could slip away.

"Nice to meet you Kuu-san" Remco said, holding his hand out for the older man to shake.

Kuu did not disappoint and shook his hand and said. "Nice to meet you Remco. I've been waiting a long time to meet you"

Remco inwardly wanted to run but stayed rooted.

"Were you?" Remco said, putting on a forced smile. "Sorry, I was so busy. What with my father and all"

"And is your father here?" Kuu said, he hadn't let go of Remco hand while looking around for anyone who looked out of place besides the newbies.

"That's right" Maria said, looking around. "Where is your dad?"

Remco shrugged trying to get his hand out of Kuu grip without the man noticing and said. "I left before him so he should be a couple of minutes"

"Um, excuse me" A voice said, tapping Lory on the back and Lory turned around to meet a man with unhealthily amount of black hair that covered his face, wearing a superman T-shirt and jeans and a bag around him, the only think the man had going for him was his height, everything from the top to bottom was messy.

Who the hell are you!? Lory thought.

"Can I please use your toilet" The man said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "I kind of need to use it, I can't wait to get home and use mine" even his voice was unnatural happy and silly, everyone was looking at him, wondering how someone could be so messy.

Remco froze when he say the man.


"Uh, sure" Lory said, he didn't know what to say.

"Thank you" The man said in another language that sounded like Spanish.

Maria saw the look on her friend face and asked. "Remco, do you know that man?"

"He's my dad" Remco said, as every eye widened.

That man was his dad!?

Everyone looked stunned even Lory looked absolutely shocked.

"Remco, couldn't you have been mistaken?" Maria said, they looked nothing a like except for the colour of hair, in her mind, his dad was a lot cleaner and neater than that man, looking very similar to Kuu-san.


Adamus grinned, as he removed his glasses and wig, to reveal much shorter black hair that had been cut, he took off his superman t-shirt and jeans and swapped in for his custom, which was a kind of cat.

A Chester cat.

It suited him all too well that it was scary.

The costume was too pricy for his taste but as long as he could the effect he wanted.

He looked in the mirror to put on the fake fangs before walking out the stall.


"That was really my dad" Remco said, "he dresses like that whenever he goes out" he explained.

"Why would he dress like that?" Maria said, she couldn't understand why someone would do that.

"That's why" Remco said, pointing to see his dad, coming from the toilets in Chester cat costume and everyone turned to the direction he was pointing to.

Several class dropped at the same time.

In front of them was a person who looked like an exact copy of Kuu except with black hair and different haircut In a Chester Custom.

Koun looked back from this man to his dad, in shock.

Lory looked like he was ready to jump the man.

Julie turned slowly to her husband wondering if Kuu wasn't telling her something.

Maria was happy that her imagination was close.

Kyoko was busy comparing the man to her adopted father and couldn't believe the similarities in physic.

Kuu was absolutely stumped, seeing his face staring back at him, with some kind of hidden amused.

"Dad, why didn't just come in like that?" Remco asked, approaching his father, not caring the whole room was staring at his father.

"Well, It was safer this way" Adamus said, his voice sounding shockingly similar to Kuu own, "Now where is that friend you wanted me to meet?" he said, enjoying the hilarious looks from the whole room.

Remco lead his dad to Maria was just as shocked as everyone else but got over it quickly.

Adamus passed Kuu and for a second, many swore they saw a predator gleam in his eyes.

"Maria, meet my dad" Remco said.

"N-Nice to meet you" Maria stuttered, having Remco as a friend had allowed her to recover much quicker than the other's.

"Nice to meet you, too" Adamus said, with a smile that definitely did not scream Kuu at all. "So, you're the girl that my son is hanging out recently." Wishing that the whole room would stop staring at him like he was some kind of rear animal. "I'm got to say, you're a very pretty"

Maria flushed at the praise, somehow the party had managed to continue but people were still staring.

"If you need me, I'll be right over there" Adamus said, pointing to the one table that was currently empty, knowing when people's brains started working again, he would be flocked with questions.

"See you, dad" Remco said, dragging Maria onto the dance floor.

#Adamus table#

Adamus took a bottle of Champaign that was near him and poured some for himself, wondering when the troublesome family would occupy the seats and he wouldn't be sitting alone.

His answer was announced, when he suddenly found, Kuu Hizuri opposite him along with his troublesome family plus Lory.

"It's about time" He said, not caring about those around him as he gulped the glass down, clearly the drink was not to his tastes.

Everyone just watched him drink without a care in the world.

"You know, you can question me now" he said, looking at all of them.

The different between him and Kuu was quite clear.

"Who are you?" Lory asked, since he was the first to say something.

"Adamus Delius, Remco father" He said, putting down the glass down. "Unlike Kuu-san here, I would rather die than have my face plastered everywhere I went"

Was it them or did they get the feeling that Adamus didn't like Kuu.

"Your don't have to introduce yourself" Adamus said, "I know who you all are and I got to say, It's quite strange seeing you all in real life instead of on TV"

"May I ask your age?" Lory asked.

"I'm the same age as Kuu-san" Adamus said as Kuu eyes went wide as did every else's. "Do you know, Kuu-san, your fans are quite vicious?"

"Huh?" The man said, still trying to get his head around what he was seeing.

"I couldn't step out of my house for a couple of years because of fear, of being trampled to death" Adamus said, now they all know there was some animosity there. "Can you imagine that, without any protection on you? The moment you step out of your house, you're faced with such a fate. Your fame was doing wonders for you but for me, it was hell" he said all that with a smile on his face and a shiver run down their backs.

