This is just a prologue setting up the stage. The story begins next chapter.

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On 17 June 2016, disaster struck the world. It was as though the creatures of darkness, the living dead, decided that they had enough of hiding in the shadows. It was time for them to rule the world.

In the first night, five hundred million people lost their lives, and ten thousand of those gained new lives as vampires. Humanity's population took a dive, and continued to do so in the year that followed.

Governments, armies and even terrorist groups had tried to put a stop to everything that was happening, but it was all in vain. They were useless against the vampires, and it wasn't uncommon for vampires to take control of entire cities, controlling the lives of every human that dwelled there.

Some vampires had gotten in the habit of taking humans prisoner, keeping them as slaves, pets or toys. These humans begged for death to come, since it would be preferable to the lives they were subjected to.

I know, it's short. But the actual chapters will be around 3000 words each.

17 June is actually my birthday, so I chose this day.