Leading the eight year old by the hand, Amy wanted to be the one to show her the Tardis. She wanted the honor of showing Grace the one thing that changed her life when she was close to her age. The only difference was that Grace would hopefully grow up in the Tardis, having as many adventures with the Doctor as much as she desired. Amy wished for those days, but those were gone.

"So, a floating fish huh?", asked Amy, after Grace told her all about what happened on the beach and up until now. Grace looked up at her smiling as she watched the rest of the gang walk towards the mysterious ship.

"Yep. I never knew how unique humans are. I'm just glad I can be part of your world", said Grace, full of pride.

As the group continued walking down the corridor, Grace couldn't help but notice how Neffi and Riddell kept staring at each other. Their looks were full of affection and respect. It was the same way Rory looked at Amy. If she were able to stay human for who knew how long, would someone look at Grace that way? She figured she'd just have to wait to find out.

They finally made it to the Tardis. Amy grinned as she watched Grace's eyes widen. But her amazement was cut short.

The Doctor leaped towards the time machine and clapped his hands together. "So, dinosaur drop-off time", he said, as he opened the Tardis.

"Actually, we think home for us", said Rory.

The Doctor turned, revealing a saddened expression. "Oh. Fine. Of course."

"Not forever. Just a couple of months", piped up Amy.

Grace looked between the couple. "Where are you two going to be?"

"We had our own lives before we met the Doctor you know", said Rory. He gave Amy a look that seemed to say otherwise on her behalf.

Amy looked embarrassed. "True, but that doesn't mean we don't love being with him. It's nice to take a break once in a while."

"Meaning, weeks, months, possibly years", said the Doctor.

There was an awkward silence. "Well, I wouldn't mind seeing the world, Doctor. It'd be more exciting than swimming in circles my whole life", announced Grace; completely forgetting her family. That seemed to brighten the Doctor up.

"Ah, see! I won't be alone. I'll have my little one with me", he said, smiling down at Grace, before leading them into the Tardis. Everything was lit up, and ready to go. Every adult thought Grace's expression was as funny as Brian's.

"Wow. Well, it's-"

"Bigger on the inside?", said Brian.

Grace shugged. "It's the fifth coolest thing I've seen today." She suddenly remembered something. "Oh, Rory! Here", she said, pulling out a small piece of cloth from her pocket and placing it in the middle of Rory's palm, but it was quickly snatched by the Doctor who began looking it over.

"What is that?", asked Rory.

"Well, remember when that Pterodactyl snapped at you? It ripped a piece of your sweater off, and it landed in my bubble. There was some blood on it, I sucked on it, and the end", said Grace, smiling.

"Of course", said the Doctor. "From the chemicals that were in the water to create her bubble, the shock from my Screwdriver, and some of Rory's DNA, she was able to become a little girl. Of course that's just dumbing it down, but we had a long day, I'll explain it more later."

"So, she's basically a Frankenstein?", said Amy.

"For the sake of terrible references, yes", said the Doctor, as he was preparing to drop off Neffi. "Um, Amy, be a dove and show our new companion the pool. I have a feeling she'd like that!"

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