Chapter 1: Kopi


It felt warm...

Soft...lying on something very soft...

He...She?...They, sat up. They patted the ground beneath them. It was flowers. Had they been lying on flowers?...They couldn't remember.

...Wait...what could they remember?...They couldn't remember anything! They didn't know anything!

They stood up, a bit shakily, and looked around. It was dark walls in almost every other direction, save for a long corridor. They looked up to see light falling down on them from a hole far above them. So they were underground.

Remembering the significance of their lack of memory, they looked down at their hands, only to jump in surprise and examine the rest of their body.

The normal things about them were firstly their hair, it was a light brown, combed neatly and shined brightly, that swept over the left side of their forehead in one big sweep, then a smaller sweep branching off of it, just covering the top of their left eye, whilst being flattened down neatly at the top, and a little cowslip sticking out from the right side of their head. Their eyes were big and sky blue, sitting next to a small nose and mouth, all situated on snow-white pale skin. They seemed to be wearing a basic t-shirt, which was purple in colour, and had a sharp red 'X' across it, with emerald green trousers and black basic shoes with two straps on each.

And then there were the weird aspects. The first, and most major thing; they were flat. Like, paper flat. Their entire body, flat, flat, flat. They could fit under a door crack! And then their arms! They were white and heavily outlined for one thing, but they were also zigzagged! As if they'd been folded back and forth and back and forth and then pulled out again, their fingers and thumb looking like tassels on the end of each arm!

They began to panic, looking around and at themselves frantically. Where were they? WHO were they? What gender were they!? Nothing made sense!


They jumped at the voice and spun around to see a figure standing there when he hadn't been a second ago. In fact...could they even call this a figure?

It was weird to even begin to describe it. It seemed to be wearing a black tuxedo which seemed to spike out at the shoulders and the waist, with very skinny legs leading to sharp tap shoes as the feet. It had incredibly skinny biceps, but the forearms widened out considerably until they reach white cuffs with a little button. In front of these were a massive disproportionate blocky hand each with rectangular fingers, which appeared to be gloves judging by their white colour. It wore the strangest tie ever; a mix between a classic and a bow tie, with the two bow tie ends stretched out and seperated like red butterfly wings, whilst the long tie portion of it...well, frankly looked like a long red tongue, whilst the middle of the both of them was a black eye. And then their was the face! Completely ghostly white and blank, except for a face which looked like it had been drawn on, with a little cross for the right eye, a swirl for the left eye, and a big squiggly smile.

It's hat definitely caught their attention most though. It was a top hat, with a wide black brim that curved upwards slightly at the sides, with a pink ribbon tied around its base. The head of the hat started out skinny then widened as it reached the top, similar to a fountain, and their, in the middle, where the cylinder part of the hat was light purple, was a face. It's eyes were two black holes, the right eye being very small whilst the left eye was very big, and it had a big, happy, toothless black smile which looked like a crescent moon.

"Sorry! I can't resist greeting people like that! French is the language of love y'know." The figure spoke, whilst they just stared at them blankly. The figure then bowed politely. "My name is Italic! That's IT-UH-LICK. Like Icarus! And you are?"

They suddenly realised they were being talked to. "...I...I..." It was satisfying to know they could speak, at least.

"Oh, my apologies. Could you look up here, instead?" Puzzled, they looked up from the squiggle face and stared at the hat, only to realise THE HAT was talking. "Thank you! Sorry! I usually speak through my top hat y'know. It's just that, well, I don't really have a face! I just drew one on! I'm very good at ventriloquism, though, so I talk using my hat! Sorry!"

"Uhhhh..." They looked like they were about to collapse from shock.

"Anyway, I got off track! Sorry! May I once again ask for your name?" Italic repeated.

"It's...uh..." In that moment, one thing came to them, and they thanked their lucky stars for the fleeting thought.

"Kopi! My name is Kopi!"

"Kopi, hm? A wonderful name!" Italic's hat smiled. "I'm so glad we've got acquainted, Kopi! So, may I ask what your doing so deep in The Ruins? Did you perhaps lose your way?"

'Kopi', as they just called themselves, obviously felt uncomfortable. You would, waking up in an unfamiliar place with no memories talking to some guy who speaks through his hat. But, they figured that at the minute, they couldn't afford to be picky about the situation.

"I...I don't remember." Kopi admitted. "I don't remember anything. I just woke up here."

"You mean you've lost your memories? That is awful!" Italic cried. "But also strange...I've never heard of a monster having amnesia before."

"M-Monster!?" Kopi gasped, offended. "Isn't that rude to say!?"

"Why, it's perfectly natural." Italic told them. "After all, we monsters are the only things that live in the Underground."

"Underground?" Kopi echoed in confusion.

"Wow, you MUST have no memories if you don't know where we are! Shock horror!" Italic exclaimed. "The Underground is the kingdom of monsters underneath Mt. Ebott, where we are now! This is The Ruins, the deepest part. I came here to practice a few new tricks I thought of when I saw you!"

"Okay then..." Kopi slowly digested the information. " I a monster?...Maybe I am..."

"I cannot say for sure..." Kopi jumped back as Italic's hat (which they now saw as his head) fluttered off of his body and in front of them. "But I suuuuuure can tell you this; your not gonna find any answers down here! I know! Maybe you can go and ask somebody for help outside The Ruins!"

