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The Doctor.

That was all that was on her mind now a days. The Doctor. Ever since the day she had seen him on the beach with the two other men. Even though her parents had told her to stay away from humans, she knew he was no ordinary human.

All she wanted was a quick peek at the sky above. She wanted to smell the ocean mist, to feel the limited amount of sunshine there was, and if she was lucky, she would get close enough to the shore to touch a few grains of sand.

Little Dot got her chance to reach the surface while her family was distracted by the robotic whales that were skimming the metallic bottom of the sea.

It was true, Dot was on a spaceship. The old man who remained on the ship had somehow managed to keep this part of the ship alive. With her being a goldfish, she appreciated it, especially after some parts of the ship had exploded.

"Yes!", she thought to herself. And with all her strength, Dot quickly swam to the salty surface. She dared herself to lick the seaweed floating atop the small, rolling waves, as they made their way onto the shore.

Dot took a moment to stare at the prehistoric birds flying overhead, not worried about them at all; for she was too small for them to see her. She remembered when her brother, Hope was nearly eaten by one after they tried eating another fish.

Sliding onto a piece of seaweed, Dot smiled as she enjoyed the sensation of taking a break from swimming and felt the rush of the tide, as it took her nearer to shore.

The minute she reached the sand, she realized she wasn't the only one on the beach. She still wasn't afraid, instead mesmerized. She had only seen one of their kind before, but that creature was only half of one. The creature dragged what was left of itself deeper into the ship, and it was gone.

Her father had told her about these creatures before. He told her they were humans; creatures that animals like her should avoid. But as Dot watched the three humans walking around and talking, they fascinated her. Just that they were walking on the beach was enough for her to bring her undivided attention to them.

Did it hurt when they walked on their feet? How long could they walk? How could they do anything with their bodies?

The more she watched them the more questions came into her mind.

The birds screeched once more, loud enough for Dot to look up at them once again. All of a sudden there were small tremors that made the Earth vibrate. Dot immediately looked around, and before she knew it, an unfamiliar touch surrounded her with little water, she felt herself being lifted into the air. By instinct, without looking at who or what was touching her, she went every which way to try and get free.

"Let me go! Let me go!", Dot shouted.

"Don't worry, little one. I won't hurt you", said a voice she never heard before. She froze and turned to look into the face of one of the humans. Did she hear him right? Dot looked him in the eyes; wild and caring.

"You, you can understand me?", she asked him, somewhat relieved to see him smiling, and found herself relaxing for a reason she wasn't quite sure why. "But how?".

"I can speak everything. Babies, horses, fish, etc. One of my many, many talents", he said. His accent was like Dot's. She took her eyes off of his for a second to stare at the strange thing around his neck, then back to his eyes.

"What? But still, how? Who are you?", asked Dot.

"I'm the Doctor. Long story short, time traveler. Is this your home, little one?".

"Yes. Time traveler you said?". Another loud screech.

"Doctor!", yelled another human. The Doctor and Dot looked up at the sky to see one of the birds diving towards the two humans.

"Have to go. Job to do!", said the Doctor, as he slowly lowered Dot back into the water.

"Wait!", yelled Dot. But she was back in the sea, being pulled by another wave farther out into the great blue. As she swam around to get her breath back, she quickly reached the surface and looked on the beach. The humans were gone, and so were the birds.

As she continued to stare at the sand, she knew that that man wasn't normal. From what her father had said, most humans were dumb. But he, the Doctor, wasn't a normal human.