"Um, well" Kuu tried to explain, suddenly he was feeling very uncomfortable under his gaze.

"I'm just glad that I didn't marry a Julien look alike" He said, still smiling. "I don't think, I would have survived and my son would be visiting me in the cemetery, right now"

Why is this man so scary!? Kyoko thought, feeling shivers.

"You're married?" Lory asked, surprised since he didn't see a ring.

"Well, she gone" Adamus said, "The only good thing in life of hell but she left giving birth to another good thing in my life" his eyes were a little too scary for all of their liking.

"So Kuu-san, how was your life for the past twenty or so, years?" Adamus said, "Your life must have been wonderful, what with marring such a beautiful woman and giving birth such a huge star of the man"

Kuu know right the man was mocking him, something he thought he would never encounter because everyone he had ever met liked him.

"I don't know what you have against me, but leave my family out of it" Kuu said, his eyes narrowing.

"Wow, so you do have backbone" Adamus smirked, cruelly. "I'm impressed"

"Dad" Remco said, he could tell that the atmosphere on the table was going down fast.

The atmosphere lightened immediately.

"Sorry about that" Adamus apologised. "I'm just couldn't help but let off some steam when seeing the one person that was responsible for ruining my life"

"And how did I do that" Kuu asked.

"You don't know?" Adamus said in surprise, "Well for one thing. I was forced to dawn that disguise on whenever I go out so that I don't die by the hands of your fans and there is no chance of me finding love again. Everywhere I turn, I see you and did you know some people only befriended me because I look like you? I didn't even know my parents growing up, all people saw was that poor orphanage kid. Did you know the day I saw you on T.V especially from behind the scenes, smiling and clearly having a loving family? I hated you. Especially when you started dated a super model and your fame rose and you had that big grand wedding." He mused. "I still remember that day like it was yesterday"

"So, give me one good reason, why I shouldn't hate you. Are you shocked that someone is openly admitting to disliking you when you've been so well liked?" Adamus said, his voice suddenly sharp.

Kuu found he couldn't say anything.

"You, have no right to judge my father" Koun said.

"Say's, the boy who was given everything from the moment he could walk" Adamus shot back, giving Koun a look that clearly said what he thought of Koun and calling him a 'boy' instead of a 'Man'. "And you wondered why people hated you while growing up? I can honestly see why people in your childhood would hate you. Your too green around the ears, you haven't even tasted true suffered a single day in life, people slaved away for years while you were simply giving it thinking it was absolutely normal to have it. Tell me, who was there whenever you feel down? Your wife or your parents or maybe both?"

Koun suddenly couldn't talk.

"I'm right aren't it" Adamus laughed like it was the most hilarious thing in the world. "Just admit it, you've always had someone to fall back on even when your best friend died. You had your parents and even this man over here" pointing at Lory. "They were all there for you, so don't tell me it didn't ease your heart a little bit hearing such words from them, knowing you had people who were always looking out for you, so you better sit down, boy." giving Koun a full on glare. "I hate people who have never truly suffered a day in their lives and try to lecture other people about it. Be honest, when this over and I'm gone, your wife over there would confront you wouldn't she? Make you go back to normal and you be smiling within hours"

Koun, was just left stunned and so was Kyoko.

"There's no reason to be so unreasonable" Julie said, she didn't like the way he just talked to her husband and son.

"And oh, yes. Little miss perfect" Adamus spat out. "Tell me, it must be nice being born with such an amazing face, how long did it take you before a talent scout picked you up and begun your career? Isn't it my understanding that you already made it to the big time before Kuu-san over there did and even offered to help him?"

Julie froze.

Adamus gave her a smile that quickly turned vicious and he said. "Face it, you never went through true hardship, your parents must be proud that they raised such a person like you. How did you meet your husband? Were you working on the same project? How much did you get paid? I'm sure it must seem small to you now but can you imagine how much that amount of money would have helped a struggling family? Even when you got sick, you had the money and resources to cure you with ease and people around to make sure you heal probably, including the most wonderful husband and son at your back and call. It must be wonderful having such a life, right?"

Like her husband and son, Julie was left speechless.

Adamus than leaned in and said. "True be told, you know, the only reason, I can be seen on equal terms alongside you all is because I didn't wallow in my own despair, even when I was struggling to find money to even eat and always thinking about how many years I would have to save up to finally have enough money to marry the woman of dreams when she was alive. She was the one who told me, I was quite good with my hands and these hands" raising his hands. "Are the reason, I don't have to worry about feeding my son or putting clothes on his back, like when I was child"

The air on the table was truly deafening.

There was no mistaken it.

This person truly hated Kuu.

"However" Adamus said, relaxing in the plus seat. "As much as I don't like you or better yet any of you. I love my son and he was so worried that when he moves out, I'll be only alone like my whole life, so here" he rolled something across the table and it stopped in front of Kuu.

He looked down to see a vile of blood.

"You know what to do with it" He said, "I wonder, if I would ever get over my absolute hatred of you? It would nice to find out if were actually related, don't you think so I know I have family even if it's you"

Kuu just continued to look at the vile, he didn't know what to say, he hadn't do know what to think.

To think that this man might be his family but the man would probably die before he even admits it.

"Now, that I've got that out of chest" Adamus said, having dealing fitting blows all around and getting up before turning to Remco. "Were going home, we've spent enough time here as it is"

"Okay, dad" Remco said, giving Maria an apologetic look as he glued himself to his father side before Adamus disappeared completely, he gave a very heated glare to Kuu who flinched.

Adamus left destruction in his wake.

He smiled.

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