In the morning Desmond woke up stiffer than he had ever been. Both his arms and his legs felt like they were going to fall off. He painfully raised his left arm groaning as he rubbed his face.

"Stupid bandits. Stupid giant spiders. Stupid zombies." He muttered to himself as he forced his body to move.

He stretched, wishing he could take a long hot bath to ease his many aches. He also felt a sharp pain in his side, so he decided to use another of the healing potions. This did wonders not only for the pain in his side but also his various aches and pains.

Once he made sure that he had all of his belongings he left the room and made his way to the bar. As a former bartender he had no problem with alcohol but the fact that there was little to drink outside of alcohol was a bit much even for him. Desmond decided a bottle of milk would be the best thing to drink with his breakfast pastry.

After eating, having his small stock of food replenished he left the small village of Riverwood to head back to Whiterun. This trip took about four hours and when he came past the stables, he saw a small camp set up.

"What on Earth?" Desmond yelped when he saw the humanoid cats.

"Khajiit has wares if you have the coin." Said the one sitting at the entrance of a tent.

"Is 'Khajiit' your name?" Desmond asked the creature.

"Great Skooma cat must have a strong hold on you. Khajiit is my race" The cat responded.

"I do not know what a Skooma cat is, I am not from anywhere nearby." Desmond said not sure how else to respond.

"Do you have goods to sell or perhaps buy?" The cat asked.

"I do have some gems to sell, and I will see what you have if I need anything." Desmond responded.

They spent the next several minutes haggling over the remaining gems and material that Desmond looted during his time looting in the Barrow. He did end up buying a weird looking green sword that the Khajiit, Desmond learned was named Ri'saad, said was better than the steel sword he currently had. He traded the steel sword and another 15 gold coins for the new weapon. He also spent 60 gold pieces on two matching daggers.

Once he was done trading, he continued to the city gates and up to the Jarl's home to deliver the tablet he had been sent to get. There was a strange woman in the Court Wizard's study when he gave the tablet. He was quickly dismissed by the wizard to go to the Jarl for a reward. Desmond rolled his eyes but turned to leave. As he went to leave the room he ran face first into the solid form of Irileth.

"Farengar, come quick there are reports of a dragon attack." She said in a hurried tone. She glanced at Desmond who was rubbing his forehead "you better come too." and said as an afterthought.

"But I…" Desmond said only to be cut off by the Dark Elf.

"You survived Helgen, you are the most experienced one when it comes to fighting dragons." She told him before pulling him by his sleeve which felt like nothing that she had ever felt before.

The two members of the Jarl's court, the stranger and an out of breath guard and the Jarl as well as a man Desmond had not yet encountered all stood around a map table.

"Go ahead tell the Jarl what you told me." Irileth said encouragingly to the guard.

"The garrison sent to the western watch were doing our duties when we heard a strange noise from a distance. We brushed it off at first then we heard again. That is when Fardner shouted down from his post on the roof of the tower that there was something moving strange against the clouds.

"We rallied and prepared but the thing turned out to be a dragon. It released a great torrent of flame killing Ofinder and Bjorn instantly. I was ordered to get a message here. I have never run so fast in my life." The guard said.

"Thank you, you have done well. Go to the barracks and rest. You have earned it. Irileth, I need you to take a group to the tower to see what you can find about what happened. Sir, you are a stranger to these lands, and you have already done so much to assist my people in this crisis. I have already informed Proventus that you are allowed to purchase land in the city, and I am now informing you. Please also take this armor from my armory to assist you." The Jarl said addressing first the guard, then his housecarl who obeyed immediately then to Desmond.

"Thank you, my Jarl." Desmond said seeing the helmet that had a red sheen to it.

"I have one last request. Please assist Irileth at the tower. If there really is a dragon, I have a feeling you are needed there to defeat it. You do not have to go but you could save a lot of lives if you did." The Jarl asked.