"O-Outside them?" Kopi said.

"Yep!" Italic's hat returned to his head as he pointed down the corridor. "It's a fairly straightforward path from here to the exit of The Ruins. Just follow that and you'll find yourself out in no time! Perhaps some monster will recognise you and be able to help you."

"Well...I suppose if I have no other choice..." Kopi figured.

"You'll most likely run into a few other monsters along the way, but they shouldn't bother you." Italic told them. "I would love to escort you, but, I still wish to practice my routine. I wish you the best of luck, though!"

Kopi gulped nervously. This was a lot thrust upon in them the first few minutes of their awakening, it came as a slow shock. But in all honesty, they didn't really have many options, and only one had been given to them. Plus, it was better then staying here all day.

"I'll do it." Kopi nodded in determination. "Thank you for your help, Italic."

"My greatest pleasure. I only wish I could do more. Sorry!" Italic exclaimed tipping his hat.

"And, uh, can I ask...what routine are you practicing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Italic chuckled. "My magic routine! Au revoir!" And suddenly, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

It took a few more seconds for Kopi to register that, but eventually got over it, and looked forward down the pathway in front of them. "...Here goes nothing." Taking a deep breath and folding their flat chest outward, they took a tentative step forward. Then another, and another, walking along at a steady pace.

"This doesn't seem too bad." Kopi spoke to themself to keep their spirits up as they looked at both their surroundings and themself. "I suppose I must be a monster if I'm flat like this, I'd lack organs. I wonder why being flat feels so weird to it unnatural for me to feel like this? Or have I always been flat, and just forgot about it?" They had too many questions and not enough answers...

Kopi passed through a door into a large looking room with a small patch of grass, and instantly a sense of unease washed over them. 'What's with this feeling?' They thought, looking around nervously. 'It feels I'm being watched or something...nope!' They hurried out of the room as fast as possible, breathing a sigh of relief as they exited it. " I gonna feel like this the entire journey? I hope not..."

As they entered more and more rooms, now filled with more comforting things like red leaves to feel and water to dip their paper thin fingers into, Kopi began to gain confidence in traversing The Ruins.

"Are these supposed to be puzzles?" Kopi thought aloud, staring at some switches with writing next to them, whilst also thinking back to some stones they just passed. "Somebody must have already solved them...maybe Italic did when he came through here?"

As they walked into the next room, they spotted a strange creature. It looked like a frog in some ways (they also just remembered that they knew what a frog was) but it had strange markings over its body.

'Is this a monster?' Kopi thought, looking at it. "Um...hello?"

"Ribbit." The 'monster' replied.

"I don't know what I was expecting." Kopi admitted. "See you later, then."

"Good day to you." The Froggit croaked before hopping away, with Kopi staring at it wide-eyed.

Kopi was halted as they entered the next room, due to the fact that it was filled with spikes. "Uh-oh, is this another puzzle? I should have been paying attention!"

They stood there for a minute, trying to assess the situation. "I'll go back and see if I can find another way." They decided, spinning on their 2-dimensional heel and taking a few steps back before stopping, as several slimy blobs blocked his path. "Um...hello?"

The slimes responded by wiggling and hopping closer. Unfortunately this conveyed the wrong message to Kopi, who spun around and bolted for fear of being attacked.

"Oh, crud!" They cried, forgetting about the spikes. "Ahhhhhhh!" Acting on instinct alone, they jumped. "Nononononono!"

Just then, Kopi's arms, which until now had been folded up like lightning bolts, extended out to their full length, and they began flapping their arms furiously, drastically slowing their descent so much, Kopi floated over to the other side of the spikes, before their arms re-folded back to normal.

"Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Kopi breathed sharply. "I just flew! That happened!...Heh, I guess being papery has some perks." Now without an obstacle blocking their way, the flat monster moved on.

This next room they came into was a very long hallway, some Froggits and what looked like sad little pixies were hovering around the area.

"This place is really big..." Kopi realised, suddenly feeling small in the labyrinth of The Ruins. "But I have to keep going! I'm sure it's not much further. I just gotta keep rolling o-"

"RIBBIT!" A Froggit suddenly croaked loudly behind him.

"Ah! Ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Startled, Kopi tripped forward, and their whole body curled up into a cylinder, sending them rolling across the hallway, much to the amusement of the surrounding monsters. "STOP! STOP! HOW DO YOU STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!?"

They rolled straight into the next room and smacked flat into the wall, before slowly peeling off and fluttering into a pile of red leaves. "Ugh...that was unpleasant..." They very carefully stood up and rubbed their face. "I didn't even realise I could do that...this is gonna be weird to get used to."

As they looked around in confusion, they spotted womeone right next to him.

'A human?'

Kopi shook their head. 'Well, I now know I know what a human is. Still though...I thought Italic said only monsters lived here?'

They looked at the human more closely. Kopi honestly couldn't tell their gender, from their brown hair to their closed eyes to their pink and blue striped jumper. The two of them seemed the same height though, so it was easy to meet eye to eye.

"Er...sorry about that..." Kopi spoke meekly, brushing themselves down. "I'm, uh, still kinda getting used to...myself...heh...ah, I-I'm Kopi! What's your name?"

There was a moment of silence between the two as the human looked at the flat monster curiously.

"My name is Frisk." The human replied.

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