Desmond looked at the pleading Jarl. Irileth already told him he would be helpful from being at the town where the first dragon attacked, he also did have some fighting experience. "I do not know how much help I can truly be, but I will help my best." Desmond said.

"Thank you," The Jarl said.

As Desmond turned to join Irileth who should still be at the barracks near the front gate, he heard Farengar asked to go as well only to be shot down as a last line of magical defense.

Desmond reached the gate to hear the end of the speech that Irileth was giving. He also heard a guard mutter "We're so dead" under his breath as the others were cheering.

The assembled group then left to go to the watchtower. After a 45-minute-long fast paced walk, they reached the tower where there were still fires burning and clear signs of some type of battle. They began looking for survivors and they found one that was hiding in the ruined tower. He frantically told the small party that had come to investigate to turn back as the dragon had just taken off with two other guards but would probably be back. No sooner had he said that then a series of rapidly approaching roars was heard.

"By the gods it's coming back." The guard yelped before ducking back into the tower.

The others ducked on instinct as the dragon passed over their head. Several guards began peppering the large creature with arrows. Irileth was shocking with her magical abilities. The dragon made another pass and Desmond remembered the few days before in the caves and willed his own hands to release electricity. Since he had read that book that shocked him, he could feel a slight electrical buzz under his skin. He was surprised but kept going until it had fizzled out.

The guards, Desmond, and Irileth were forced to scatter as the dragon let out a breath of fire on another pass by. It swung around and landed. Several guards were already near the creature and Desmond rushed over drawing his new sword. He used a piece of rubble to toss himself on the dragon's back just as it began to lift off from the ground.

As the dragon, and him, rose higher out of reach the guards that favored archery began firing arrows again and Irileth switched back to her lightning chains. Desmond meanwhile drew one of his two daggers and shoved it right at the base of the dragon's wing. The dragon faltered a bit but didn't fall from the sky as it roared in pain releasing fire into the sky, far safer than unleashing it onto the ground.

Seeing that this partially worked Desmond drove his other dagger into the opposite side. There was a large jolt and the dragon again dipped as it was hit with pain. Having sheathed his sword, he used both hands to pull the first dagger from the wing joint and drove it in again.

After repeating this on both sides a third time the dragon finally clumsily fell to the ground. This allowed Desmond to jump between the eye horns and drive his sword deep into one of its eyes.

"Dovahkiin! Nooo!" The dragon yelled before coming to a stop. Desmond jumped down off the head of the creature as the others rushed over to investigate.

The creature's body and wings were scratched and littered with arrows and scorch marks from the bolts of electricity. When it didn't move again it was deemed safe enough to investigate. That was when it began to glow gold. The scales burned off in a brilliant heatless fire. It seemed to be disappearing into the sky before it rushed towards Desmond.

"What the hell?" the man whispered as the wind punched into him no matter how much he backed away.

Once the wind and light disappeared into Desmond the writing from the wall, and especially the word "Fus" made sense. It was no longer on the tip of his tongue; he now knew what it meant. It was almost like learning to fight through the animus.

"Fus" he said out loud only to see a blueish blur of light accompany his words and knock some of the smaller bones from the skeleton of the dragon.

"Dragonborn!" One of the guards said in slight awe

"What is that?" Desmond asked?

"In the oldest Nord tales, the dragonborn is the only one that can permanently kill a dragon by absorbing its soul. They can also use the voice to shout like dragons do." The guard explained.

"I, well, er..." Desmond said eloquently.

"Please return to Jarl Balgruuf and report our victory." Irileth said, taking pity on the man.

He nodded and quickly looted sellable items, including some remaining skin and the loose bones before heading back to the city.

He barely made it to the stables when the land shook "Do-Vah-Kiin" could be heard ringing through the land. Desmond got a feeling whoever or whatever was calling was calling for him.

He made his way straight to the Jarl promising Ri'saad he would return with goods to sell after he met with the Jarl.


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